Are Brooks Good Running Shoes?

Are you planning to buy Brooks running shoes but want to choose ones that can elevate your performance?

The Brooks brand came into being in 1914 and was used to manufacture only bathing shoes and dance slippers, but it is now popular for making the best running shoes for men and women.

However, you must look carefully while purchasing Brooks shoes and select ones that are perfect for you. This brand has a variety of footwear, so choose the one according to your need.

Their road running and trail running shoes are different, but they also have a variety of shoes for foot problems. In this article, we will discuss whether Brooks running shoes are good.

are brooks good running shoes

Are Brooks Running Shoes a Good Option for Runners?

In the running shoe industry, Brooks is a well-known brand. They manufacture various running shoes, especially for different running activities and foot types.

Generally, they are considered good and are famous for their durable, good arch support and comfortable design with high-quality materials. They offer running shoes for different purposes, such as running on the road, racing, and trail running.

There is also a variety of footwear in producing different levels of cushioning and support. In fact, all the features exist in them, which should be present necessarily in athletes’ shoes.

Running shoes should be made according to your foot type because everyone has different feet, such as wide, high arches, or flat. Furthermore, it depends on your walk, gait, or if you have wounds.

Brooks brand provides the best running shoes for people with plantar fasciitis, spurs, or other foot problems. Therefore, they deliver ultimate comfort for old people.

However, it depends on what you are searching for and which feature you want for running or all-day wear. Brooks company sells shoes for sportspersons, but it doesn’t mean all athletes will choose them.

The best method to know which shoes are good for your feet is to go to a running shoe store. Ask an expert to do a foot test or wear them yourself to check them thoroughly.

Treadmills are easily available over there, making it easy to check running shoes. Some shoe stores also have the facility to tie your footwear in a different way to get a more comfortable fitting.

They also recommend the best shoe inserts if you need them. Choosing the right type of insole helps greatly in making your running comfortable.

Reasons that Make Brooks Running Shoes Good?

I have explained below why Brooks shoes are good for running:

Comfort Brooks Ranging Shoes

The most important thing that should be present in running shoes is comfort, and Brooks is perfect at providing it. They make their products with first-class materials and innovative technologies, making them comfortable.

Furthermore, these footwear comes with different levels of cushioning and support, which can be custom-made to the requirements of different racers and foot types.

Numerous Brooks shoes are available with a large toe-box and soft and breathable upper, which prevents foot injuries or blisters


Support is another key factor in good running shoes. Brooks is manufactured in a way that provides perfect support for runners. They come with different levels of support, such as firm footwear for runners who need extra support due to overpronation.

Moreover, most of their footwear has a supportive midsole and long-lasting outsole, minimizing the risk of hurting and improving overall performance.


As Brooks shoes are made of high-quality materials and apply innovative construction techniques, they are the most durable.

They come with protected heel and toe areas which increase their lifespan to a great extent. At the time of purchase, choose the right footwear according to your requirements to get the perfect option.

Best Men and Women Brooks Running Shoes

We assess running shoes on the basis of features, test runs, and reviews of customers. While selecting the best footwear of the year, we focus on weight, durability, support, comfort, and overall performance.

We have made a list of a few best shoes based on performance to assist you in choosing the right Brooks running shoes. This brand manufactures outstanding models for both men and women.

1. Brooks Glycerin Shoes GTS 20

They are best at providing cushioning and support. The model for women’s shoes has 9.4oz or 266.5g weight while the men’s has 10.5oz or 297.7g. Furthermore, they have a 10mm drop.

This version is a good option for runners looking for extra cushioning and stability. They come with original GuideRails technology that helps keep your ankle, foot, and knee stable and allows your foot to run naturally.

The GTS 20 version of Brooks Glycerin shoes has more updated cushioning, a lightweight net upper, and a broader outsole.

The customer reviews show they are extremely comfortable; you can use them for all-day wear because the cushioning is soft enough.


  • Additional cushioning, which makes them more comfortable
  • Deliver more support and stability compared to other Brooks running shoes
  • Breathable


  • The outsoles are not so slip-resistant

2. Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Ghost 14 women’s and men’s both are best for everyday training. Their lady’s model has a 9oz or 255.1g weight while the gent’s one has 9.9oz or 280g. Also, they are available with a 12mm drop.

They come in various colors, plush fit, neutral support, and soft cushioning. So, they deliver sufficient support and comfort if you are looking for road running or cross-training.

They are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, making them the first Brooks carbon-neutral shoe model.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Provide good arch support


  • It comes with tight-fitting

3. Brooks Sneakers Launch 9

They are overall the best Brooks sneakers for women as well as men. The gent’s model has 7.1 ounces or 201.3 g, whereas the lady’s model has 8.2 oz or 232.5 g weight, and they have a 10mm drop.

This model is liked by many racers and casual runners due to their lightweight design, maximum cushioning, and neutral support. They come with an updated mesh upper which is breathable and lightweight compared to the other models.

Moreover, an additional layer of Brook’s signature BioMoGo DNA cushioning comes on its upper, creating padding but not making it heavy.

Their outsole is manufactured from silica which is an environmentally friendly material. Plus, they come at reasonable prices.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Highly supportive cushioning


  • Narrow fitting

4. Special Brook Shoes Hyperion Elite 3

This Brooks shoe model comes with an 8.1 oz or 229.6 g weight, and the drop measurement is 8mm. Their highly cushioned insoles and supportive heel make Hyperion Elite 3 a perfect model.

With extremely lightweight midsoles, they are designed for racing. Moreover, it pushes you forward due to the carbon-plate feature and Rapid Roll Technology. This system delivers a curved heel and toe.

This model is updated compared to previous versions, such as extra cushioning at the heel area, and it delivers convenience by providing a larger pull tab.

Furthermore, one side of the tongue is fixed to the inside of the shoes to protect it from sliding.


  • Built with carbon plate with an assist in pushing you forward
  • The curved toe and heel design is made to help with swiftness
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • The color options are limited

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Shoes of Brook Brand Good for Walking?

Aside from Brooks’ wide range of running shoes, they are also famous for manufacturing walking footwear, which delivers outstanding cushioning, stylish, and wonderful support while walking around.

What Are the Best Brooks Running Shoe for Women?

The best running shoes for women are Adrenaline GTS 21, Revel 2, Transcend 6, Ghost 11, Ghost 9, and many more.

Does Nike Control Brooks?

Brooks company came into being in 1914 and used to manufacture various types of sports shoes. Now, it is owned by Berkshire Hathaway.

What Makes Brook Shoes Special?

Brooks is an American fitness apparel brand famous for manufacturing high-quality, trustworthy running shoes. The main features that make them special are their maximum comfort and durability.

Final Thoughts

In the running shoe manufacturing industry, Brooks is a praiseworthy company. Manny athletes find them the most comfortable and supportive footwear.

I hope you understand that Brooks are good running shoes because they provide various models according to your foot type and condition.

For old age people or injuries on foot, they manufacture unique footwear designs. However, you have to choose a model carefully at the time of purchase.

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