Are Converse Good for Running?

Are Converse shoes good at providing arch support while running? Do they cause blisters, misalignments, or hurt feet?

Converse footwear enhances your overall appearance and perfectly matches any outfit. In earlier times, basketball players wore them, but that was the time when other running shoes with good arch support were not introduced.

If you don’t have any other pair of good running shoes, you can use them, but they don’t provide the perfect arch support as other footwear specially made for running provides; I don’t recommend them.

In this article, I will discuss whether Converse shoes are good for running by comprehensively explaining all its advantages and disadvantages.

are converse good for running

Can I Use Converse Shoes for Running?

If you have to run for two miles on flat ground, we can say that Converse shoes are good for running. They don’t provide the required comfort, breathability, and arch support that running footwear must deliver, so choose another one with proper arch support if possible to run on long terrains.

However, you can use them if you have no other better option. They provide minimum cushioning, which is why they hurt feet a lot if you run in them. Furthermore, unlike normal lightweight running shoes, they lack breathable upper.

They are best for casual wear or workouts and are popular due to their flat outsoles. But flat soles are a big shortcoming for running because footwear with such soles doesn’t deliver sufficient shock absorption, as a result, causes restlessness or wounds.

Moreover, when manufacturing running shoes, companies use high-quality materials and outstanding technologies that help make running comfortable and pain-free.

For example, they use breathable materials to construct the upper of running footwear; they keep your feet dry and cool while running. Furthermore, they have a long-lasting rubber outsole with more gripping power that protects us from slipping and falling.

If you plan to buy running shoes, it would be best to spend money on purchasing high-quality footwear made for running in particular. They will provide the essential support, traction, and cushioning needed to enhance performance and prevent injury.

Why are Converse Running Shoes not Good?

Although Converse brand has now updated their models to a great extent which are well-known and widely used, such as Run Star Motion and Chuck Taylor All-Star; however, they are still unsuitable for running.

I have explained the following disadvantages of Converse running sneakers in detail:

1. Lack of Arch Support

This footwear’s biggest drawback is that they don’t provide the necessary heel and arch support. Most running shoes have a cupped-shaped heel which is ideal for proper support.

East Ocean Podiatry claims that if shoes don’t deliver proper arch support, they may misalign the whole physique. Consequently, back, hip, knee, pelvis, and posture problems can arise.

Therefore, investing money in buying running shoes of proper arch support is essential. Choosing an expensive option will be much better than getting eternal severe diseases.

2. Canvas Upper Lack Breathability

We know that when we run, plenty of sweating occurs on our feet. But most people are unfamiliar with the fact that our feet contain more sweat glands than other body parts.

This is why you need to wear well-ventilated shoes for running so that your feet remain dry and cool throughout the journey. If the upper is not breathable, the moisture can lead to blisters, other skin problems, and an unpleasant smell.

Unluckily, the upper of Chuck Taylors (a model of Converse shoes) is manufactured from canvas, which is good in flexibility. But they don’t provide sufficient breathability. Therefore, the heat doesn’t get a chance to escape and becomes trapped inside the footwear.

Thus, while choosing running shoes, make sure their material is breathable.

3. Heavyweight and Tough

Expert runners and players always recommend using lightweight and soft running shoes, which are essential requirements in footwear to run faster.

The more weighty the shoes are, the slower your running will be. Lightweight shoes help a lot in changing directions smoothly, which helps reduce muscle straining and tiredness.

The material of the worn-out Chuck Taylors might have become soft enough to run easily, but newly bought footwear takes time to break in. You will get painful blisters if you use these hard shoes for running.

Unhappily, the company has used so much gum sole rubber while manufacturing them. Due to this feature, they provide the best traction on the floor, making them so heavy compared to most lightweight running shoes.

Literally, if you wear them for a few days to break in their heavy rubber soles, even then, you might not run quickly or shift to another direction well.

Furthermore, running in Converse shoes also result in blisters which lead to foot pain on the heel and toes, especially the pinky finger.

4. Flat Outsole

Chuck Taylors are not suitable for running due to their flat outsoles. Medical professionals claim that flat shoes like Chuck Taylors should be avoided for running or jumping because they are highly flat and lack proper arch support.

They explain that flat footwear is good for exercising like weightlifting because the flat surface helps keep your body in the proper position, the same as you stand barefoot. This way, your foot perfectly hold the floor and remain fixed.

5. Shortage of Heel Security

The lack of heel security also makes Converse shoes not good for running. Normally, the fitting of running shoes must be snug and curved; this feature is very important in keeping your feet fixed in the foot without sliding out while running.

The heel of the Converse footwear is flat, which is not ideal for running. Some recent running shoe models, such as New Balance 880 and 890, have special heel cups. So, while running in such footwear, you will not worry about slipping off your foot.

Advantages of Converse Running Shoes

They are unsuitable for running, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any plus points. Some of the pros of Converse shoes are given below:

Good for Exercise

Doctors recommend Converse running shoes are best for deadlifts, squats, and benches because they have flat outsole. They help push with heels, which is essential while carrying heavy weights.

Furthermore, this footwear is beneficial for other motionless types exercises like working out with a bike or paddling machines.

On the other hand, using Converse shoes for the treadmill or other types of physical fitness workouts depends on how intense your cardio is.

These shoes might not meet the requirement of some of the treadmills; in such cases, a more suitable and long-lasting option will be required.


Converse shoes are manufactured from fabric, so you can easily wash them in a machine without worrying about harming them. The material of this footwear is made of closely woven fabric, so they don’t get loose by washing.

Hence, they are so easy to clean; when you think they are dirty, throw them in the washing machine or soak in soapy water, and you will make them dirt-free.

Wide Range of Colors and Designs

Due to various shades and designs, you can choose any Converse footwear according to the color or style of your outfit.

So, there are many options available in these shoes that you can select for casual wear or walking short distances.

Tips to Choose Converse Running Shoes

We know Converse shoes are not good for running long distances because they are not soft, lack breathability, support, and cushioning, and cause severe diseases. However, if you have to choose them for short distances, consider the following things.

  • Make sure the footwear size is exactly according to your foot, and there is sufficient space at the toe box.
  • Determine your foot type and choose an option similar to your foot.
  • Although Converse shoes lack support and cushioning, try to find the model with these two essential features when looking for running footwear.
  • At the shoe store, wear them and check them properly. Make sure your foot is comfortable and they are perfect for running short distances.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Converse Shoes Good for Working Out?

The outsole of Converse running shoes is flat, so they are perfect for lifting. However, they are not the best professional lifting shoes, but they are a good budget option for beginners or intermediate lifters.

Should You Wear Converse Shoes for Running?

If you have to cover a short distance of a minimum of 2 miles, Converse shoes are best for running. However, these shoes are heavy and lack arch support and cushioning, so avoid them running long distances.

What Will Happen to Your Foot if You Wear Converse Shoes for Running?

Converse shoes are manufactured from canvas shoes, which are tightly woven fabric unsuitable for running footwear. This material is so hard and doesn’t break in even if you use them so many times and eventually causes blisters.

Are Converse Shoes Athletic?

For over 30 years, Converse running shoes were used as official basketball footwear for Olympic Games. Afterward, during World War II, the US armed forces used them.

However, since more cushioned and high-support running shoes are introduced now, athletes avoid Converse footwear because they have flat outsoles and are unsuitable for running.

For Running on A Treadmill, Are Converse Shoes Good?

Running in high-quality Converse shoes is possible, but experts recommend not choosing them due to insufficient support and cushioning. However, you can wear them if you have to run on a treadmill for a short time.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know whether Converse shoes are good for running before planning their purchase. They look good with any outfit and are available in various colors, but they lack arch support and cushioning, which is crucial for running.

They should be lightweight, soft, and breathable. Also, they should deliver perfect heel and arch support, so our feet don’t hurt.

However, Converse shoes are best for workouts and short distances. The tightly woven fabric of their upper makes them durable and strong.

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