Are Converse Shoes Good for Walking?

Wondering to wear converse shoes for walking? Or maybe you are looking for walking shoes?

Converse shoes look attractive with outfits, whether you are wearing a skirt, jeans, or dress. It is all due to their classic design that looks good with almost every outfit.

They are not just reasonable but also durable and available in multiple options. The answer to your question is not as straightforward as you think. You should know their pros and cons first before concluding anything.

In this guide, I will discuss “are converse shoes suitable for walking.” Let’s dive in!

are converse good for walking

Are Converse Good for Walking?

You can wear converse shoes for walking but not for long walks. If you are in a hurry and have to go to a nearby department store, then wearing converse shoes is not a problem.

It is due to the design and features of the converse shoes. They were made for casual walks, not for long distances. Moreover, they have less arch support, which can be dangerous for people with foot injuries.

They are also not effective at absorbing the shocks, which can make you uncomfortable. You can use these converse sneakers as casual wear but not walk for many kilometers.

Pros & Cons of Convers Shoes

Now discus some pros & cons of converse shoes:


Good Traction

Converse shoes are made to protect you from slipping because they offer high flexibility and traction. They are good for walking on rough pavements. You can even wear them during wet weather.

High Shock Absorption

These shoes are great for long walks and effectively absorb the impacts. You can walk freely without feeling any discomfort.


Another feature of the converse shoes is their breathability and lightweight. It will protect you from sweating. The high insulation feature is great for chilly days.

Waterproof and Lightweight

Moreover, converse shoes for walking are easy to clean. Their lightweight and waterproof ability make them suitable to be worn the whole day. You can even wear them for traveling or going to work.

Cheap Price

These classical converse shoes can be worn almost with every outfit. They come at a reasonable price, but the quality is much better than many other walking shoes. So, a person with a low budget can also purchase them.

No-fuss design of the converse shoes is appropriate for daily use. The design is simple but attractive.

Good for Wide Feet

People who feel discomfort or have wide feet should go with converse shoes. The rubber material of the shoes offers maximum comfort and flexibility.


Not Have Ideal Comfort

No doubt, converse shoes are good for long walks but do not provide the best comfort. They are not a good option if you must wear them all day at home.

Not Ideal for Formal Events

They look amazing almost with every casual outfit. But you may have to buy formal dress shoes for a special event.

Not Very Fashionable

Vintage design shoes are not the best option for work unless you are OK with an off-beat appearance.

How to Find the Good Converse Shoes for Walking?

Before purchasing converse shoes for walking, keep these factors in your mind.

  • Know your size
  • Buy a good pair of socks
  • Break-in
  • Use band-aids
  • Use napkins
  • Wash your chucks
  • Loosen the laces
  • Purchase new insoles

Know You Size

Many people don’t know the right size for their shoes. It is proven that wrong-size shoes cause pain and many other foot problems. So purchasing the right shoe size is necessary to prevent this problem.

The company said that converse shoes come in a half size bigger, so buying a half size down from your actual size is better. In some cases, you can also go full-size down.

The best way is to check the size chart of converse shoes before buying.

Buy a Good Pair of Socks

The right pair of moisture-wicking socks not just keep you warm and dry, and comfortable. It eliminates the unpleasant odor from shoes and prevents forming blisters by providing enough comfort.

Avoid wearing wool and cotton socks because they absorb sweat and moisture. Not only this, wet socks cause discomfort even in a hot climate.

Break in

Wearing converse chucks for the first time can cause blisters. Every shoe expert recommends breaking shoes in before wearing them.

For this purpose, wear these shoes for a few hours. Another way to break shoes in is to put socks in them overnight. Or place a shoe stretcher to loosen the shoes. Tie the laces, not too tight, because it can damage the shoe fabric.

Use Band-Aids

When you wear shoes for the first time, use band-aids. It will prevent developing blisters. Most people notice blisters on the heel side, so put band-aids on it.

Some people experience blisters in their pinkies. Using band-aids on these areas avoids blisters and acts as a barrier between skin and shoe fabric.

Use Napkins

Napkins are also good alternatives or heel pads. Cut the napkins according to your shoe size and attach the sticky part to the backside of the shoe heel. It provides cushioning and reduces discomfort.

Wash Your Chucks

Newly bought converse shoes may come stiff, so wash the fabric to make them more comfortable. Avoid washing them in the washing machine.

Instead, clean them manually using an old toothbrush to scrub the shoe material and do this step gently.

Loosen the Laces

Loosening the laces keep your footwear comfortable. Loosen the laces on the bottom to the top corner; it will make extra room for the toe to bend and breathe.

If you are still uncomfortable, untie the laces to keep your feet comfortable.

Purchase New Insoles

Add new insoles or pads to give more cushioning to your feet. These shoe accessories come at a reasonable price and give appropriate comfort to your feet.

If you have a budget, then purchase orthotic insoles for your shoes. The reason is that these insoles enable you to walk longer.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Converse Shoes Good For?

Converse shoes are comfortable and good for light walks. These shoes are also good for people with small feet due to their wide size range.

Is It Ok to Walk on The Treadmill in Converse?

Converse shoes are not ideal for running on the treadmill due to the lack of support. Besides this, they can walk on the treadmill, not run.

How Can I Make My Converse More Comfortable for Walking?

To make converse shoes more comfortable, put a cushioned insole. You can also loosen the laces and remember to waterproof them before going outside.

Is It Ok to Work out In Converse?

You can work out in converse shoes, but they are not ideal. There are many other shoes available that are better than converse for workouts. Don’t try very high-impact exercises in the converse.

Final Thoughts

No one can deny the popularity of the shoes, and both adults and children match these shoes with their outfits. Wearing these shoes for long walks for the first time can cause discomfort.

Luckily, there are many ways to make your footwear more comfortable for walking. Wear socks for long-distance walks. Avoid wearing these for hiking to prevent injuries.

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