Are Crocs Bad for Your Feet? – Things to Consider

Wondering are crocs good for your feet?

Some people do not like the shape of the crocs, while others consider them comfy and trendy. Aside from their appearance, the question is, “do crocs cause no damage to your feet”?

My answer depends on how often you wear them and what activities you perform. In this post, I will disclose the pros and cons of crocs and when to avoid them.

Without taking your further time, let’s move!

are crocs bad for your feet

Can Wearing Crocs Damage Your Feet?

Let’s discuss the downsides of wearing crocs one by one.

Don’t Have Arch Support

One drawback is that crocs lack arch support and as a result, it puts additional strain on the plantar fascia. It is a thick ligament that presents from the front to the backside of the foot.

If you wear crocs frequently, that lack arc support can cause plantar fasciitis. In this condition, you will feel immense pain in the bottom of the heel and mid area of the foot. You will find it difficult to climb, walk and stand.

People with flat feet should avoid wearing such slippers because they can cause many problems, like Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, bunions, and posterior tibial tendonitis.

Lack Heel Support

Crocs develop heel pain because they are backless. It makes it difficult to walk straightly and disturbs stability. You might slip your feet from the crocs and injure yourself.

In 2021, it was proved that crocs do not help maintain balance.

Cause Irritation and Sweating

In addition to this, crocs are built with plastic. No doubt that holes in them offer ventilation to feet, but plastic makes your feet sweaty. Wearing crocs for a longer time causes discomfort, foul smell, sweat, and friction blisters.

The best way to avoid such problems is to wear crocs for a shorter time. People who walk a lot should wear non-plastic shoes that offer good ventilation and arch support to the feet.

What Should a Good Shoe Do for Your Feet?

Good shoes offer the following factors to the feet:

Comfort: Good shoes make you feel comfortable even if you are wearing them for the first time.

Support: It also maintains the position and alignment of your foot while walking. Not only this, it provides arch support to your feet.

Fit: Footwear should neither be too tight nor too loose. It must fit you properly, and there should be enough space on the front side of the shoe for toe wiggling.

Cushioning: The midsole of good shoes should be cushioned for a comfy experience.

If the shoe fits all the requirements, then go for it.

Are Crocs Bad for Your Feet?

Wearing crocs every day is not a good decision because they do not give enough support to the ankle, which can cause injuries. Podiatrists also do not suggest wearing crocs often.

Rubber clogs do not give you adequate heel support. Wearing them for a long time can result in calluses, tendinitis, and other nail problems.

That is the reason doctors are not very fans of crocs.

When to Wear Them

Crocs are the perfect choice for people with swell feet. The wide design of the crocs slip-on is easy to fit. Crocs are good for those who find it difficult to lace shoes, don’t need arch support, and do not walk a lot.

Wear crocs until they do not cause pain, and avoid doing heavy-duty activities. You should try these slip-ons for office work, gardening, and doing work at home.

When to Not Wear

In some situations, you should go for other types of shoes:

High Impact Activities

You should avoid wearing crocs for high walks, hiking, and weightlifting. You should buy specially designed shoes for performing such activities.

Walking or Standing for A Longer Time

They might feel comfortable but do not offer arch support if you walk or stand for longer. Weiser recommends purchasing those shoes that have arch and heel support.

If You Are Old

Crocs can trip the feet, so older adults should not wear them unless their feet are swollen. It can lead to long-term injuries, so they should choose those wears that have heel support. This will prevent them from tripping or falling.

If You Are Buying for Your Kid

Kids are more active than adults and run a lot. Running in crocs can injure them. Crocs do not maintain the stability and balance of the body.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do Crocs Damage Your Feet?

Wearing crocs for a longer time can lead to foot problems, tendonitis, corns, and calluses. They cause irritation, sweat, and dry your feet’ skin.

Is It Bad to Wear Crocs Every Day?

Crocs are not recommended to wear all day due to a lack of arch and heel support. You will face many foot and nail problems if you do so.

What Are the Side Effects of Crocs?

The limited heel support of the crocs causes foot pain. Crocs’ side effects are tendinitis, calluses, and toe problems.

Why Do Crocs Hurt the Bottom of My Feet?

Crocs are constructed with hard plastic material, which does not offer sufficient cushioning and support. It will hurt your foot bottom and causes discomfort.


Most people love wearing crocs as they are lightweight and good for many activities. But their plastic build makes them unsuitable for a longer time.

You should skip wearing them for doing high-impact exercises. If you feel pain in crocs, then you should change your shoes.

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