Are Crocs Closed Toe Shoes? – Facts You Must Know

Do you want to know whether crocs closed-toe shoes can protect your toes while working in hospitals, laboratories, gardening, or daily wear?

Crocs are well-known footwear and are popular for their outstanding capability to withstand moist or slippery surfaces. Their unique design, comfort, and services differ from all other shoes.

Crocs are available in both forms; some cover our entire foot; however, some are open from the front. In this article, we will discuss whether crocs are closed-toe shoes.

are crocs closed toe shoes

Do Crocs Have Closed Toes?

Due to the 13 holes on the upper of Classic crocs shoes, they are not considered closed-toe footwear because closed-toe should cover the whole foot. However, you can purchase work shoes from crocs company with closed toes.

According to the definition of closed shoes, they must be closed and should cover your foot completely; the back, front, and upper part of the foot should be covered entirely so that no spill or other substance can hit your foot during work.

Classic crocs are unsuitable for laboratory, gardening, or any such work because there is a risk of falling toxic spills or objects on your foot.

Similarly, in restaurants or working in the medical field, your foot is at high risk of damage due to food spills or chemicals.

If you are looking for crocs footwear to cover your foot entirely, you must check out crocs’ work shoes, designed to protect your foot in different work environments.

Guidelines to Distinguish Between Crocs Closed and Open Toe

We understand that crocs are available in closed toes as well as open toes. Now, I will tell you how to identify them independently. It is so easy to recognize them!

Their basic structure is the same: they come in a boat shape, with a strap at the shoe back, with or without holes. However, they are different in the toe box area.

The toe box is that part of the footwear where the toes of your foot are placed. In closed shoes, the toes are not visible; in open ones, the toes are noticeable.

Thus, open-toe crocs footwear has holes in its toe box; some styles don’t even come with these holes. However, closed-toe-crocs don’t have holes. Literide is the best example of this footwear.

Unlike regular wide-holed clog crocs, Literide has 13 but small holes on its upper. Both types of footwear can have these 13 holes, but they have nothing to do with being closed-toed.

Crocs are also available in semi-closed-toe designs; they have one or two holes at their front. Crocs have so many more designs other than clogs.

For example, flats, flip-flops, and sandals; thus, the fans of Croslite can get a chance to enjoy them in different forms. This shows us the large list of open-toe crocs footwear.

Which Crocs Shoes come with Closed Toes?

I have created a table to help you find crocs shoes with closed toes. Also, I have added their features.

Closed Toe Crocs Features
Bistro Clog They are manufactured for the people who work in restaurants.

Their design is closed-toed, open back, and a strap at their back.

They have a CrocsLock design, and their tread is slip-resistant.


On-The-Clock Clogs They are best for cooks or nurses.

They are manufactured with closed back and toes to meet the standard of the workplace.

Their tread is slip-resistant and CrocsLock.

They are easy to wear and provide support to the lower-level ankle.

Lady’s Neria Pro Clog Crocs company claims they are best for nurses; however, cleaning staff or restaurant workers can also use them.

They are the best work shoes with anti-slip outsoles.

The insoles are washable and add more cushioning to make them more comfortable.

They protect our feet perfectly from spills by creating a thick layer on the closed toe.

They have specialized comfort designs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Crocs Closed Toe Shoes

Wearing crocs closed-toe shoes has numerous advantages and a few disadvantages. I have described them below:


Provides Safety and Protection

Wearing closed-toe shoes has become necessary in areas like laboratories or factories to ensure your foot is completely safe. Also, they protect your foot from dirt, cold weather, and skin problems.

Ideal for Long Walks

Shoes that have not covered our entire foot are responsible for making skin problems on our feet like blisters if we wear them for long hours.

However, closed-toe ones are comfortable crocs for wearing on long walks; they protect our feet from blisters, provide a better grip, and deliver comfortable hiking by shock absorbance.

Professional Look and Athlete-Friendly

We all know that wearing open toad shoes to school or any such place will look so funny. Likewise, wearing closed-toe shoes is important for a professional appearance.

Athletes should choose the right type of footwear before going on difficult routes. Obviously, no one will select sandals for playing football or jumping high.

Thus, closed-toe shoes will deliver the required protection as well as the perfect support to your feet. They also increase the strength to perform activities.

Crocs Require Low Upkeep

One reason for the crocs footwear popularity is their easy-to-clean feature; they can be easily refreshed using soapy water.

We know that Croslite is a closed-cell resin that protects the surface of the shoes from the entrance of water; this way, their cleaning becomes easy.

Resistant to Microbes and Stink

Due to the water resistance feature and Croslite’s closed-cell nature, the germs and bacteria don’t get a chance to grow.

This is the reason that they don’t create a bad smell after wearing them. In case an unpleasant odor occurs, it can be removed easily by washing it with soapy water.

Protects Feet from Soaking

If we wear footwear made of non-Croslite material and walk in watery areas, water will get into our shoes, making our feet soak or take a lot of time to dry. Thus, crocs footwear is best for walking in rainy or moist areas.


Crocs material is very lightweight, and carrying them is easy, like rubber footwear. On the other hand, unlike rubber, crocs are stiff due to the Croslite material, which is why they are more long-lasting compared to rubber.


Toe Pain

Closed-toe shoes are designed to protect the toes but wearing them for a long time will apply pressure on them. Later, this pressure combines with friction, tiring you and hurting your toes.

Callus Formation

Wearing tightly closed shoes for a long time will make callus on your foot, which is a stiffened form of your skin due to repeated rubbing, pressure, friction, and irritation.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Shoes Are Called Closed-Toe?

If the entire foot is covered by shoes such that the heel and toe are covered completely, it means that they are closed-toe ones.

If they have large holes on the upper, such as crocs, they are not considered closed shoes because they will not protect your foot from spills or chemicals.

What Do Closed-Toe Shoes Mean?

This footwear is completely closed from all sides, like ankles, toes, or heels; they have no holes in their upper. Their heel is also very low, not more than 2.5 cm.

Are Crocs and Clogs the Same Footwear?

The company crocs have manufactured one model, which is known as clogs. Thus, if you purchased Crocs Classic Clog, you can call them crocs and clog.

Why Are Crocs Shoes Manufactured?

Crocs shoes are best for casual wear, recreational activities, or professional use. According to the crocs website, more than 100 million pairs of these shoes have been retailed.

Final Thoughts

Crocs are available in both open-toe and closed shoes. Crocs brand has designed closed footwear differently from all other models.

In this guide, you have learned the important facts about crocs closed-toe shoes. I have also explained guidelines to distinguish between open and closed-toe crocs shoes.

Closed ones have many advantages, such as protecting your foot in the working environment from chemicals or spills. So, choose them if you are going to work in slippery areas or where your foot is at risk of injury.

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