Are Crocs Edible? – The Answer May Surprise You

I know it sounds crazy after reading the title for the first time. Hard to believe! But why would anyone think of eating his crocs? I also heard a story about a man alone on a deserted island. He was hungry for weeks. He ended up eating his crocs. What happened next? Are crocs edible?

It may surprise you after hearing my answer. Crocs are edible because they are not made up of harmful material. But still, the company does not advertise them for eating because they are made to be worn, not eaten.

It is because eating your crocs results in indigestion and bloating. So also, keep these side effects in mind before eating them.

are crocs edible

Are Crocs Edible?

  • Crocs are made up of highly lightweight and non-toxic Croslite material.
  • You can eat your crocs if you are stuck in a very tragic situation.
  • They are not made up of any dangerous material like crocodile skin.
  • You have to cook crocs for a few minutes to make them eatable.
  • Eating your stinky crocs is a foolish decision even though there are no hazardous effects of crocs for health.

Read my article fully to understand these facts.

What Material of Crocs Made Of?

At the start, crocs were considered highly toxic and were not recommended to eat. It is because of the plastic and foam that was used in its making. But now things have changed. Crocs are made up of purely organic compounds that are not harmful to health.

Croslite is non-toxic and also known as antibacterial material. It prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria. This material provides comfort, protection, and exceptional grip on the floor.

One of the components of crocs is polymers that are specially extracted from oil. It has no dangerous effect on our bodies. You can eat it as well.

Can You Eat Your Crocs?

No matter how much it sounds unreal but it is true. You can eat crocs because of the healthy nutrients used in them. If you steam and consume your footwear crocs then with no doubt I can say there will be no disadvantage in eating crocs shoes.

Since they are stiff and rigid for chewing purposes so, boiling them will soften their texture. Most people consider rubber for the reason of its durability.

It is a wrong concept about it. Its non-contaminated material makes it expensive and safer to eat. Don’t be a fool to eat them normally! They are only designed for wearing purposes.

Are Crocs Shoes Made from Crocodile’s Skin?

As you know, rumors spread faster than real news; this is what also happened here. Croc is a well-known brand and has not used illegal techniques to make its products.

They have never killed any crocodile to manufacture crocs comfort shoes. There is a crocodile logo which makes people confused. They tend to think wrongly because of it.

Plastic and foams were an option at the start, but crocodile skin never was. It is now clear that all types of wearing crocs are manufactured with durable croslite material.

How to Cook Crocs and Eat Them?

Don’t think I am insane but I had to cook it to make sure is this true. I had to confirm it before telling you. I have to give you the appropriate information about crocs. The results were quite shocking.

It took my great courage to cook my old crocs and to eat them. I did it anyway. The company does not suggest cooking crocs.

Why would they be? Think for a few seconds that the point of making these crocs was not eating but wearing. If your curiosity is still forcing you to do it, then do it.

If you want to make your crocs edible, here are the steps for cooking crocs:

Step 1

First of all, I washed my old pair of crocs properly with water. If you are brave enough to cook your new crocs then you can.

Step 2

I took a large pot and my crocs. The pot was big enough that even some space was also left to boil.

Step 3

I poured some water into the pot and put it on heat. I waited a few minutes to boil the water completely.

Step 4

I put my pair of crocs in it. I took a long breath because I was going to do something very hilarious.

Step 5

I closed the pot and waited for 30 minutes to boil fully. The main purpose of boiling the crocs was to kill all the germs and soften the crocs.

Step 6

I added some salt to it after boiling them. You can also add pepper, salt, or olive oil to kill all the dirt.

Step 7

I put my crocs out of the post. Now cut them with a sharp knife and they were soft enough to turn into little pieces easily.

I tasted them after they were soft enough.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Crocs Shoe Tastes Like?

Crocs shoes taste spongy, so the company does not allow users to eat crocs. Sweat makes crocs stinky even though its manufacturing material is croslite. But it still smells bad.

What Are Crocs Made Of?

Crocs with cushions are made up of slip-resistant croslite material. One of the advantages of crocs is that it does not contain harmful components. They are non-toxic, comfortable, and anti-bacterial footwear crocs.

Are Crocs Biodegradable?

Crocs are not biodegradable because of the combination of some materials.

How Many Calories Are in Crocs?

We still don’t know the accurate number of calories in it. It is said that its calories are quite the same amount as subway bread or margarine box.

Is It Ok to Boil Crocs?

Crocs are non-toxic, so they will not cause harmful effects on the body. You can boil and eat them. Remember that there are some side effects of eating crocs, like indigestion, choking, and bloating.


Honestly, even though crocs’ nutritional value is remarkable, but I would still not recommend you to eat them. Eating crocs is not a wiser decision at all. They are made to wear on your feet and not for fulfilling your food demands.

I tried them just for experiment purposes, and believe me, their taste was awful. No doubt, these crocs are edible for survival, and nothing type of dangerous material is used in them. You don’t have to eat them because they are organic and have lots of calories.

But if you are starving in the desert for weeks, then it is better to eat crocs instead of eating yourself.

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