Are Crocs Considered Non Slip Shoes?

Are you planning to purchase Crocs to work in slippery environments but don’t know whether they are slip-resistant shoes?

Crocs have become popular due to their features like maximum breathability and ultimate comfort. They have some characteristics that make them non-slip, too.

This footwear is made from a material that fights absorbing water and is non-porous; this is why they protect us from falls and slips on oily and slick surfaces.

The tread of Crocs footwear has a strong gripping power that holds the ground firmly; therefore, it becomes more non-slippery than other types of shoes.

I have been using Crocs for years, so I composed this guide to help you understand whether crocs are non-slip shoes.

are crocs non slip

Are Crocs Non-Slip Shoes?

I have tried so many Crocs footwear, so according to my personal experience, I have never faced slipping in this footwear. Crocs Classic and Bistro are my favorite shoes; I choose them as my go-to footwear in summer.

In reality, all Crocs products are not manufactured equally in slip resistance. Their Classic Clog model has more gripping power and traction compared to the others.

You must examine them at the time of purchase and look at the tag to see if it shows that they are slip-resistant. Some versions are made with a tread especially made for working in slippery environments.

The models that lack slip resistance should not be selected especially if you have to use them on damp surfaces like hospitals, restaurants, or working in construction areas where you have to walk on moist areas.

The Crocs shoes made for kids are more non-slip than the others because they have more textured soles and hold the ground well. Therefore, ensure the model you buy has a textured tread, and more grooves must be made.

Crocs Lock is a technology that is added to the soles of these shoes to make them slip-resistant. Thus, while choosing footwear with a non-skid feature, please ensure they have the Crocs Lock trademark.

Are Slip-Resistant Crocs Comfortable like Normal Ones?

All the Crocs footwear is manufactured from the same material Croslite which is so soft and foam-like that it provides ever-lasting comfort. Regardless of how much distance you cover in these shoes, your feet will not hurt.

Furthermore, due to their breathability, they don’t cause sweating and keep our feet fresh and dry throughout the journey. Thus, you will never feel discomfort while wearing the original model of Crocs.

The slip-resistant shoes are also made of the same material from which the normal ones are made. So, the comfort level is the same; they differ only in the tread texture.

Best Non-Slip Work Crocs Models

The non-slip Crocs range comes with slip-resistant tread. These products are normally purchased by kitchen staff, restaurant workers, or medical staff. However, they can also be picked by casual wearers; they provide great ground traction and protect from accidents.

I have given the reviews of the best models of slip-resistant Crocs footwear below:

1. On the Clock Clog Non-slip Work Shoes

This model is best for healthcare workers because it has non-slip tread. They are so comfy that you can wear them for work that requires all day. Also they protect from slipping with their closed-toe and unique heel designs.

They are best for working in hospitals because their toes are closed, so the liquid spills don’t fall on your foot. Moreover, the closed-heel design protects the back of your foot from harmful chemicals.

This model is easy-to-clean, and you can easily wipe medical spills. If they accidentally become wet, they have the quality to dry quickly. Their outsole is so thick, which makes them extra comfortable.

2. Crocs Bistro Clog Slip-Resistance Shoes

This model is best for those working in restaurants because they are easy to clean, non-slippery, and provide long-term comfort if you wear them for long hours.

If you are looking for footwear that has closed toes and provides support for working in eating places, Crocs Bistro Clog is best for you. I have used this footwear, so I think they are extremely lightweight and highly comfortable.

All this is due to the Croslite material, which is so soft, squishy resin and makes a foam-like footbed. It provides wonderful support to the foot. No matter how much we work, our foot doesn’t hurt.

3. Crocs Specialist Li Clog Non-Slip Footwear

They provide optimum safety to work on slippery kitchen surfaces due to the slip-resistant tread. Therefore, kitchen staff and chefs like this footwear a lot.

To work in restaurants, we know that it’s essential to wear shoes that protect us from accidents due to oils and food spills.

So, work in the kitchen without any fear of hitting hot food spills or other harmful items on your foot due to the thick construction of the toe box with Croslite material.

How to Transform Normal Crocs to Non-Slip?

Have you bought a pair of Crocs which is not slip-resistant? Wondering what to do? No worries, there are many strategies that you can apply to make your shoes non-slippery.

I use the following methods to make my Crocs non-skid:

Scuffing the Bottom of the Croc

The best method to make the tread of your footwear slip-resistant is by rubbing it with hard or rocky objects or surfaces. These additional grooves and scuffs will be made on their bottom to achieve great traction on floors.

Apply Sticky Stuff on the Bottom

Putting any sticky residue on the outsoles of the shoes will also make extra grip when you walk. To create more traction to protect yourself from slipping, apply a thin layer of the sticky material.

Fasten Ice Grips to the Bottom of the Shoes

In cold weather, when ice is everywhere, if you want to wear crocs, attaching an ice grip to the tread will increase the traction. It will deliver a grip, and you will be safe from slipping.

Applying them on the shoe’s bottom is very simple and easy. Put them over the tread and attach them with the help of elastic straps.

Apply Sandpaper on the Crocs’ Bottom

Sandpaper is also useful in making the outsoles of the shoes slip-resistant because they make extra scuffs on the surface.

The tiny grooves created by this material are very helpful in achieving grip while walking. A coarse sandpaper with a high grit, such as 50, makes the surface more non-slippery.

Use Products to Make the Outsole Non-Skid

Numerous grip-increasing products are available in the market that helps in making the surface non-slippery.

Search them online or go to any shoe store, and you will easily find them. The method of applying them on the shoe bottom is written on the product with all the important instructions.

Safety Features to Consider While Buying Crocs Except for Outsole

Besides examining the tread of the Crocs shoes, there are other important features that you should consider, too:

  • Choose the design of your slip-resistant Crocs according to your work; if you have to face a lot of harmful chemical spills, you must buy closed-toe shoes.
  • Some footwear comes with open heel design, and some are closed. If you have to work in messy environments, your foot is at risk of hitting by harmful objects and spills. Select Crocs with a closed-heel style.
  • If your job requires you to wear shoes with proper fitting, you must pick the Crocs model with slip resistance and the additional straps.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Identify if Your Crocs Are Non-Slip?

All the products of Crocs are not non-slip. The footwear that comes with the Crocs Lock trademark is slip-resistant only. Their tread has more grooves and is more textured than the normal ones.

Are Crocs Tread Slip-Resistant?

Classic Crocs protect us from slipping if we use them for casual wear, but their tread is not 100% slip-resistant. For slippery environments, many more models of Crocs are introduced, which are highly non-slip. Therefore, choose the one according to your work.

Can I Use Crocs for Working in The Kitchen?

To work in the kitchen for long hours with a lot of mess, Crocs has manufactured slip-resistant shoes with Crocs Lock technology. Their tread is different from the normal ones.

Are Slip-Resistant and Non-Slip Shoes Different?

The outsoles of slip-resistant shoes are made from rubber or other such materials. They have more gripping power, protecting from slipping and falling on oily or slick areas. On the other hand, non-slip shoes come with normal tread only.

Final Thoughts

Crocs brand manufactures unique summer footwear, providing ultimate breathability and high comfortability. This is why most people like them working in the medical field, kitchen, or cleaning areas.

However, all their products don’t provide the same slip resistance; the company has made special non-slip Crocs Shoes that can work on slick or oily surfaces.

Their tread is different from the other models. So examine them carefully at the time of purchase if you want to buy slip-resistant shoes.

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