Are Fila Shoes Good for Running?

Are you looking for a reasonable option for running shoes? Are you confused about choosing Fila shoes for your sports? In the sports industry, the Fila brand has made a unique identification. They provide footwear at affordable prices.

If you are a non-professional runner, you may search for some sneakers options that are high-quality and not so expensive. Fila sneakers come with considerably cheap costs.

They provide all the features which should be present in the best running shoes. Their soles are strong enough to tolerate the pressure; they are highly cushioned, made of high-quality material, and have unique designs.

In this article, we will discuss whether Fila shoes are good for running.

are fila shoes good for running

Are Fila Shoes Good for Running?

Fila is one of the largest footwear manufacturing businesses. The products of this brand are the most familiar and trustworthy worldwide. Fila running shoes are well-known due to their first-class materials and amazing design.

Checking the quality of materials is the best way to make sure that a specific brand is the best. But whoever has used this company’s products has given the best reviews about them.

They manufacture their footwear, especially running shoes, using natural and artificial leather. As a result, their shoes have the best appearance and the perfect weight that is suitable for running.

Nearly the entire outsoles of Fila running shoes are made from EVA. We know that this technology makes any footwear perfect for any odd surface.

Thus, their sole is so flexible that they don’t hurt your foot while running. Furthermore, the toe box of this footwear has enough extra space to move your toes comfortably.

Their design is made with a very breathable upper that air easily passes through them, and your foot remains cool no matter how long you run. You can use any model of Fila and check how breathable they are.

Besides breathability, people also like Fila due to their comfortable and flexible products. The reason for their comfort is that they use materials that they test thoroughly.

Even if you wear them after a long time, they are easy to put on due to the excellent and genuine materials. The premium materials and outstanding structure of Fila running shoes make them long-lasting. By maintaining them well, you will enjoy them for years.

If you purchase running shoes, you must know all the features required for running to get the right one. However, if you are going to buy Fila running shoes, you can choose any model without any fear because all their footwear is the best in quality and service.

Why Choose Fila Shoes for Running?

Due to the following reasons, Fila shoes have become the best footwear for running:

Low Price

The footwear of the Fila brand is available at very affordable prices. You will find your favorite running shoes cost-effectively.

Distinctive Designs

All their shoes have their own unique styles, from simple to colorful. You can find footwear according to your gender and age. Even if you like contemporary designs with a traditional touch, Fila has a variety of footwear.

Variety of Footwear

Besides various designs, Fila is versatile in providing different types of running shoes. You can select sneakers or trainers according to your profession, such as if you are a busy worker, athlete, or chef.

Durable Shoes

Durability is the main feature that the Fila brand focuses on. Their footwear comes with double stitching to make them more long-lasting.


Besides durability, they pay special attention to providing footwear with complete comfort. You can find soft memory soles for long-term comfort according to the cost.


Many specialized sportspersons trust Fila and use their footwear, which shows their pure quality.

Best Fila Running Shoes for Men and Women

Fila has manufactured separate running shoes for men and women. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind at the time of purchase.

For your convenience, I have made a list of the top best Fila running shoes after extensive research. Please keep reading to explore them!

1. Fila Sneakers Women Disruptor 2a

This model of Fila Shoes comes in plain white color, and embroidery is done on the logo of FILA. They are available in other shades, too.

Disruptor 2a is a little pricier, but the high cost is due to some good reason. They are manufactured from 100% high-quality leather; you will achieve a premium feel when you wear them. The costs of their models may vary depending on the sizes.

Their outsoles are made from EVA, so they are super comfortable and lightweight. Furthermore, due to the gripping technology, it protects from slipping, too, which is a feature everyone wants.

Due to the retro style of this footwear, they are getting popularity day by day. They suit with any outfit and provide you a little height as well.

While buying them, it’s good to choose a slightly larger size to leave a little extra room for your toes. For example, if you normally wear size 8, select 8.5 because this footwear has a pointy head.


  • EVA rubber soles
  • Provide all-day comfort with extra softened footbed
  • Lightweight midsole which absorbs shock
  • It comes with rubber at the heel and toe, which makes it long-lasting
  • The outsole provides great traction


  • The insole is not removable

2. Memory Foam Frame V6 Athletic Fila Shoe Women

This model is ideal for women’s sports shoes. This footwear will be your companion whether you run or work out at the gym. They become extremely lightweight due to the EVA sole.

Due to the memory foam midsole and sock liners, the athletes feel comfortable and relaxed all day long. Besides, padded collars and tight-fitting lacing are notable features.

The upper of this footwear is made of textile material, making it durable. The outsole is made of partial rubber, so they become non-slippery and prevent falling on slick surfaces. The outsole is partially made of rubber, so be careful while walking in these shoes.


  • On the front and side edges, mesh panels are made
  • The fitting can be adjusted with lace-up closures
  • Come with rubber sole
  • The textile upper makes them durable
  • The heel comes with a long strap which makes it convenient


  • Not suitable for wider feet because the toe box is narrow.

3. Fulcrum 3 Fila Shoes Men

If you are a sportsperson looking for low-priced shoes, Fila provides high-quality footwear. Fulcrum 3 is a good choice for sports if you are a rising athlete.

The footwear is manufactured from synthetic material, but the upper is made of leather for increased stability and support.

Moreover, the EVA sole makes them extra comfortable. The midsole has ideal cushioning, and the rubber outsole delivers additional traction; thus making this model durable.


  • Comfy footwear
  • long-lasting
  • EVA rubber outsoles make them slip-resistant
  • The softness of the midsole adds extra comfort


  • Not breathable

4. Fila Sneakers for Men F-13 Lea/Syn

Like running sneakers, this model provides incredible efficiency. The sportspersons love them because they are so easy to put on. Their easy-to-use feature is like the 80’s footwear, but it doesn’t mean they have become old. The only thing that makes them retro is their appearance.

While jumping, they provide a few extra inches to your height. Everyone looks for the perfect running shoes that help with high-speed running; this Fila model comes with that feature.

Except for the outsole and the embroidery of red and blue shades, the entire shoe is manufactured with leather. They make every activity easy such as walking, running, jumping, exercising, etc.


  • The upper is made of leather which provides innovative support.
  • The EVA midsole makes them comfortable and soft.
  • The rubber outsole makes them non-slippery.
  • Come with traditional styles but create a fashionable appearance.
  • Come with an adjustable strap


  • The toe box of these shoes is narrow.

5. Fila Men’s Running Shoes Memory Sportland

According to our test, the best running shoes are memory Sportland. The upper of this footwear comes with holes which makes it so breathable. They are made from synthetic materials, so their washing is so easy, and you can wear them for a long time.

Your feet will never feel any discomfort due to the memory foam. This model is Fila’s best product for running. Their rubber outsoles are so sturdy that they make 100% traction and are long-lasting.

With this footwear, you can run a long way. For wider feet, they come in larger sizes. All these features make this footwear the greatest choice.

Their traditional and simple design makes a very elegant look. After testing for running, they come out to be the perfect shoes. Up to 200 miles, you can run in them easily.


  • Lightweight
  • Good support and stability
  • The midsole is manufactured with ethylene vinyl acetate, which provides great cushioning
  • Rubber outsole makes great traction
  • Memory foam insoles provide increased cushioning


  • Slightly costly

6. Best Fila High Tops Shoes – Fila MB

Fila MB is the best trainer footwear among the Fila high top shoes. Their updated style makes it the top choice for every sportsperson. They come with stylish looks with traditional designs.

Besides the attractive looks, these shoes also provide good support. Its tall padded collar gives a very soothing experience. It holds our ankles perfectly, and we don’t feel any issues wearing it.

Therefore, this footwear allows us to run for a long time without hurting our feet. They are as lightweight as a feather; this is the reason that they make our feet more comfortable.

You will no more experience dragging shoes while wearing them and will note that you are moving faster than before.

They are so comfortable that your foot will not hurt even wearing them for hours. Besides so many features, the main reason is the low cost. They are affordable, and you will get a high-quality product by spending little.


  • Attractive antique vibe
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Provide sufficient support
  • Reasonable cost
  • Top-Quality materials
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Lack of breathability

7. Fila Tennis Shoes Women’s Axilus 2 Energized

Women’s tennis footwear is different from all others. Fila has manufactured sports shoes, especially for tennis. Axilus 2 is the premium creation of this brand. The upper of this model is so breathable that it keeps your feet dry and fresh even if you wear them for a long time.

You can walk anywhere without fear because the rubber sole protects you from slipping. A cage in the forefoot inside the shoe prevents foot injuries and delivers enhanced swiftness.

Due to the molded sock liner, the players don’t feel any discomfort, and the ultimate cushioning improves your jumps. This footwear is ideal for any woman who plays tennis.


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Protects the foot from injuries


  • The footbed is slightly hard.

8. Fila Slip-Resistant Shoes Memory Reckoning 8

While moving on any track, this model provides smoother and safer running for women. This version of Fila footwear is the top choice if you are looking for the best running shoes.

It will provide you with a gorgeous design with high-quality materials. With this footwear, you can go out in any weather condition without the fear of slipping. The EVA sole comes with memory foam which keeps you in balance even if you walk on tough surfaces.

On hot days, the unique technology of these shoes keeps your feet cool. Thus, you will get beauty, comfort, and durable option using a single item.


  • You can wear this footwear in all weather conditions due to Coolmax technology.
  • No matter how the route is, you will be safe due to the slip-resistant rubber.
  • The EVA midsole protects from falling and injuries and provides support.
  • Their upper is made of mesh and fabric, so they are breathable.
  • The great cushioning at the tongue and collar area keeps your foot comfortable while running.


  • They run bigger than the actual size.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Do Exercise in Fila’s Shoes?

Shoes improve your health and flexibility. Fila shoes are best for working out to keep you healthy even if you want to exercise for hours; they will not hurt your foot.

Can You Use Fila Footwear for Standing All Day?

The Fila brand is a good choice if you are looking for high-quality shoes that can work well for long hours. They are made of good quality material, and amazing cushioning does not hurt your foot, even if you use them for 10 hours.

Why is the Fila Brand so Famous?

Fila brand came into being in1911 in a small village, but now it has become the world’s largest company which is popular for manufacturing high-quality sneakers and sportswear.

Are Fila Company Footwear Good for Working Out?

You can use them for a hectic workout without worrying about hurting your foot. They have so correct fitting and make your exercise a comfortable activity.

Does Fila Company Manufacture Athletic Shoes?

In the beginning, Fila brand used to manufacture clothing in a small village, but now this company is famous for sportswear for ladies, gents, and kids.

Final Thoughts

Fila is one of the popular companies that provide first-class footwear. They provide products with affordable prices, unique designs, longevity, comfort, and so many other features; this is why Fila shoes are good for running.

In this guide, I have also given some best Fila running shoes, which are high-quality, comfortable, and breathable. These are the important features that most people are looking for. I hope this guide will be useful to you.

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