Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

Before purchasing a pair of shoes, you may think that whether you can wear them during heavy rain or snow. Is it comfortable or not? Can you purchase it or not? All these questions come to mind when you are standing in the shop.

Hey Dude shoes are made up of comfortable material that is stylish and easy to wear. But wait! Can you wear it in the rain? Are hey dude shoes waterproof? Let’s explore it together without delaying it so much.

are hey dude shoes waterproof

Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

Unfortunately, hey dude shoes not come with a water resistance feature. Now, you may think why it is not waterproof. Let me explain this to you.

Hey dude, shoes are made of cloth-type material to comfort your feet. Moreover, these shoes are made of canvas, which is not water-resistant and can not protect your feet from rain or snow.

But! Some Hey Dude shoes are waterproof such as shoes made up of Suede and leather. You can get them because they are water-resistant.

Wait! Wait! Hey dude, shoe material allows it to dry quickly without taking too much time, which is a plus point for you. Moreover, if your shoes get wet due to rain or snow, you don’t need to wait for days. These shoes will dry quickly.

But what will you do if your shoes get dirty? You will wash them. Can you wash Hey Dude’s shoes? To explore the answer, keep reading.

Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes?

Fortunately, you can wash them easily except for Suede, Wool, and leather type material. Cleaning hey dude, shoes are easy; all you need to do is follow the instructions below.

Step 1

First, you need to remove hey dude shoe laces and memory insole. If you didn’t remove it, the washing would damage them badly.

Step 2

Now, you have to place hey dude’s shoes in the washing machine. Add a small amount of liquid detergent. If you add powder detergent, you will feel irritation.

Step 3

Moreover, to prevent shrinking and warping, you need to set the cycle of the washing machine on delicate. Moreover, you have to use cold water for longevity.

Step 4

Now, keep them out and dry them outside or indoors. But keep this in mind. You can dry them with your hair dryer.

How to Take Care of Your Hey Dude Shoes?

When we purchase a pair of shoes, we might be afraid of losing them too early. If you want to keep them long-term, you must take care of your Hey dude sneakers or shoes. For care,  you need to follow the instruction given below.

  1. If you buy canvas material, hey dude shoes, you can wash them in the machine. To keep their longevity, you have to clean the dirt regularly.
  2. Furthermore, if your shoes are made of leather, you must bring leather cleaner to clean them. After cleaning, you have to polish them.
  3. Having Suede materials is sometimes problematic. You have to keep them away from water. Moreover, you have to clean them with a soft brush.
  4. Moreover, wool shoes can be washed with hands. If you put them in the machine, it will damage the shoe’s material.
  5. Please do not wash them in hot water or warm because it will shrink your shoes or create problems after washing them.

To keep the life of your shoe, you need to follow the few instructions below.

  1. First of all, remove dust and moisture daily or after two days.
  2. Moreover, you have to clean the sole every time after usage.
  3. Don’t place your shoes in direct sunlight.
  4. Furthermore, keep your shoes in the box.
  5. Above all, avoid walking in dust and dirt because it will ruin the life of your shoes.

But why do people choose Hey Dude Shoes?

Reasons to Buy Hey Dude Shoes:

There are several reasons to purchase Hey Dude shoes or sneakers. Most people are purchasing these products because of the following reasons given below.

1. Flexibility

It comes with a flexible upper layer made of canvas or cloth material. Moreover, it comes with a textile upper that is quite soft and easy to use.

2. Machine Washable

These shoes are machine washable. You don’t need any special training or polish for these. You need to follow the instructions described above.

3. Light Weight

These shoes are lightweight and easy to wear. This will provide you comfort while walking as well as during running. You can say its weight is just equal to the pair of socks. Moreover, you can take it with you whenever you need it.

4. Cushioning

Its footbed is made up of cushion that is very comfortable and lightweight. This is another reason why people prefer Hey Dude over other brands.

Having cushion inside shoes will provide comfort and ease during walking and running. So, this is also the reason people prefer it.

5. Affordable

Sometimes, we have to wait for a long to purchase something that is not within budget, or we have to collect that amount. But in the case of Hey Dude Shoes, you don’t need such things to do.

Because it is within budget, you don’t need to collect a huge amount of money or wait a long time to purchase it. Just buy it when you have money.

6. High Breathability

As discussed above, these shoes are made up of high-quality material. Moreover, it provides you with more breathability and provides you comfort in summer. Moreover, it will not affect the health of your feet when you wear them in the hot summer.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hey Dude’s Shoes Get Wet?

Yes, Hey dude, shoes can get wet in water or heavy rain. Moreover, it is made up of canvas or cloth material. Some of Hey dude’s shoes, e.g., silk, leather, and wool, do not get wet.

Moreover, it depends on the material of the shoes. So, be careful before purchasing it.

Are, Hey Dude, Shoes Washable?

Yes, they are machine washable. But depends on the material’s quality. Moreover, most shoes get washed easily in water except Suede, leather, and wool.

You can easily wash them in the machine and with your hands. It depends on the shoes’ material that you are wearing.

Can Hey Dudes Float on Water??

Although Hey Dudes are not waterproof, they can float on water due to their lightweight material. If their weight is heavier than water, they will drown in water.

Are Hey Dudes Slip-Resistant?

No, they are not slip-resistant and have no certification for slip-resistant. They do not offer slip resistance in any product.

Can You Wear Hey Dudes on The Beach Trip?

It is problematic wearing shoes all the time. But Hey Dude, shoes are very comfortable and sophisticated to wear it. You can easily wear them on the beach without any problem.

Moreover, you can wear them in summer. They will be more interesting and sophisticated to wear during summer.


That’s it, guys. Now you know hey dudes shoes are waterproof or not & you have seen that some Hey dude shoes are water-resistant while others are not. Moreover, you can purchase according to your choice and budget. Hey Dude, shoes come with comfort and ease.

Having comfortable, washable, and affordable shoes are no less than a blessing. So, purchase it without delaying it so much. It would help if you took care after purchasing them.

If you do not care about shoes, it will reduce the longevity of your shoes, and you will lose them in time.

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