Are Hoka Shoes Good? – Things You Need to Know About

Are you a runner? Or looking for extra cushioned footwear for the long run? Then Hoka shoes are quite good for you. Hoka shoes come with great flexibility and comfort. It comes with an inner sole, heel sole, and smooth stride.

Hoka was established in 2009 by two runners. It was famous because of its comfort and ease. You can easily walk in these shoes.

If you walk for a long distance, you can use Hoka shoes for this purpose. You must know the required things about Hoka Shoes as there are many to know. Let’s get started without any delay.

are hoka shoes good

Are Hoka Shoes Good?

Yes, Hoka shoes are good enough that you can use them for long runs. Moreover, these shoes come with more comfortable cushions inside them.

You may wonder why Hoka shoes are quite good. However, there are many of things that one can understand. Let’s check them.

High-Quality Material

Hoka shoes come with the best quality. You can feel the difference between Hoka shoes and other shoes. It is created from durable material and provides you with ease and comfort.

It will last long for many years and will be more beneficial to use Hoka shoes for your daily routine. Because when you walk too long, your shoes will be affected.

Above all, in the long run, Hoka is the best. So, if you plan to buy shoes, go for Hoka shoes.


Hoka shoes come with innovative technologies that will be easy for your journey. Its upper layer is made up of breathable carbon. It has a comfy cushion inside the insoles. So, you can walk easily.

Light Weight

Hoka shoes made with lightweight material allow you to run easily. If your shoes come with higher leather or heavy material, it will be difficult to run a long distance.


When you are running, your feet may be sweat, or you may feel humidity inside your shoes. If you are wearing breathable shoes, then it will allow vapors to escape from your shoes.

Otherwise, it will stick inside and create an odor that will spread across the room. Above all, sweating may form fungal or bacterial infections inside your shoes. So, you should select shoes which do not spread smell or bacterial infection.

Water Resistance

Multiple shoes come with water resistance capability. You can select one according to your need and requirements.

Such shoes are only available in the Hoka shoes that will provide ease and comfort. So, if you plan to buy, be an early bird.


Hoka comes with a lot of cushioning and a rigid form. You can see the difference when you wear it during hiking.

If you wear light and soft shoes during hiking, then there will be many chances of ankle damage, and you may fall. So, you must choose a product that is full of cushioned and rigid from the bottom, and Hoka provides such shoes.


Hoka shoes come in multiple sizes, and you can easily wear one. However, you can easily select your size according to your choice and need.

Above all, you can select various sizes and shapes. So, before buying any shoes, you must select any design and color of your own choice.

Quality of Hoka Shoes

Hoka comes with a supportive and amazing design. You must know the quality of Hoka shoes and plenty of things.

When it comes to foot aches, most podiatrists recommend wearing Hoka shoes because these shoes come with extreme shock absorption and have the best in quality wise.

These shoes are created with extreme care and come with a lot of cushions, providing ease during your walk. Above all, the midsole provides a wonderful ride when wearing Hoka shoes. In short, Hoka shoes are the best quality and give unique comfort during walks.

Comfort of Hoka Adams Shoes

When it comes to comfort, most of you prioritize it. Hoka is the choice of every runner, and due to its comfort, every non-runner will prefer it. But how it provides comfort?

It comes with extra cushion and permanent support. Moreover, you can easily use it for hiking and jogging purposes. Hoka Adams shoes also come with a hard outer sole, and inside, it has an extra cushion in it.

It comes with meta-rocker technology, which will absorb shocks and abrupt changes in position. Its midsole cushion will protect your feet and ankle from sudden pain and injury during hiking or running.

Due to its high comfortability and ease, it is famous for runners as well as non-runners. If you are thinking of running or hiking, Hoka shoes are enough for you and your journey.

In these shoes, the difference between heels and toe is very low. So you can get enough balance. If you are going to select Hoka, then you are on the right track. But if you don’t select this brand, then you will regret it.

Sizing and Fit of Hoka Shoes

Wearing smaller shoes than your size will give you pain and hurt. Most adults don’t know their exact size. Due to this, they may feel pain and hurt their feet.

This can increase the risk of injury in the leg, ankle, backbone, and legs injury. To avoid such a problem, you must know the sizes of Hoka shoes.

Sometimes, manufacturers make shoes with some changes, due to which size may vary. So, it is crucial to know the sizing of Hoka shoes without delaying it so much.

How Do Hoka Shoes Fit?

Hoka shoes are versatile and quite easy to wear. Furthermore, purchasing very big shoes of your size will create a problem because wearing oversized shoes will decrease your performance.

Before buying, you should check whether it is room there or not. If there is some room, then you can easily use it. Otherwise, you will feel pain during use. Let’s explore the size of shoes.

Hoka Shoe Size for Men

22 8.66 3 ½ 4 36
22.5 8.86 4 4 ½ 36 ⅔
23 9.06 4 ½ 5 37 ⅓
23.5 9.25 5 5 ½ 38
24 9.45 5 ½ 6 38 ⅔
24.5 9.65 6 6 ½ 39 ⅓
25 9.84 6 ½ 7 40
25.5 10.04 7 7 ½ 40 ⅔
26 10.24 7 ½ 8 41 ⅓
26.5 10.43 8 8 ½ 42
27 10.63 8 ½ 9 42 ⅔
27.5 10.83 9 9 ½ 43 ⅓
28 11.02 9 ½ 10 44
28.5 11.22 10 10 ½ 44 ⅔
29 11.42 10 ½ 11 45 ⅓
29.5 11.61 11 11½ 46
30 11.81 11½ 12 46 ⅔

Hoka Shoes Size for Women

22 8.66 3 ½ 5 36
22.5 8.86 4 5 ½ 36 ⅔
23 9.06 4 ½ 6 37 ⅓
23.5 9.25 5 6 ½ 38
24 9.45 5 ½ 7 38 ⅔
24.5 9.65 6 7 ½ 39 ⅓
25 9.84 6 ½ 8 40
25.5 10.04 7 8 ½ 40 ⅔
26 10.24 7 ½ 9 41 ⅓
26.5 10.43 8 9 ½ 42
32 12.6 13½ 15 49 ⅓
33 12.99 14 ½ 16 50 ⅔


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so Special About Hoka Shoes?

It does not only provide comfort but is also lightweight and provides ease during walking. Because it comes with a lot of cushion and support, it comes with a compressed midsole that properly supports the user. So, it is the right product if you are willing to purchase it.

Why Do Podiatrists Recommend Hoka?

Podiatrists recommend Hoka because of its highly engineered sole and comfort while walking. So, if you have any problem while walking, you should prefer wearing Hoka shoes. It will provide you with ease and comfort during your entire journey.

Why Are Hoka Shoes so Popular Now?

The main reason for its popularity is not only the cushion but also because it is lightweight and comes with breathable mesh. After testing under many circumstances, it is proven best for runners and non-runners.

Are Hoka Shoes Good for Walking?

As walking shoes must be comfortable and lightweight, you can travel easily. Hoka comes with such features, and it will allow you to walk peacefully. If you plan to purchase, you should wear Hoka shoes for walking.


Hoka shoes are good enough for runners. It comes with more cushioning and provides you ease during walking.

Above all, it comes with a lot of support and comfort during walking. So, if you have any problem with your feet, legs, or backbone, you can use Hoka shoes.

That’s it, guys; I have shared all the required information. If you still find some issues, do ask in the comment section below.

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