Are NMDs Good Running Shoes?

NMDs are the favorite pick of many people, but can we use them for running? They have wonderful designs and remarkable comfort. NMDSs are not designed for running, and the company does not advertise them as a “running fit.”

The running shoe sole should be firm enough to tolerate extreme pressure. But unfortunately, NMDs shoes can’t digest the high pressure.

In this guide, I will give a detailed review of whether NMDs are suitable for running. To get a detailed answer, don’t miss to read the entire article.

are nmds running shoes

Are NMDs Good for Running?

Shortly, Adidas NMDs are not made to use for running. Your feet will hurt if you wear them for long runs. These Adidas running shoes lack protection, support, cushioning, and traction, which are essential for runners.

On the other hand, you can wear NMD running shoes for squatting, walking, and light treadmill running. The extra protection and outstanding stabilization make them for walking.

If you want specially designed running Adidas shoes, you should go with Ultraboosts, Supernovas, or Alphabounces.

You can hang out with your friends wearing NMDs shoes, but they are not meant for running. The issue is that it can cause foot pain and discomfort.

Reasons Why Nmds Shoes Good or Not Good for Running

Adidas Nmd’s are casual wear shoes that keep you comfortable and look stylish and trendy. The retro aesthetic enhances their appearance.

Besides this, the adidas nmd r1 is good for jogging and light walks but is not suggested to wear for long runs. The thin shoe upper does not keep your foot secure, and the outsole does not offer a high grip.

NMD is the short form of the “Normad.” It is perfect for those who prefer stylish shoes for casual training but are not good for high-performance activities.

In this section, I will explain why you should not wear NMDs for running.

Unstable Midsole

The nmd sneakers are well known for their highest midsole among all Adidas shoes. It is due to the cushioning and boosts midsole technology.

For people who are unaware of the boost, it is a trademarked polymer used in various models of Adidas like Energy boost, ultra boost, and all NMDs shoes.

One drawback is that shoes lose their bounciness after wearing for a few times. NMD Adidas boost is not as good as an ultra boost. That’s why they are not ideal for running.

They can bear shocks while walking but are not good enough to tolerate harsh, high-impact activities like running. In addition to this, the shoe midsole is way too thick for running purposes.

According to a recent study, it is proved that when you run in thick shoes, it can lead to leg stiffness and injure your foot while passing through rough pavements.

Breathable but Not Secure Enough

These Adidas are sock-like sneakers that ensure comfort. They are built with 75% prime blue yarn and 50% textile. This yarn material can be recycled.

The sock-like appearance shoes are made with one piece, making them breathable. Aside from this, NMDs are light in weight.

One downside is that the upper shoe material does not give enough stability to the ankle. Your foot can easily slip from footwear while running.

The thin material is also not adequate for abrasions. The excellent running shoes keep your foot secure and prevent forming blisters.

Non-Optimal Outsole for Running

The outsole is the middle shoe surface that hits the ground. Its main purpose is to keep the footwear durable and helps to walk easily on rigorous grounds.

Soft rubber NMDs outsole offers great traction on the damper areas but does not last long on the hard grounds. So the sole has high cushioning but tears out quickly for high trail running.

For example, a normal car tire will wear out quickly on the racing track. You need high-quality tires for racing so they will last longer. The same case is with Adidas NMD shoes.

You can wear the nmds for daily walks, but they will tear out quickly for high-impact running.

Lack of Best Grip

The outsole of the specially designed running shoes is designed with a low-profile tread pattern. It is firm enough for passing on the rough pavements.

Also, running shoes with a deeper tread go well on slippery surfaces.

Sadly, nmds don’t have such outsoles. Looking at the shoe bottom carefully, you will see many hexagonal shapes that have nothing to do with the grip. It will be difficult to walk on the shoes once the tread pattern is damaged.

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the nmds running shoes:


  • Nmds were made for comfort and fit perfectly when you wear them with socks. The appearance is attractive and can match many outfits.
  • They are durable shoes if you use them for occasional wear.
  • The upper makes these shoes breathable


  • It is better to try shoes first because they don’t have perfect sizing.
  • Designed for comfort, not for durability
  • Ineffective lacing

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Nmd for Jogging?

You should not wear nmd for jogging because of their unstable midsole and lack of the best grip when you wear them outside.

What Are NMD Shoes Good For?

NMD is the kind of sneakers that are good for walking. Their lightweight and thick sole makes them perfect for walking. They are available in many colors and models.

Are NMDs Good for Standing All Day?

Yes, nmds are good for standing all day due to their comfortable midsole. Thanks to the manufacturer for making boost foam

Can I wear NMD for hiking?

You can wear NMD for hiking due to their high quality. They allow you to even walk on the terrain surfaces. Breathable upper mesh and high-level construction are ideal for hiking.


Apart from their appearance, Adidas NMDs are not considered good sneakers for walking. They are made for light workouts and comfortable walks.

It is the opinion of many people that NMDs are helpful during light walks. They are not a good choice if you are looking for trail running shoes. But you can wear them for light trails.

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