Are Stacy Adams Shoes Good?

Are Stacy Adams good quality shoes? This question comes mostly into people’s minds due to the low price of these shoes. In this post, I will give a deep review of the features of Stacy Adams shoes.

Stacy Adams is a good shoe that comes under one hundred dollars. Indeed, the leather material of these shoes is not as good as other dress shoes. These shoes are ideal if you can’t afford expensive dress boots.

After a lot of research, I will say that these shoes are well known for their reasonable price and style. Without wasting your time, let’s go!

are stacy adams shoes good

A Brief History of Stacy Adams

For how long are these shoes around us? Stacy Adams brand was established in 1875. Henry Adams and William Stacy founded this brand.

Their company is owned by the grandson of the Florsheim Shoe Company founder, Thomas Florsheim. The main reason for the low price of these shoes is that they are less popular than other shoe brands.

The good thing about them is that company has made its stores in all 50 states of the USA. Furthermore, they are even selling shoes in every province of Canada. If the price of your order is more than 75 dollars, then delivery is free.

You can order Stacy Adams dress shoes online through Amazon or Nordstrom if you live in any other country.

Style of Stacy Adams Shoes

Some of these shoes have pointed tips or ends, which do not work well for people with wide feet. But don’t worry, Stacy Adams Madison gives a classy look. Most people are obsessed with this style and don’t go out without them.

They were not designed to be worn in the bedroom but are good for the church or club. Men and women both dress formally for going club so they can wear Stacy Adams to look modern.

Quality of Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams boots are built with thin leather material. You will feel flimsy cloth by touching the tongue. The tacky lacquer finish of these shoes is similar to vinyl plastic. The downside of it is that it forms wrinkles easily.

Few buyers have reported that the leather cracked after wearing some months. Peeling of footwear was also noticed after a while.

One of the customers purchased Stacy Adams dress boots in good quality, but later, they started peeling. He also told that he wore them twice a week. First, he gave them five stars due to their high quality. His shoes wore out due to frequent use.

It is better to wear Stacy Adams slip-on dress shoes a few times a year. You can wear them to dance events or parties without spending much money.

Are you worried about the leather material?

You don’t have to worry because the thin and cheap quality of leather will not be revealed if you keep them in good condition. I suggest not wearing Stacy Adams leather shoes for the office. If you want to last them longer, then avoid wearing them often.

Besides this, there was a person whose Stacy Adams shoes lasted more than five years and still are in wearable condition. He also said that the leather material of his shoes is still in the same condition.

It means that shoes’ durability also depends on how you wear them. If you wear one pair of shoes often, they will crack. Many customers have also claimed that  Adams suede shoes go nicely with them and are more durable than leather shoes.

The Comfort of Stacy Adams Shoes

Stacy Adams sandals take a little longer to break in than other shoes. That’s why you might feel discomfort during the first few days. Moreover, the insoles are constructed with extremely thin cardboard material that makes your feet uncomfortable.

Insoles are also not good at absorbing moisture, so they are likely to melt. Along with this, the insole is stuck to the bottom of the shoes and is difficult to remove.

On the other hand, you can insert bigger size insole in them separately for a comfy experience.

Sizing and Fit of Stacy Adam Shoes

Stacy Adams chukka boots come in size range from US 6 to 16. You can also find them in half sizes that are up to 10.5. Many dress shoe brands also offer a range of widths, but Stacy Adams shoes don’t.

They are just available in wide and medium widths. It is also said that the size of the original Stacy Adams shoes is bigger than the size chart. It is better to buy half or full size smaller for better fitting.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do People Still Wear Stacy Adams?

People still wear Stacy Adams shoes. The company has not promoted its shoes for a few years and has not done any ads. They are around us but not as popular as before. The manufacturer should focus on publicity to gain more attention from people.

Who Owns Stacy Adams Shoes?

The Weyco group currently owns Stacy Adams shoes. Along with this, the Weyco group is handled by Thomas Florsheim.

Where is Stacy Adams Made?

Stacy Adams is made in Brockton, Massachusetts, and has been part of American culture since 1875. Henry L. Adams and William H. Stacy founded it.

Do Stacy Adams Shoes Run True to Size?

Stacy Adams is one size bigger than other dress shoes. If your dress shoe size is 81/2-9, order a size of 71/2 for perfect fitting.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that Stacy Adams is not a high-end shoe, but still, if you are looking for a good pair of dress shoes at a decent price, these boots are a great option.

The leather of these shoes is less durable than other shoes, so it is good to avoid wearing them frequently. Of course, proper care is needed to keep them in good condition. Thank you for sticking with me!

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