Are Vans Good for Lifting? – Here’s the Top 5 Reasons

Do my vans are good for lifting? I know this is what you are thinking.

Vans are good lifting shoes, and their price is also less than those shoes which are specially designed for weightlifting. They are the perfect choice for casual lifters but not for professional lifters. These lifting weights shoes are made for running purposes.

Not all running shoes have the capacity for training and tend to rip when we use them for workouts. Well, it is true because it also happened to me when I did strength training on my other running shoes.

Here in this post, I will tell you when to wear these vans lifting shoes and when not to.

are vans good for lifting

Are Vans Good for Lifting?

In the beginning, vans were used as skating shoes. Skaters also jump, and still their feet fall on the board. It is because of the phenomenal strength of these vans.

Most of them trust only vans shoes for skating. Now you can easily imagine why these shoes are also suitable for lifting. All because of its rigid and flat soles but I also do have many more reasons that make this footwear appropriate for the workout.

Reasons for Using Vans for Lifting

I will discuss some reasons that make the vans worthy of lifting. Here you go!

  • Zero Drop Build
  • Flat and Nonslip Sole
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight and different styles
  • High-top or Low top

1. Zero Drop Build

Vans shoes feature a zero-drop build.  If you don’t know about zero drops, then let me tell you. Zero drop build means that the height difference from the toe to the heel of the boots is zero.

This zero drop is necessary for the stability of the shoes. It is a wrong concept for people who think they need a flat sole for lifting. This is a positive factor for the lifters who prefer feeling the floor while training.

It is also an important thing in exercising and lifting weights. The more you have less arch support, the more your work will be effective. Stability is a crucial thing for bodybuilding.

2. Flat and Non-slip Sole

Flat-sole shoes do not change your posture, and keep your feet close to the ground. These shoes made this possible by providing a solid platform for weight lifting. Its surface is appropriate for squatting as push-offs are effective on a flat surface.

Even in deadlifts, its non-slip sole will not let you push against the floor surface. Its soles are harder than many other kinds of shoe soles. It means that they are firm enough to withstand the pressure. They enable you to perform complicated movements like deadlifts and squats.

Vans are not just simply routine footwear but also the best shoes for squats. Not only that, but they also increase the friction of the ground and give you a comfortable environment for training.

3. Breathable

Vans lifting shoes are made of premium quality material called plain woven fabric. They let your feet remain in one place while doing tough exercises and provide flexibility.

Its fabric makes your feet breathable, and that’s why the inner side of the shoes doesn’t get heated up. Hence they make you comfortable during workouts. All thanks to the manufacturer for making canvas gym lifting shoes.

4. Durable

Its durability is another factor that makes flat-lifting shoes worthy. Vans resist the opposite force that usually occurs when a skater jumps. Lateral seam and good quality toe box prevent the boots from ripping during exercise.

They are made up of firm and sturdy material and are good boots to lift in. Not just suitable skating shoes but also good shoes to lift in!

5. Affordable

If you are a casual lifter and don’t have the money to buy expensive lifting shoes? Looking for shoes that come at half of the price? Then Vans are the suitable option for weight lifting.

Normally, the price of lifting shoes is about 200 dollars and not everyone can afford them. I know that the motive of the vans shoes is not lifting but they work great if you don’t have enough money.

6. Multipurpose

Looking for multipurpose lifting shoes? Vans also win here.

Alongside being used as flat weightlifting shoes, vans are also used for skating and regular activities. These beautiful boots are versatile and are not limited to just one function.

As a beginner lifter, I bought vans shoes for lifting, and I adored them for their multitasking features. Sometimes I also go for a walk wearing them.

7. Lightweight and different styles

Vans are lightweight gym lifting shoes.  You will feel easy while wearing them. You will not need to adjust shoes again and again. The van’s shoes made me feel light and free in the gym. They didn’t burden my feet and time spent quickly.

These lifting-weight shoes are available in many styles. It depends on you whether you prefer laced or slip-on shoes. The interesting part is that no matter what style you choose, they are guaranteed to provide you the exceptional features.

8. High-top or Low top

Vans low-top shoes are traditionally designed and give more flexibility to the ankles. On the other hand, high-top shoe vans extend from the upper side of the ankle which helps in maintaining the body’s normal posture.

It depends on what kind of training you are going to do. Choose wisely!

When Should You Consider NOT Wearing Vans For Lifting?

We should not use vans for:

  • Professional performance
  • Lifts that require extra flexibility
  • Agility exercises
  • High Impact exercises

Professional Performance

Frankly saying, vans are not designed for weight lifting. No doubt, they work amazingly for casual and regular lifting.  Can I wear these vans for professional lifting?

They are not built for professional stunts because athletes and weightlifters need to lift heavier stuff. They need to buy special lifting shoes that fulfill all the requirements.

They provide maximum sturdiness, comfortability, flexibility, and firm soles. These shoes are pricey but if you have already thought seriously about lifting, then it is better to buy weightlifting shoes.

Lifts that Require Extra Flexibility

As I have already discussed above, vans shoes keep your feet stable, but they have less flexibility due to their firm sole. Their features are only limited to deadlifts and squats. You can’t perform other complicated and fascinating exercises on them.

One of the best examples is lunges and bending is necessary while this lift.  If you try to do this lift on the vans then not just your foot will be affected but your shoes will be also damaged as well.

Calf raises also demand bending the toes, which is not suitable with van shoes.

Agility Exercises

Agility exercises like sprints and box jumps should be avoided on the van’s footwear. We need maximum flexibility of our feet to perform this kind of stunt.

You should wear those lifting shoes that allow you to change the orientation of your feet in all directions. This is not possible while wearing vans shoes because of their sturdy nature.

High Impact Exercises

Gym boots reduce the chance of injury due to their high-quality sole. Talking about the vans, they don’t give enough ankle support for high-impact training.

In short words, you should go with shoes that give you maximum support, flexibility, and cushioning which vans can’t. This would prevent accidents and injuries. Vans are not good for high-level running.

Best Vans Lifting Shoes

Here I will talk about my two favorite vans lifting shoes. I bought these shoes three years ago and I am kind of obsessed with them. After a lot of research, I purchased them because I had to confirm their lifting features.

I often go to the gym wearing these shoes, which are still in very good condition. Without taking more time, let’s have a look at their features.

1. Vans Authentic

This is one of the most classical design models of vans when it comes to lifting. It does have all those skillful features that we look for in vans. The rubber sole of the vans authentic makes them stable and provides enough grip on the floor.

The canvas material on their upper side gives them a unique and traditional look. My feet never heat up due to the high-quality canvas even if the temperature in the gym is high.

Plus point about it is that its price is 50 dollars. It is amazing to buy such vibrant comfy shoes at a reasonable price.

  • Used for: Recreational lifting, Heavy weight training, and daily wear.
  • Design: Zero drop build
  • Sizing: True to its size and shape
  • Removable insoles: No

2. Vans Canvas Sk8-Hi

Another outstanding quality vans shoe is Vans canvas Sk8-Hi. These are high-top vans shoes that give you more ankle support than previous ones.

I like these lifting shoes for three main reasons. The sole of these shoes works wonderfully for squatting and deadlifts. The rubber sole also enables them to bend well. The top side of the canvas is better than Authentic Vans as it is a little thicker.

This makes these vans durable and perfect for skateboarding. It is also a positive factor for those people who prefer thick materials around the ankles. The last thing that I admire about it is the rubber waffle outsole.

  • Best For Bodybuilding, skating, Powerlifting, Recreational training, and Daily Wear
  • Design: Zero drop build
  • Removable Insole: No
  • Sizing: True to size

Apart from these two, there are also many best shoes for squats. I discussed only those two pairs which I wore personally in the gym workout sessions and had a great experience wearing them. There is just a little difference between them; otherwise their functionality is almost the same.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vans Ok for Weightlifting?

Vans are OK for weight lifting due to the flat and firm soles. These are one of the best shoes for squatting. They are not a better fit for professional performance.  Overall, they are appropriate for bodybuilding, recreational training, and powerlifting.

Is it Okay to Wear Vans to The Gym?

You can wear vans to the gyms if you are a casual lifter. Its reason is its tough and flat soles. They are not a good choice for professional lifters who do box jumps, lunges, and sprints.

What Vans Are Best for Lifting?

Vans old skool is one of the best vans for lifting. It is roomy and wide from the toe side. A stiff and flat sole is supportive of ankle joints. Lastly, its price is also affordable.

Should I Wear Vans to Deadlift?

The zero drop build of the vans doesn’t compress them while lifting heavy stuff. Rubber waffle outsoles provide extra grip on the ground and make these vans good for the deadlift.

Bottom Line

Vans are awesome flat weightlifting shoes that have uncompressible soles and provide a zero-drop feature at such a low price. Its robust and non-slip soles work perfectly for squatting and deadlifting.

If you want to pursue weightlifting at a high level then you should spend money on real lifting shoes. Vans are not built for lifting, its premium quality and features have made them suitable for it.

If you are a daily lifter and need reasonable price shoes for the gym then you should purchase them. Vans are good but not best for lifting.

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