Are Vans Shoes Good for Skating?

Are vans shoes great for skating? Can you trust vans to perform your skating tricks?

There are plenty of skating shoes available in the market, and vans are top-ranked skate shoes by skateboarders. Not all its models are suitable for boarding; some have more advanced features than others, making them a perfect fit.

These iconic style shoes were not meant to design for skateboarding, they just got famous among boarders due to their maximum grip and remarkable padding. Due to their extraordinary design, these high-quality footwear fit any kind of skateboard.

are vans good for skating

Can You Skate With Vans Shoes?

Vans gained popularity in the 70s and are in high competition with BMX shoes specially designed for skating. These shoes originated in America and became skating footwear due to their wonderful design.

Still, anyone wearing these shoes does not mean he is a skater. It’s just a plus point for skaters. But remember that when you wear these boots for a long time, they cause blisters.

Reasons Why Vans Are Good for Skating

Here I will discuss the top 4 reasons why vans are good for skating. All your points will be clear after reading this.

  • They have outstanding thick Uppers
  • They come with Flat soles of minimum tread
  • They are constructed with cushioning material
  • They have vulcanized sole

Outstanding Thick Uppers

This is one of the most important factors for skaters that enables them to flick on their board. The upper layer of the vans sneaker is thick enough to prevent your ankle from injury. But if we talk about shoes that have thin layers then they will not last longer than a week.

The thick layer of these boots makes them trendy and cool and thick enough to skate for some months. There might be a possibility that you will find a hole in them but you can repair that hole. Otherwise, vans skateboard shoes will be more durable and comfy.

Flat Sole of Minimal Tread

Talking about the flat sole of vans, which are crucial for boarding, you will not enjoy skating without them.

Vans comfort shoes also have flat soles that perfect for skating and casual use. The minimum tread provides extra grip to the footwear and doesn’t minimize your skating movement.

Do Other Kinds of Shoes Also Come with Flat Soles?

Not necessarily, some of them have rounded soles and others have curved soles. It is not easy to do flips on the skateboard by wearing that kind of boots. Not just that, it also disturbs the position of feet on board.

The waffle tread is not very famous but is quite popular. You have seen these treads even if you don’t know about its name. Many skater shoe brands have tried to copy its design.

Made with Cushioning Material

As vans are now well known in the world market because of their mesmerizing features. They have also released many shoe designs keeping skateboarding in their mind.

Cushioned built material can easily handle the impact of big flips and tricks. The sole that is built inside is sturdy and works well in absorbing the impacts. You can also replace the sole if you want.

But I don’t think you will ever face this problem unless you skateboard for a long time and need maximum protection for your ankles.

Vulcanized Sole

Skating shoes are built with a vulcanized sole.  “what is the meaning of the vulcanized sole.” Well, it is a rubber sole that is made by going through many chemical procedures to maximize the elasticity of shoes.

Manufacturers use sulfur to form polymer chains. When the sole is attached to the upper part of the shoe with a strip, it results in the formation of vulcanized shoes.

These soles are more durable because there is no stitching used in them. Stitching footwears are more likely to wear out.

Which Vans Shoe Models Are Good For Skating?

I am going to discuss the top five vans shoes that are good for skating.

  • Vans Sk9-Hi
  • Vans Unisex Classic shoes
  • Vans Bearcat Skate shoes
  • Vans Era skate shoes
  • Vans Embossed slip-on shoes
  • Vans skate old Skool

Vans Sk9-Hi

These shoes are specially manufactured for providing excellent grip and balance. The waffle sole is supportive for providing tractions. Aside from this, its cushioning feature provides great comfort.

They have also added an extra layer of cushioning below the heels to protect against road bumps. One of the interesting features of these high-top designed shoes is that you can also replace their laces to increase their durability.

These stylish shoes are well-balanced for performing flips and tricks. Vans Sk9-Hi shoes are available in a variety of colors.

Vans Unisex Classic Shoes

These unisex skating shoes come at a reasonable price. They are light in weight and allow you to move. Not only this, but they are also the perfect choice for performing long cruises.

These unisex low-top boots are great for those skaters who demand maximum flexibility. The padding of the shoes is a little high above the ankles to ensure your safety.

Their sleek design and low price make them the favorite of many skateboarders. There is lining on the inside of the footwear that protects them from wearing out.

Vans Bearcat Skate Shoes

These vans shoes are suitable for those people who think of skating as a hobby. They are also present in different colors like black and navy. The rigid insole and the strong base maintain the balance of footwear for performing challenging flips.

They are expensive due to their trendy design and high leveled quality. They are long-lasting shoes but might take a long duration to break in. Bearcat vans are ideal for daily routine skating.

Vans Era Skate Shoes

These boots have all those favorite aspects that skaters look for in shoes. These low-top design shoes are built with synthetic material and are waterproof.

Canvas is constructed with a double layer of stitching. This vintage style of shoes has a flat sole that makes them perfect for skate but also limits their use for other wears.

They also come with waffle soles on their base. Vans Era shoes also remain stuck to the standard sizing chart of the boots.

Vans Embossed Slip-On Shoes

These vans skate slip-on shoes are ideal for casual street riders. They do not come with laces; instead, they have a small tongue attached to other elastic parts of the footwear.

Its synthetic rubber and rigid sole protect the rider from bruises on the road. It helps you to move easily on the skateboard. Keep in mind to buy the right size of shoe as they have no laces. Large-size shoes can easily fall off your feet. These skate shoe slip-one come in many patterns.

Vans Skate Old Skool

Vans old skool skate shoe was the first shoe that has a side stripe with arch support. They are made with soft cushioning material that makes them comfortable for skating. Its unique padding design is helpful to ensure comfort.

How Much Do Vans Skate Shoes Cost?

The price of a van’s popular skate shoes ranges from 50 to 80 dollars. You can buy these shoes from their official site or Amazon. Their price is a little low on Amazon than company site.

If you purchase the best high-top skate shoes during the sale, they will be cheaper.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vans Ward Good for Skating?

Vans ward is the ideal shoe for beginner riders. They give you a good grip and many users have selected this for skating.

What Vans Are Best for Skating?

Vans old skools, Vans Sk9-Hi, Unisex vans classic shoes, Bearcat vans shoes, Vans Era shoes, and vans embossed shoes are best for skating.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Vans and Skate Vans?

Vans skate shoes can handle a lot of stress than normal ones. They are made with thicker soles for doing jump tricks. They are designed to protect riders from falling off. Normal vans don’t have thick soles and can’t absorb the impacts of flips and tricks on the sole.

Do Skaters Still Wear Vans?

Of course, skaters still wear vans due to excellent grip and a firm flat sole.  Vans skate shoe slip-ons are still very common among people.

Are High-Top Vans Good for Skating?

High-top vans protect your ankles from severe injuries.  They work amazingly for skaters but your feet might sweat due to lack of ventilation. Otherwise, vans are fine for skating.


Skateboarders started wearing vans due to their powerful grip on the board. No other shoe company was ready to design skateboarding shoes at that time except vans.

You can also wear vans other than skating. I also wear vans women’s shoes for cycling or whenever I go to KFC. You should also consider these vans for skating.

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