Are Vans Good for Walking?

Searching for breathable and flexible walking shoes?

Vans shoes offer good flexibility while walking. The flat design makes them ideal for walking. On the other hand, normal shoes don’t have a better grip and lead to problems like hammertoes, foot pains, and bunions.

Podiatrists recommend wearing vans shoes to get rid of such problems. But still, you should avoid going on long walks wearing them.

In this guide, I will discuss “are vans good for walking.” Be with me to clear all your doubts regarding vans.

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are vans good for walking

What Are Vans Shoes Good For?

Vans are built for athletes, and the rubber sole is good for snowboarding. Additionally, vans shoes are ideal for weightlifting, bicycling, and surfing.

Vans as Running Shoes

They are advertised as vans running shoes and have various features that are perfect to fit all the requirements.

Features of Good Running Shoes

  • The most important thing is comfort, and the other is cushioning that prevents the joints from high impact.
  • Heel-to-toe support is essential to help the foot move independently, and good running footwear enables you to move normally.

The vans are made well and have lightweight, outstanding cushioning, rubber soles, and mesh fabric.

Vans as Weightlifting Shoes

Vans are not the best option for lifters. But indeed it is a good choice. Let’s have a look at the features of ideal weightlifting footwear:

Features of Good Weightlifting Shoes

  • They come with a flat sole and are bulkier than normal shoes.
  • These shoes are non-compressible and have raised heels. Moreover, the shoe material is also hard.

Besides this, vans have earned their name as good weightlifting shoes. They are not as popular as some other shoes, but their flat sole is a positive factor for lifters.

Vans as Hiking Shoes

The following are the requirements for hiking shoes:

Features of Good Hiking Shoes

  • Hiking boots are breathable because blisters will form on our feet without them.
  • They are lightweight because it is difficult to carry extra weight while hiking.
  • Hiking shoes are long-lasting and offer better grip and arch support.

In addition to this, wearing running shoes for hiking is a big mistake. If you go on casual hiking, vans are good, but you should not try them for long hikes.

The reason is that vans do not provide adequate traction and lack durability. They can wear out anytime on hiking. So it is quite risky.

Are Vans Good Walking Shoes?

Vans shoes work amazingly for walking. These shoes have a flat design, better grip, and flexible and breathable upper, which makes them good for walking.

The canvas shoe material is not breathable; you can get blisters if you wear them for long walks. But vans are surprisingly good for short walks because they need minimal support.

On the other hand, long walks require extra protection and support. Wearing vans for a longer period can cause foot strain.

Overall, you should go for vans for a short period of walks. They will not disappoint you.

Features of Good Walking Shoes

To answer your question, it is important to deeply examine the features of good walking shoes. Next, we will compare the qualities with vans and analyze “do vans match the criteria of good walking shoes.”

It is said that good walking shoes are made differently than regular ones. I have listed the features of the best walking shoes. Here they are:

Tendon Protectors

This feature is beneficial in reducing the stress on the backside of the heel. In this way, your tendon will be protected while walking.

Padded Heel Collar

Best walking shoes come with padded heel collars that cushion the ankle and protect your feet from sliding.

Furthermore, it makes your feet comfortable on long walks and prevents discomfort.

Breathable Uppers

Upper is normally constructed with synthetic, leather, or mesh material that keeps your foot in one place.

The upper material must be breathable to reduce sweat. These uppers will not cause a bad odor even if you walk for many hours.

Removable Insoles

The good thing about the insole is that it offers arch support. The ideal pair of walking shoes have a removable insole, so you can replace them whenever you want.

Sufficient Traction

Outsoles are located on shoe bottoms that offer traction on the surface. Good walking shoes give an excellent level of traction on the ground.

Well Cushioned Midsoles

If midsoles are cushioned, then they secure your foot in one place and minimize the impacts. So, walking footwear’s midsole is either built with gel or foam, giving impressive comfort.

Toe Box

This feature is not necessary but protects your foot from calluses by offering good toe space. Nobody likes to wear shoes that hurt his foot and cause pain.

These features minimize the chance of your foot getting hurt and prevent tiredness.

Pros & Cons of Vans Shoes

As we have discussed all the features of good walking shoes, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the vans.


  • Vans are made with a comfy material that allows you to walk easily
  • Moreover, vans boots have ribbed rubber outsole that provides impressive grip on the ground
  • Rubber sole increase their versatility and make them suitable for bicycling and surfing
  • The shoe fabric is light in weight and offers ventilation to your foot
  • Aside from this, the canvas shoe material is not as good as mesh for walking. It can tear apart easily.
  • They are available in many styles like high tops, mid tops, sandals, slip-ons, and low tops.
  • Thankfully, they can be styled with any outfit. You can even wear them for prom. They will not go wrong.


  • Vans do not come with tendon protectors and lack a toe box. Tendon protectors are essential to provide support to the feet.
  • They do not include gel or foam midsoles that help to keep your foot in one place.

How Long Do Vans Last for Walking?

Vans can last for at least two years. If you properly care for them, they can last more than three years.

The shoe’s durability also depends on the material used in its construction. Regular walking shoes built with low-quality materials can be ruined in a year. Some shoes cause foot pain and last less than a few months. So, material matters when we talk about durability.

Besides this, vans walking shoes are made with excellent quality material that offers the service for years. Also, it provides the desired comfort to its wearers. You don’t have to buy a new pair of walking shoes yearly.

Above all, if you use the proper cleaning method to remove the dirt and grime from the vans, these shoes will last a few years. Do not use harsh cleaning agents; use a soft brush to avoid damage.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vans Good for Foot Health?

Vans can cause foot, back, or knee pain if you wear them for longer. The reason is their flat surface that hurts your feet. If you wear them carefully, you will not face any health issues.

Do Vans Have Good Arch Support?

The arch support of the vans is not advertised on the package, but they do have it. It also depends on the type of model you select.

Only a few vans have arch support, like vans double straps sneakers; vans comfyCush old skool sneakers, Vans unisex classic, vans men’s bearcat, vans low top sneakers, and vans low top trainers are the famous ones.

Are Vans comfortable for standing all day?

Vans are comfortable for standing all day if you pick the right shoe pair. Not all the models are good enough for standing the entire day. Comfycush old skool, kyle walker pro 2, and UltrarangeEXO are the best-standing vans sneakers for men and women all the time.

Is It Good to Wear Vans for Leg Day?

Vans are good for leg day, without a doubt. The wide open space of vans makes them suitable for a leg day. You can do many workouts in vans, like weightlifting and squatting.


Vans shoes have mostly received positive customer feedback and gained huge popularity. Luckily, vans do well for normal walks but are not recommended for long walks.

I have tried my best to give you all the information related to vans walking shoes, and hopefully, all your doubts are cleared. But still, if there is confusion, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section because I will respond.

Vans last longer as long as you maintain them properly. Happy reading!

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