Benefits of Running Compression Socks: Should You Wear?

Are you complaining about swollen legs and cramps due to running?

As a runner, you must know the struggle behind Popped veins and leg cramps, but you can not quit running due to these strands. If you are experiencing swollen legs after running for at least half an hour without any pain, they are normal.

However, if those swollen legs have started hurting you, time to take speedy action. If I tell you the solution to this major problem, it would be ‘running compression socks’ worn by all the runners and people involved in different sports activities.

Do you want to know the details? Today’s guide is about these compression socks, their types, and their benefits. Stay connected.

benefits of running compression socks

What Are Compression Socks?

If you are an athlete, you surely have heard about them before, but for many people, it is a new term. Compression socks, also known as stocking, saves you from numerous venous disorders.

Sometimes the blood doesn’t circulate on the lower leg’s half, so the doctor suggests wearing these socks. If constant running has caused swelling on your legs or you feel your legs weigh more than normal, these socks can be your biggest blessing.

Are you wondering how these socks help deal with all the swelling and cramps? We have got you covered.

These socks give comprehensive support to your legs, so there is no fluid buildup. It also helps circulate blood and lets oxygen travel to all the tissues. Sometimes blood doesn’t circulate properly, and clots tend to appear.

If the issue is minor, doctors propose wearing these socks. However, if the issue is major, you get the operation done, after which you have to wear these socks so it doesn’t happen again.

Inevitably it is a blessing both for runners and athletes. My brother, an athlete, never forgets to wear them to keep away from different affairs.

Different Types of Running Compression Socks

It is essential to know all three types of socks so you can get the required one. Let me explain each type for your ease.

Graduated Compression Socks

If your lower leg has swollen for whatever reason and you want full ankle support, this stocking is the best thing you can have.

In this type of stocking, the maximum pressure is on the ankle side, and the constraint decreases while reaching the top. Normally doctors specify them due to any medical reason.

While running, if you have mistakenly fallen and hurt your lower leg, these socks can heal you. Sometimes, the blood doesn’t circulate on the lower side due to fluid buildup, so these socks will help you deal with it. Besides this, doctors will guide you on why one should have them.

Nonmedical Support Hosiery

Here is the second type that is also designed for a certain cause. You do not need any medical issues to wear these socks as they can be used for tiring legs.

You won’t feel much pressure because they only heal exhausted legs due to continuous exercise or running.

As the name defines, they are non-medical, so you can always have them in your wardrobe. For athletes, it is worth recommending because they often complain about tiring and swollen legs.

Anti-Embolism Stockings

Now I will explain the third and the last type. If you work where you have to stand for maximum hours or keep running all day, I recommend you not to miss these socks because they reduce the chances of blood clots.

Blood clots in the legs occur when you have to stand for many hours. Moreover, if you are just done with the leg surgery, doctors suggest these stockings so you can recover quickly. It is also a great choice for immobile.

Benefits of Running Compression Socks

I am sure you are convinced enough to buy these socks but wait, it doesn’t matter how good a particular product is; never rush before knowing everything.

I have collected a few worth mentioning traits of these socks to give you a better idea. Do you want to read about running compression socks benefits? Let’s check them below.

1. It Increases Circulation

Do you know how threatening it is when the blood doesn’t circulate efficiently in your body? It lets every organ function properly, makes your brain keen, and lets you heal any wound quickly.

Similarly, circulation in the legs is equally important. Though the heart is the main organ that helps in blood circulation the muscles on the lower side of the legs also serve some purpose in blood circulation.

Hence, those muscles must keep functioning accurately. I think it is one of the leading advantages of compression stockings.

2. It Reduces Swelling

Are you experiencing leg swelling due to continuous running or any heavy exercise? It normally happens, especially with athletes.

The simplest solution is to wear these socks to get rid of swollen legs and ankles. My friend used to wear them when she participated in a running competition.

3. It Makes the Lymphatic System Effective

Sometimes a medical treatment affects your lymphatic system, due to which swelling occurs on your legs and ankles. However, these stockings are the best cure to escape this mess. This process is known as lymphatic system massage.

4. It Escapes Blood Clots

No proper blood circulation is linked to blood clots, and you can deal with both problems simply by wearing these socks. Blood clots occur when there is improper blood flow, or you have to stand for maximum hours daily. Numerous other reasons are also involved in this process.

It can also be because of any recent injury where you are almost on bed rest and unable to move your legs freely. However, if you have these stockings, you can escape because these socks put pressure on your legs and enhance blood flow.

5. It Removes Pain

If your legs keep hurting due to different sports activities or you are a professional runner, these socks will give you massive benefits. You can perform any activity while wearing them and forget leg swelling and pain.

Moreover, you can have them if you sit longer in the workplace. In short, you can call them recovery compression socks.

Let me share a few essential situations where people should wear them if they want to fight in different situations.


I have said before that these socks are blessings for athletes because they often complain about leg aches and swellings. Do you know you can also wear them on your arms?

A lot of arm movement is involved in athletes, so blood circulation should be accurate in every part of your body. If you know any athletes, suggest them wear these stockings.

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women also complain about swollen legs, so they can use these socks for effective results. I have seen many women recovering from swelling problems after wearing these magical socks.

Good for Immobile People

If you know someone who is in a wheelchair, suggest these socks because they stop swelling and improve blood circulation. Moreover, a person on bed rest can also wear them to recover quickly.

These socks’ benefits will not end because they help people in numerous ways. I have seen many people appreciating these stockings after experiencing so I can confidently say they surely do wonders.

Wearing Compression Stockings While Running

Runner’s job is not easy because they have to cover maximum distance and deal with numerous leg and ankle pain, swelling, etc.

It doesn’t matter how professional a runner you are; you will face such a situation at any stage of your career. So what is the solution? We have discussed in the entire article that these compression socks are the best thing that happened to them.

Yes, you should wear them throughout but in winter, you get additional benefits because they keep your legs warm, and it is what a runner and an athlete need the most in chilly weather.

Apart from successfully performing all the sports activities, it is also great for recovering from an injury. It makes the recovery procedure quick, so go ahead.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here we are at our favorite part of this article i.e FAQs. We have collected a few questions about these pressure socks. Let’s answer them.

When Should a Runner Wear These Socks?

A runner can always wear them, but it is essential to put them on during running. These socks keep the legs warm and help in the circulation of blood.

Do All Pro Runners Wear These Running Compression Socks?

You surely have noticed all the pro runners wearing something on their legs; they are running compression socks. They escape leg swelling and pain despite running for several hours.

What Are the Disadvantages of These Stockings?

One of the major drawbacks is the price, as many people consider it more costly than other socks. The advantages it gives everyone can come at a cheap rate.

Moreover, You are always doubtful about whether to buy them because of the limited information on the internet.

Should You Wear These Socks During Marathon?

These running compression socks give every support a runner needs, so yes, it is a great choice for Marathon races.

How Do Compression Socks Prevent Fluid Buildup?

Fluid is built when your leg organs don’t get enough blood circulation. One of the major reasons why people wear these socks is to enhance circulation. When every leg organ gets blood circulation, the chances of fluid buildup decrease.

Final Words

I know these socks are completely new for many people as they have never heard about them before. Unfortunately, you can not search for enough information on the internet, so many people doubt whether they are safe.

Let me clear that these socks don’t cure you 100%, but they do make a difference. One of my friends wears them daily as she actively participates in different sports activities, including racing.

I recommend you try them because there is no major drawback. I hope my guide will help someone dealing with leg issues.

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