Can I Wear Wide Fit Shoes with Normal Feet?

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes, but they turned out unfit on your feet?

You instantly think it is the manufacturer’s fault or you have mistakenly bought the wrong size, but the issue is something else. Every person has a different foot shape, and not everyone can wear every shoe type.

Do you know that the wrong pair of shoes can invite a lot of issues, including back pain problems? For this purpose, you need a professional’s help who can better advise you on which shoe would apt on your foot. Keep reading to know some gripping facts.

can i wear wide fit shoes with normal feet

Can I Wear Wide Fit Shoes with Normal Feet?

Many people do not realize that wearing the wrong shape of shoes can cost you in the future. If you have a normal foot, you must wear standard shoes to escape numerous issues.

So, if you are curious whether you can get wide shoes on your normal feet, the simplest answer is no.’ It is better to go for the standard option.

However, the debate does not end here because I will explain this point in detail so you can acknowledge this outline. Remember the below elements the next time you buy a new pair of shoes.

1. Foot Shape Matters

I am sure 10 out of 2 or 3 people do not examine the shape before shopping for new shoes. Isn’t it rightly said? Here the trouble arises, and you won’t even notice it.

How narrow or wide your feet are depended on the toe shape because all the complications come when your toe doesn’t fit into the shoe.

Hence, buying new shoes without viewing your foot shape will be an unwelcome conclusion.

2. Buying an Incorrect Shoe

I know many people take this point lightly without realizing what consequences they will face in the future. The effort you do or the pressure required to wear fitted shoes can cost different troubles, including knee pain or back pain, and it can also be long-lasting.

Isn’t it frightening that your little ignorance can cause serious complications? To me, it is a highly vital point that should never be disregarded.

3. Keep Foot Size in Mind

Do not pick the size that is tightly fitted on your foot. It is always preferable to go for the one that is one size large so you are comfortable walking without bearing any extra force.

4. Check Your Weight

It sounds unnatural, but it’s a fact that your weight also has a big role in this matter. If you are normal, you are good to go, but if you are under or overweight, it will affect your foot.

5. Shoe Size Grows with Age

There is no doubt that as you age, your shoe size also enlarges. Keep a proper record so you won’t get wrong and purchase the wrong size. Besides that, you can also get your foot measurements in the store to find the needed product.

These are some convenient and helpful points you should memorize to obtain the right shoe for your standard feet.

Difference Between Regular and Wide Shoes

The simplest way to understand both shoe terms is that the length measurement of both shoes is identical, but talking about the toe box and forefoot measurement, wide shoes are one step ahead of a regular one.

Never mistake dressing and sports shoes of the same size because both differ in length. For instance, if you use 8-size dressing room shoes, you should wear 9 or 9.5 running/sports shoes. It is how it functions.

You need extra room in your shoes during sports, so you do not apply excessive pressure. That’s why your sports shoes are always 1 or 1.5 sizes larger than the usual ones.

Negative Impact of Wide fit Shoes

You might benefit from wearing wide-fit shoes if you have normal feet, but one can not ignore all the disadvantages you will invite. Here I have made a list to remind all who are making this error and don’t know the consequences.

1. Natural Stride Impact

Natural stride depicts your running posture while you are barefoot. If you forcefully wear wide-fit shoes, it will surely impact your natural stride negatively.

If you have normal feet, you should never opt for such shoes so that your natural stride doesn’t get affected. It is the foremost negative point that needs special attention.

2. Foot Corn

Those who have dealt with foot corn know how unpleasant an experience it provides you with.

It is a thick layer you acquire when your foot toe applies a lot of pressure while running, and it occurs when you do not choose the right pair of shoes. No one likes to experience this, so you better take precautions earlier.

3. Bad for Athletes

Are you an athlete, and you are making a similar mistake? Stop before it affects your performance. When an athlete wears shoes that are not fit, he will put in additional effort, which will surely affect his skill and performance.

4. Foot Pain

It is a normal and obvious negative point that everyone already realizes. You might get foot pain, blisters, or other alarming issues, so you better quit.

Positive Impact of wearing the right shoes

You have read all the negative impacts; now let me show you some positive impacts that show why you must wear the right shoes.

1. You do not experience pain

If you wear the right shoes, you will never complain about back pain and knee pain that usually occurs when you wear fitted shoes. You can walk and run comfortably in the correct size of shoes. Isn’t it relaxing?

2. Escape from Injuries

It is the most significant feature you acquire with the right shoes pair. Improper size shoes give a lot of injuries that can be alarming as well.

Wear the right shoes so you can fully protect yourself. The most common injury people usually experience is plantar fasciitis which affects your heel tissues.

3. It looks Attractive

Imagine wearing too loose or tight shoes at a party or during a long walk. Wouldn’t it look awful? Yes, it will. Hence, always choose the right shoes that look pretty on your feet.

4. It Makes you Convenient

Shoes can make you extremely tired and provide you with full convenience. It all depends on what you are wearing.

Wearing extra wide shoes at a party will badly impact your personality while wearing fitted shoes during a walk gives you discomfort. Hence, if you select the correct size, you will never be uncomfortable.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still stuck over some point and trying to get more explanation? No worries, we have a few more points to cover, so you understand the point properly.

What is the Estimated Difference Between Normal and Wide Shoes?

There is hardly a difference of a few inches, but those few inches depict the comfort level. Wider shoes have more space on the toe side, so no one has to apply pressure, which gives immense relief.

This difference is essential to note to get your hands on the correct shoe according to your foot shape and size.

What Are the Impacts of Wearing Wider Shoes?

There is no harm in wearing wider shoes if they go best with your foot shape. However, it is inaccurate to wear them forcefully because it results in foot pain, blisters, foot corn, improper posture, poor athlete performance, etc. Be aware of all those negative terms.

How Much Do I Size Down if I Have Wide Shoes?

It depends on your foot shape. For example, if your feet are narrow, it is better to reduce the size by half an inch. Your comfort and ease should count first.

Are Normal Shoes Go Well with Wide Feet?

You have to examine the comfort level first. If you are not bothered with normal shoes, go ahead. Normally we have seen people showing their satisfaction after wearing wide shoes during long walks.

Should Your Toes Be Touching the Shoe’s End?

There should be an approximate distance of 1/2″ when you try the shoes at the store so you can move easily. If the foot toe touches the shoe end, you will feel discomfort while walking.


I hope the problem regarding extra wide women’s shoes or men’s shoes has been resolved. You might have heard that shoes are the most important part of your personality. If you wear the right one, you can convey a positive image.

Firstly, knowing your foot type and size is vital to proceed further. We have also discussed why it is essential to have the right pair of shoes; otherwise, what problems will occur in case you do not follow the precautions?

If you are unsure which running shoes for wide feet will go best or the right ladies wide foot shoes, ask us, and we will get back to you.

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