Can Nurses Wear Crocs? – Know the Facts

Are you a nurse who is concerned about the comfort of her feet? Or maybe you want to know if crocs are suitable to wear in the hospital?

Some nurses prefer wearing crocs in the hospital. You should consider multiple factors before deciding to wear crocs or not. The design of the crocs is also a significant factor, and not all hospital facilities permit their staff to wear crocs.

In this post, I will cover “can nurses wear crocs at work?” and different factors that affect comfort. To get more information, keep reading it!

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Can Nurses Wear Crocs?

Most hospitals allow shoes that cover the feet completely. The reason is that chances of injury maximize by wearing open-toe and open-heel shoes.

Moreover, the crocs provide thick midsoles that are effective for smooth walking and absorbing shocks. It is better to ask healthcare faculty before buying crocs.

In short, most healthcare departments do not favor wearing crocs at work. But many faculties consider wearing clogs because they provide suitable protection.

If you are searching for comfortable and stylish shoes, then crocs are great for you.

Do Nurses Wear Socks with Crocs?

Wearing socks with crocs offers less ventilation normally; nurses work 10 to 12 hours, so they must keep their feet relaxed. There are still people out there who hope to wear socks with Crocs.

Therefore, it is only a person’s choice to wear socks. If they feel comfortable in socks there is no problem at all. It is the most frequently asked question, and people debate about it a lot.

Some nurses think that it looks odd to wear socks with Crocs. On the other hand, some think that socks provide extra comfort to their feet. Some people’s point of view is that socks make a person look old.

In addition to this, crocs were created to be on boards. The reason is that these shoes are waterproof and resistant to slip, and shoes also provide ventilation and enable the water to move out.

Some people think you can wear whatever you want as long as you are comfortable. Nurses know very well how necessary it is to buy comfortable shoes.

Some nurses don’t like to wear socks because they think it is against the fashion trend. While some nurses with sweaty feet prefer wearing socks with crocs. Socks eliminate sweat and prevent bacteria and fungus growth.

Why Do Nurses Prefer Wearing Crocs?

Let’s discuss the most common reason nurses like to wear Crocs in the hospital.

  • Easy to clean
  • Offer support and softness
  • Protect feet from sharp objects
  • Waterproof
  • Slip Resistant
  • Ventilation
  • Durability
  • Have no laces
  • Have zero seam
  • Convenient to slip on

Easy to Clean

You might think that it is difficult to clean crocs due to their holes, but it is not true. Crocs are built with rubber that is easy to scrub and can be derived quickly.

You can clean Crocs by tossing them in the washing machine or using soapy water. You can contrast your crocs with your outfit because they are available in numerous colors and styles.

The design material of the Crocs is not just light in weight but also long-lasting. You can easily carry these shoes in your backpack when you are going on a trip.

Offer Support and Softness

When you stand all day in the hospital, it is important to purchase durable crocs. They protect your back from strain by providing adequate support to your ankles and feet. Supportive pair of shoes can be worn for a longer time.

Most nurses prefer crocs as they provide comfort, support, and durability to feet. These features are essential if you have to stand all day at work. The amazing feature of crocs is that built holes drain the water from them.

You can stretch them easily due to their unique design. The material used in the construction of crocs is environmentally friendly. My favorite part about crocs is that they can be recycled almost nine times.

Protect Feet from Sharp Objects

A sharp object can easily damage the canvas fabric. On the other hand, rubber shoe material does not let this happen. These objects ruin the shoes and can even injure your feet.

You can’t treat patients if you are injured and need help yourself. The holes manufactured in the clogs or crocs are beneficial in keeping the water and sharp rocks out of the shoes. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of stepping on sharp items.


Crocs are made to wear in various environments and all kinds of weather. Crocs last longer and are waterproof so that they can withstand different weather.

Furthermore, the closed-toe design prevents water from entering the shoes. The antibacterial feature of the crocs protects them from odor-causing bacteria.

As you have to clean the patient’s room, it is necessary to buy waterproof shoes. Nonresistant shoes do not last long in such a kind of environment.

Remember that crocs are not built with water-resistant material, but the good thing is that they are still waterproof.

Slip Resistant

The rubber material of crocs nursing shoes or clogs has a slip-resistant feature. It lets you deal with the situation well. We cannot deny that a hospital is not a place that anyone desires to go to. Patients lost a lot of blood there. The chances of slipping from such floors are higher than usual.

Sometimes you have to run quickly in an emergency, so you must wear slip-resistant shoes to avoid injury. Thankfully, crocs are perfect for this purpose.


When you work in the hospital, the risk of fungal infection gets higher. Wearing closed-toe shoes make your feet sweaty. You can do your work comfortably if you don’t face the problem of sweaty feet.

The holes in the comfortable crocs shoes make them ideal for wearing in the hospital. They provide proper ventilation to your feet and eliminate the bad smell from them.

Not only this, these holes let you clean crocs shoes easily. Apart from this, cushioned sole keeps the feet relaxed and does not cause pain. It also protects feet from sweating by offering a cool environment.


Compared to many other shoes, crocs are durable and offer great value for your money. You will not regret spending money on them.

There are various types of crocs like Surf, Clog and Clog Lites, and many others. You can wear them even in the swimming pool because they are waterproof.

They are great for those with flat feet and those working in a wet environment. They come at a reasonable price and maintain their original shape. The crocs do not allow fungus or bacteria to enter.

Have No Laces

One of the most convenient features is that they do not have laces. It protects you from tripping, and you don’t have to take tension about shoe fitting. There is no in-between whether they are fit for you or not.

You don’t have to spend your time tieing the shoes. For example, if you fell asleep in a hospital and an emergency came.

It will take some time to wear shoes with laces and crocs protect you from this. As a nurse, you know how important it is to do your work quickly. It is a matter of someone’s life.

Have zero seam

Shoes that have no seams, so they are less likely to cause infections. You can manually clean them in the washing machine or with an effective cleaning agent.

Nurses have to spend much time in the hospital, so shoes with no seams and no laces work perfectly for them.

Convenient to Slip On

As I have already told you, crocs are easy to take off or on. It saves a lot of time for nurses to focus on their patients.

Another benefit of Crocs for nurses is that they come cheaply. These pair of crocs are easily available even in the medical store.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crocs a Good Nursing Shoe?

Crocs are good nursing shoes due to their unique features. Nurses can wear these shoes if their feet sweat a lot. If you are looking for a supportive pair of shoes to work in the hospital, they are great.

Can You Wear Crocs in Scrubs?

Pharmacists, medical staff, and surgeons are with scrubs in the hospital. To keep their feet safe, they wear crocs with them.

Why Do Hospital Staff Wear Crocs?

Hospital staff wear crocs because they are easy to clean, provide support, are comfortable, provide ventilation, have no laces, and help reduce stress.

What Do Doctors Say About Crocs?

Different doctors have different opinions. If you have foot problems, it is better not to wear them. The reason is that they are not specially made to be used in the hospital but can be worn due to their unique features.


The right type of shoes offers stability, cushioning, and support when you work as a nurse. Crocs are good at providing comfort.

But first, you should find out whether crocs are allowed in your hospital. If they are allowed, you can wear them for a better experience. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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