Can Women Wear Mens Shoes? – Must Know Facts

Are you looking for the perfect shoes for the wider feet of women? Are you confused or have a question in your mind that can women wear mens shoes?

You might have noticed that in footwear stores, men’s and women’s shoes are much more different. While shopping, most women with wider feet go to the men’s section because they don’t find the perfect size in the ladies section.

Many females are not fond of ladies’ fancy colors like purple, pink, etc., so they choose men’s ones because they mostly come with simple and graceful shades.

In this article, we will discuss whether women can wear men’s shoes.

can women wear mens shoes

Can Women Wear Mens Shoes?

When you visit the market to purchase shoes, you will see that all the footwear is divided into three segments; men’s, women’s, and children’s.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to buy shoes from a specific section according to your gender; you can choose any footwear from anywhere, and no one will stop you.

Usually, women select shoes from men’s footwear for several reasons. The biggest reason females pick gent’s size is that they have wider feet, and the relevant size is not available in the lady’s section.

Women with wider feet face this problem when the largest size shoes in the female’s shoe section don’t fit on their feet. Besides this, there are many other reasons that ladies buy men’s shoes; the main thing is to get footwear that is perfect according to your needs.

Convert Men’s to Women’s Shoe Size

You must know how the sizing works before choosing men’s shoes. In general, the gent’s footwear size is half larger compared to females. For example, if you normally wear women’s size nine shoes, you will select men’s 7.5.

Gent’s to ladies’ shoe size conversion chart is given below.

Shoe Sizes (US)

Gents Ladies
5 6.5
5.5 7
6 7.5
6.5 8
7 8.5
7.5 9
8 9.5
8.5 10
9 10.5
9.5 11
10 11.5

How Men’s and Women’s Shoes are Different?

However, gents can use ladies’ shoes, and ladies can use gents, but you must understand their differences before doing so. You must also understand that these differences can affect your comfort.

The most common difference between these shoes is their color and appearance. Many other things are also different, which are given below.

1. The Fit

The basic rule about wearing shoes is that they must be comfortable and provide support, whether men’s or women’s. Ladies’ feet are generally narrower than gents, so men’s shoe size is larger.

Sometimes this rule doesn’t work because most women have wider feet and many men have thinner feet. In such cases, men may relax in female footwear, and women may get a proper fit in men’s shoes.

Therefore, before leaving the shoe store, check them thoroughly to make sure that they are comfortable.

2. The Shape

Comparing men’s footwear with women’s, we get that they are also very different in shape. It has been studied that the feet of gents are wider and well-developed.

One major difference between men’s and women’s shoes is their shape. Gent’s footwear is wider; however, ladies’ shoes are narrower.

Furthermore, in the heel area, men’s shoes have a wider shape, but women’s shoes have a narrower shape. The main reasons ladies’ shoes are thinner in the heel area are to prevent wear and tear and provide support.

While choosing shoes at the time of purchase, consider this factor to prevent foot problems later.

3. The Q -Angle

The hip is also the main thing that affects the shape of the feet. If the hip is wide, the Q-angle will also be wide. Thus, people with wider Q-angle need more support for pronation.

Pronation is the movement of your foot to absorb the shock when it hits the ground. Therefore, you must keep this in mind while buying men’s shoes because they don’t have appropriate pronation support.

Most manufacturers use a special type of material in women’s shoes sole to make them more comfortable.

4. The Weight

Weight is another difference between men’s and women’s shoes. It is considered that gents have more weight than ladies, so their shoes are also made heavier than ladies’ footwear.

To bear more weight, men’s shoes sole is made heavier. On the other hand, women’s shoes are made more lightweight and soft to withstand less weight.

5. Color and Appearance

Color and appearance is the last factor in differentiating men’s and women’s shoes. Gent’s shoes have dark and primary shades, while ladies’ shoes have loud colors.

Things to Consider Before Women Wear Mens Shoes

Undoubtedly, women can use men’s shoes, but you should consider many things before buying them.


If you are going to choose men’s shoes, it is the most important thing to consider. Every company has its own fitting and sizing. However, the general rule is that the ladies’ shoes are 1.5 – 2 points less compared to the gents.

Thus, if a woman wears US 7 footwear, US 5 or 5.5 in men’s shoe size will be fine to select. Some companies don’t make shoes in half sizes, so you can choose two sizes down in such cases.

When purchasing them, it is very important to wear them and walk a little to make sure that they fit nicely on your feet and look fine. If you have to use the shoes for the whole day, then they must be properly fit.

Structural Difference and Arch Support

There is a belief among many people that ladies’ feet are the smaller version of gent’s ones. But this is false.

Women’s body structure is different from men’s in the following ways:

  • The pelvic region of women is wide.
  • The key reason for wearing pointed heels is that women have smaller legs.
  • The Q-angle from the hip to knee area is larger.

These are the reasons ladies pronate more, so they need more arch support to prevent the ankles from rolling inward. The ligaments of the female’s foot are more flexible and have more ankle mobility.

The men’s and women’s foot shapes have been compared. So, according to that study, the length of men’s foot’s ball and heel area is larger. Furthermore, the widths of different regions like the heel, instep, and foot’s ball are also larger.

However, the height of the instep area is more on ladies’ feet. This shows that the arch of female feet is higher compared to male.

Besides, research was led to analyze the shape of the male and female feet to manufacture the appropriate shoes. This research was done by picking 26 different left and right feet sizes.

These measurements showed that, compared to gents’ feet, ladies had thinner toes and smaller instep circumferences at the same foot length.

Talk to your general consultant or local doctor for guidance and help if you have any other worries about wearing the shoe.

Avoid wearing such footwear that doesn’t fit on your feet appropriately. They can create severe problems and result in permanent foot and ankle injuries.


Due to sturdier muscles and more steadied posture, men’s feet are strong enough to withstand the influence. However, women have delicate muscles and greater angles between knees and hips.

This can hurt the knees because the posture of the females has to be affected by the ligaments, which are not stronger than males.

This is the reason that women need footwear that is specially made for women; they have structural arch support and more softening to reduce the impact on knees.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ladies Use Men’s Running Shoes?

Men’s running shoes have thicker heels and wider toes, so women should avoid buying men’s footwear because they will be larger for them. When the toes are extremely wide, this means they will not fit appropriately on the feet.

Are Women’s Shoes Narrower than Men’s?

The width is a major difference between men’s and women’s shoes. Commonly, males’ footwear is larger and wider compared to females. Wider feet gents should purchase wider shoes. The additional width should be balanced with the shoe size.

What is the Difference Between Gents’ and Ladies’ Shoes?

The biggest difference between male and female shoes is their shape. Female running shoes are wider on the forefoot and thinner at the heel.

What is the Female’s Shoe Size 7 in The Gent’s Size?

If a woman has to buy men’s shoes due to some reason, first check its female size. If a lady wears size seven shoes, she should select size 5.5 in men’s footwear.

Are Men’s Shoes Unisex?

The sizing of unisex shoes is the same as men’s sizing. However, women should choose 2 points lower compared to their normal size. For example, for size 7 of unisex shoes, men’s size will be the same but women should choose size 9.

Final Thoughts

Most women have wider feet and don’t find the right size in female shoes while shopping or many ladies don’t like the pink, purple, or bright colors of women’s footwear. So women choose to wear mens shoes.

Women can buy any men’s shoes if they fit, but remember to select the female size. Wearing the wrong size of footwear will create foot problems, and walking in them will be uncomfortable.

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