Can You Put Two Insoles in Shoes? – 2023 Guide

Do you want to know whether the comfort of the shoes can be increased by putting two insoles in them? Will they cause any uneasiness?

Many insoles are available to protect feet from fatigue and provide extra padding. Therefore, most people use two shoe inserts to increase comfort. They are also used when the size of footwear does not fit you.

However, you have to look carefully so that the shoe inserts do not slip and properly come above the footbed of the shoes. Make sure the shoes are bigger so that two insoles can fit correctly.

In this article, we will discuss whether you can put two insoles in shoes.

can you put two insoles in shoes

Is this Possible to Wear Two Insoles in Shoes?

Wearing two insoles in your shoes is not harmful to your feet; you can use them. They are used when the footwear is very large and do not fit properly on your feet.

In such a case, you can fix the issue by inserting the extra insoles so you will not need to replace the footwear. However, orthotic insoles are strongly recommended if you are looking for something to increase the comfort of your shoes.

These are a special type of inserts used in case of foot injuries and diseases. These orthotic inserts increase cushioning with their enhanced comfort.

Arch support inserts are used to provide relaxation in case of high arches and illness. They also offer softness for the foot joints. If the current insole of the shoes is flat, you can put these inserts to fix the issue.

What is the Reason for Adding Two Insoles in Shoes?

There are some reasons that most people wear two insoles in their shoes. Some of them are given below.

1. Add Extra Cushioning and Support

We know that insoles are an important part of any shoe. So, to put another shoe pad above it, the previous one should be in proper shape. Otherwise, the situation will get worsen.

If any injury occurs on your feet, you must provide additional arch support and padding to increase the recovery time and prevent further pain. So you can achieve this by placing two insoles in the shoes.

The pressure these two shoe pads apply to your feet is equal, and these inserts absorb the applied force, too. The reason is that when stress occurs at the same point for a long time, it can cause pain and discomfort.

It is the same as other body parts experiencing pain due to continuous stress.

2. To Minimize the Space in the Footwear

The shoe padding decreases the slipping caused by any extra substance between the footbed and the foot.

Furthermore, the insoles will decrease the extra room if your shoes are large and there is a huge space. Sometimes, your shoes get outsized due to wearing thick soles, so shoe inserts are the best solution to overcome this issue.

3. Shoe Inserts for Comfort of Knee and Foot

If your knees or foot are hurting due to continuous pressure on the joints or any old illness, additional space in your footwear might create a problem because you are applying pressure to that painful area.

So when you add one more insole to the shoes, it will not allow your feet to move around more; thus, in this way, the stress and discomfort can be reduced to a great extent.

4. Provides Extra Shock Absorption

Many Sports footwear have padding in their insoles, but after using them a few times, the comfort and softness end.

Therefore, the extra insole will add more cushioning to the shoes, and the comfort will return. This way, you will feel your foot relaxed while you move.

5. To Keep Your Feet Dry

Another reason to keep extra padding in your footwear is to keep your feet dry. Many shoes are made from such materials that air does not pass properly through them; thus, due to the lack of a ventilation system, they don’t keep the feet fresh and dry.

Even then, you like such shoes and don’t want to leave them. In this case, additional insoles come very handy. When you keep two insoles in these type of shoes, they can become breathable and helps in making your feet dry.

The extra padding absorbs more water and keeps your feet fresh. When you start wearing two insoles in your footwear, you may initially feel discomfort, but with time your foot becomes used to them.

6. Increases the Lifespan of the Shoes

When you wear extra insole in your footwear, it will protect your shoes from ruining early. Through additional padding, minimum pressure is applied on the shoes because the added stuffing absorbs most of the pressure and makes the shoes long-lasting.

So you will use your favorite shoes for a long time, and they will be in good condition for years.

When the force acts on the footwear, it distributes between the insoles equally and reduces stress. Only one insole will not bear the tension, and the shoes will not be long-lasting.

Things to Consider Before Using Two Insoles

Before wearing two insoles in your shoes, consider the following factors.

1. Material

When you think about using two insoles in footwear, consider the material of these inserts. Some pads quickly change their shape with little pressure. But, some materials last for a long time.

Some inserts are made from such materials that sweating makes them slippery when you put them on another insole. However, some material doesn’t have this problem; such insoles aren’t slippery due to sweating, so you must choose them for your shoes.

2. Design

Before buying the new insole, check whether its design is the same as your shoe’s footbed. Mostly, insoles are made so that they can fit any brand of footwear.

Therefore, using inserts of any unique brand will result in too much imbalance arch, minimum softening, and the constant moving of the new insole position.

First of all, you should compare the footwear and insole to see if they are well-matched. Many inserts are made to support the midfoot, heel, and forefoot.

They are available in different designs and sizes, particularly for the type of foot they are manufactured. You should consider carefully which type of foot you have and which insert will match it.

Some insoles are specially designed for certain problems of the foot. So if they are used by a person with not the same foot disease, it can cause any issue for them.

For example, if an insert is made for arch support, people who need heel support should avoid using it. The designs of shoe pads are made to work for different purposes.

3. Customer Orthotic Insole

The main purpose that people buy additional insole is any foot problems. These shoe pads are custom orthotics. Your specialist will recommend custom orthotic inserts according to your feet’s anatomy; it will help relieve pain.

However, this insole will work properly only if it is placed correctly on the footbed of the shoes. Only custom orthotic padding will give you the even ideal support.

If the additional pad is not so evenly placed, It can cause pain in your knees, and several body parts will experience increased pressure; thus, you will feel discomfort.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do the Shoe Pads Change the Footwear Size?

Shoe inserts don’t decrease the footwear size; they fill the extra gap, so we feel the size has been reduced. Furthermore, they also keep our feet dry and fresh because they can be taken out and washed whenever they get too dirty and smelly.

We can get additional support by wearing toe inserts when the footwear is too large.

To Put Extra Insoles, Do I Need Large-Sized Shoes?

Generally, two insoles are put in to fill the extra space in your shoes so they fit properly on your feet. If the footwear is already tight, adding more inserts will make discomfort for your feet.

So, to put extra padding, you need larger shoes. This way, you will get the correct fitting, and your foot will not slip away.

Is This Possible to Layer Shoe Insoles?

Many shoe insoles can be used on the footbed to increase the cushioning and make them perfectly tight.

Is It Necessary to Keep Insoles in Both Shoes?

Most people use insoles due to any injury or pain in their feet. In case you have pain in only one foot, it doesn’t mean that you will wear the insole in only that shoe. You have to put the inserts in both footwear.

To Use Additional Insoles, Should I Use One Size Larger Shoe?

Most sports shoes have an extra gap, so if you want to increase comfort by putting the inserts, you don’t need one size larger footwear. However, if they have tight-fitting, there will be no more space to keep the additional insole.

So, if you have to add more padding on the footbed of the shoes, you must check them thoroughly at the time of purchase; if they are tight, buy one size up.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why most people put two insoles in their shoes. Keeping extra padding in your footwear has surprising benefits.

If your foot doesn’t hold the shoes properly or you have foot disease, then you must select a shoe insert that is strongly recommended. Choose the right type of material while buying them so that your foot doesn’t slip due to sweating and it is fresh and dry.

I hope this article will have cleared all the confusion about wearing two insoles in your shoes.

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