Can You Ride a Peloton with Regular Shoes?

Want to ride a peloton on regular shoes but are concerned about safety?

Riding a peloton is one of the convenient ways to keep your body in shape. Some people might find it difficult to buy specific shoes for each exercise.

You can ride a peloton with regular footwear, but you have to purchase accessories for a safer experience. Five to ten minutes of the ride is enough in regular shoes.

In this post, I will discuss whether riding a peloton with regular footwear is possible. Want to know more about it? Keep reading!

can you ride a peloton with regular shoes

Can You Ride a Peloton with Regular Shoes?

Secure toe clips with a peloton bike to allow regular shoes to slide easily. You can also replace the peloton pedal with a new toe cage paddle of 3mm.

It is risky to use regular peloton shoes without shoe cleats. You have to put on cleated footwear to fit on the peloton bike safely.

How Do I Ride on Peloton with Regular Shoes?

Attaching pedals like toe clips or toe cages is a suitable way of riding a peloton with regular shoes. You can also change the clipless pedal with a flat one for using training sneakers.

Reminder: Use a clipless pedal for a spin class, or you can also attach toe cages to give support. The power transfer feature is great for avoiding the risk of injury.

Here are the advantages of using toe cages or clips with peloton:

  • SPD-SL or Look Delta shoes are ideal if your feet are big. The good thing about it is that you can still use a peloton while finding the perfect fitting shoe.
  • It is also beneficial in engaging you in bike activities, but you will take some time to learn the features of peloton riding shoes.
  • Besides this, toe clips work great with the bike. Your friends and family can ride on it, no matter what type of shoes they wear.
  • If you are suffering from a foot injury, a shoe with toe cages provides comfort and helps you in speedy recovery. On the other hand, rigid bicycle riding shoes put pressure on the injured area.

If you want to enjoy the dual performance, replace bike pedals with clipped ones. Some of the pedals have both clipless and clipped sides for your ease.

In this way, you can utilize your regular peloton shoes with the clipped side to avoid injury.

The pedals come with the following functions:

  • The axle of the pedals has a length of 9/16 inches.
  • These pedals are made for indoor cycling and are also helpful in spinning.

What Kind of Pedals Does Peloton Use?

Pelton works wonderfully with Look Delta, but you can also go with other pedals.

  • Flat pedals
  • Clipless pedal platform adapters
  • Toe clip cage

Flat Pedals

Do you feel comfortable while riding a peloton in regular footwear? Or maybe you don’t want to purchase different pair of bike shoes. Then replacing the pedal is the best option for you.

You can use flat or platform pedals with workout sneakers. They help in lifting your feet on or off freely. A wide base protects your feet from slipping off and provides a good grip to make you feel comfortable.

The good thing about it is that it is a quite simple task to remove the peloton pedals and fit them into crank arms. After loosening off, make sure to retighten with the wrench.

Clipless Pedal Platform Adapters

If you don’t like fixing flat pedals with a wrench, then use pedal platform adapters. These are similar to the flat pedal because they come with cleats to clip into the delta pedal.

As a result, they provide a wide area for your foot to stick on the pedal. No matter what design your pedal is, it enables you to ride peloton bike cleats with regular shoes.

To use these pedals, one must purchase cleats separately to clip them into the pedal. One disadvantage is that platform weight causes the pedal to rotate when your foot is not on it. It is recommended not to remove the foot from the pedal while riding.

Toe Clips Cage

Toe clip pedals are ideal for preventing slipping and providing extra support. They are compatible with the delta-shaped pedal. You just have to put your sports shoes into the cage and enjoy riding a peloton safely.

These economical pedals are suitable for each member of the family. They are versatile enough for everyone, and you don’t have to buy shoes that work with peloton separately.

The downside about it is that you might feel uncomfortable in the middle of your foot because these cages cause the bending of shoes toward the inner side. Along with this, it is compatible with those people whose shoe size is less than 11.

How to Choose Shoes for Your Peloton Bike?

Before buying regular shoes for a peloton bike, make sure that they are strong enough to last long while exercising. It is essential to keep these factors in mind while purchasing shoes for peloton:

  • Thickness of sole
  • Material

Thickness of sole

The pedals of peloton bikes are built with metal which is more rigid than other exercise accessories or rubber material.

That’s why the soles of shoes should be constructed with flexible material to keep your feet pivoted, but a very soft sole also causes the bending of shoes on the inner side.


Workout sneakers are made with materials like mesh, leather, and canvas. Peloton footwear also comes in all these materials. Leather is suitable because it gives huge support and avoids extra stretching.

The top of the shoes can be made with mesh for breathability. Otherwise, seventy percent of the top should be leather.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Special Shoes for The Peloton?

It is not mandatory to buy a special type of shoes for the peloton. If you have money, buy them to remain true to your size.

You can even use regular cycling shoes to ride the peloton by attaching the toe clip to the bike. Make sure that it is compatible with peloton pedals.

Can You Put Regular Pedals on A Peloton Bike?

If you think existing pedals are uncomfortable, then you can use regular pedals on a peloton bike. Remember to buy those pedals that have a length of 9/16 to fit properly.

What Are the Best Peloton Pedals for Regular Shoes?

  • Spinner Trio QR Spin Pedals
  • Venzo Peloton Pedals
  • VP-S3 Bike Pedals,
  • BV Bike Dual Pedals
  • Dimension Combo Sport Pedal/Toe Clip Set (9/16″)
  • Toe cages at Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Shimano SH56 SPD Cleat Set

Is It Easy to Ride a Peloton with Regular Shoes?

It is quite easy and simple to ride a peloton with regular shoes. Use toe clips to make your feet stable. Place your feet into the toe cage and tighten the strap. After that, stand on the bike and adjust the screw if needed.

Final Thoughts

The pedal system may feel complex to you, but it is ideal to go with regular sneakers. You will get used to them in just a few days, and it comes with plenty of benefits. While purchasing training shoes, keep in mind to buy only those which are compatible with Look Delta.

Using normal shoes for casual training is fine, but I will not recommend them for heavy workouts. Comment below if you are still confused about riding a peloton with regular footwear.

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