Can You Shrink Crocs in Hot Water?

Are you going to shrink your stunning crocs in hot water?

Well, you can indeed unshrink your crocs in boiling water. Heat and dryers are ideal for shrinking crocs, but the case is different in the water.

For this purpose, I tried to shrink my favorite pair of crocs, and guess what happened? The opposite of it happened; they unshrunk. But I hope you haven’t done this to your charming crocs.

In this article, I will explain, “is it possible to shrink crocs in boiling water.” Keep reading this to know everything about shrinking of crocs.

can you shrink crocs in hot water

Can You Shrink Crocs in Hot Water?

Boiling water is not suitable for shrinking crocs. The reason is that it loses the material of crocs and relaxes it. It will stretch your footwear instead of shrinking it.

For shrinking, put them in a dryer with towels. Hot water is great for stretching fibers but not for contracting the shoe size. So avoid using boiling water for shrinking purposes.

Methods to Shrink Crocs

Here are some techniques that are very helpful in shrinking your stretch crocs shoes.

  • Use of a hair dryer
  • By using a dryer machine
  • Place them in sunlight

Method 1. The Shrinking of Crocs with A Hair Dryer

Following are some items required for reducing the size of the crocs.

  • Hair dryer
  • Two towels

Note: towels help in protecting the material of crocs from high heat.

First, I wet the towels and squeeze extra water from them. Then I wrapped my white crocs shoes in a towel to restrict their movement while drying. Remember to set the medium heat for drying. After switching on the machine, I began to heat certain parts of crocs.

You can also keep checking whether the crocs are shrunk by unwrapping the towels. Keep doing it until you get satisfying results.

Method 2. Shrinking Crocs in Sunlight

Sunlight is the easiest and simplest way to shrink Crocs. The only thing you have to do is to put your crocs in an open area where direct sun rays reach them.

This is a natural way of shrinking, and less effort is needed. It may take many days to shrink your crocs, but it will.

Method 3. Dryer Machine

To shrink crocs in the dryer, you must know the exact steps and supervise the whole process.

Required Things

  • Two wet towels
  • Dryer machine

Firstly, I adjusted the heat and set the timer of my dryer. Keep in mind to set the lowest temperature, and the timing should be 10 to 14 minutes. In this way, the dryer will maintain the high-quality material of Crocs.

It will take a little longer time, but precautions are more important. Then I wrapped my Crocs in a red towel and secured them with a rubber band so crocs would not come off.

Afterward, I put them in the dryer and switched on the dry machine. Remember to stand near the machine while drying to monitor the whole procedure.

Finally, I took the crocs out, which were shrunk to the desired shape and size.

Do Crocs Shrink in The Washing Machine?

Most people ask this question, and my answer is still the same. Only heat is required to shrink crocs, not water.

Asides from this, they will shrink only if you place them in the dryer machine. You can wash your Crocs in the washing machine, but it is not suitable for shrinking.

How Much Can You Shrink Crocs?

It depends on how much you want to reduce the size of your shoes. As I have mentioned above, you can shrink your crocs by using a hair dryer machine and exposing them to sunlight.

The longer you expose them to heat, the more they will shrink and get smaller. However, Keep checking your crocs from time to time to prevent them from damaging.

Tips to Shrink Crocs

Here are some tips you should remember while shrinking your crocs.

  • Availability of tools
  • Sole quality of crocs
  • Time
  • How often do you wear your crocs

Availability of Tools

Every technique for shrinking crocs requires some items. For example, you need a dryer and a wet towel for the hair dryer method. Make sure to gather all the things and arrange them before starting the shrinking procedure.

Sole Quality of Crocs

No doubt all crocs are built with the same material, but there is some difference in the sole. Some soles can withstand high heat, while some can’t.

If the sole of your shoe is very soft, then don’t wear it immediately after shrinking. Your crocs might lose their shape if you wear a heated soft sole. It will make you uncomfortable, so don’t heat it much.


You have to be conscious of time while shrinking. Four to five minutes are enough to shrink crocs shoes in the dryer. Give all your attention to crocs, and it is advisable to use a stopwatch to keep a complete check on your boot.

How Often Do You Wear Crocs?

It’s important to consider the number of wears of your crocs before shrinking. If you are going to shrink frequently wear crocs, then it is a waste of time because it will eventually stretch again.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Shrink Crocs a Size Down

To size down crocs shoes, place them in high temperatures or direct sunlight. Wait a few hours, and keep trying your footwear until it fits you well.

Can You Shrink Crocs 2 Sizes?

Yes, you can shrink crocs 2 sizings down if you will expose them to heat for a longer time. Try the hair dryer or sunlight method for effective results.

Can Crocs Shrink in A Hot Car?

Putting crocs in a hot car for a long time makes them shrink and reduces their size. Heat is the main cause of shrinking your cute pair of crocs.

Will Crocs Shrink if You Put Them in The Dryer?

Yes, put crocs in the dryer machine for a few minutes. Make sure that the heat is medium and set the timer. Take them out after a certain time.


That’s all; I will not recommend shrinking crocs in hot water. Boiling water loses the elasticity of the crocs’ material and makes them lose fit.

Keep in mind that high heat can also damage your charming crocs. Hopefully, my article was helpful to you and now you know all about shrink crocs in hot water; if you have any questions regarding shrinking crocs, then feel free to ask.

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