Can You Wash Hey Dude Insoles?

Is it possible to wash hey dude insoles?

Insoles are built-in shoes to make them comfortable. The good thing about them is that you can clean your insoles whenever you want.

Trust me or not, you can wash hey dude insoles separately in just a few minutes. These lightweight shoes get dirty sometimes. To increase the lifespan of these traditional sneakers, it is important to wash them regularly.

You can clean them in the washing machine or by hand. It is all up to you. In this post, I will explain the simplest tips to wash hey dudes shoes.

can you wash hey dude insoles

Can You Wash Hey Dude Insole?

Clean hey dude insole by hand in just a few minutes. First, I removed the insole from hey dude boots. To clean shoes properly, I washed the insole separately and dried them fully before putting them on. Then, I soaked the insoles in warm water.

I added a little detergent to the water and rubbed the dipped detergent cloth on the shoes. After scrubbing them, I rinsed the detergent solution away with warm water.

Make sure to dry the insole properly before wearing them. You can also dry them in a microwave but remember to set low heat for this purpose. If the insole of hey dudes is stiff, then try softening it with a hairdryer.

Can You Put Hey Dude Insole in the Dryer?

You can put hey dude shoe insole in the dryer, but I suggest you use air drying for it. It is a convenient way to dry hey dude insoles completely.

Here are some tips for cleaning them fully.

  • Hand wash the insole of boots by using a gentle detergent
  • Wipe the soap away with warm water and dry them before putting them back in your sneakers
  • Some people dry them in a dryer machine, but I will not recommend you. Air dry is better for it.
  • I use light detergent and wet fabric to clean hey dude shoe insole and avoid using harmful chemicals and solutions for washing the insole.

How to Wash Hey Dude Shoes in Washing Machine?

Putting shoes in the washing machine is easier, but it can damage the insole’s surface. You have to clean them carefully in the washing machine. Follow these steps to wash hey dude insoles:

Step 1. Remove the Insole

Detach the insole from your charming hey dude first for proper cleaning. It is easier to dry the insole separately than to dry the entire shoe.

Step 2. Add the Detergent

Use a laundry detergent or dishwashing soap to clean the insoles. Don’t rub the insoles hard because it can ruin the quality of it.

Step 3. Put in A Cold Water

Place the hey dude insoles in the washing machine. In this way, their color will not fade in cold water. Take protective measures before putting them in cold water.

Step 4. Dry the Insole

You can either dry the insoles with a hair dryer or just put them in a ventilated place for drying. Choose any of these methods for drying.

Reminders: Don’t put the hey dude insoles in direct sunlight or high heat. Otherwise, high temperatures can spoil the quality of the boots.

Step 5. Put the Insoles Back

Once all the dirt is gone from the insole, insert the insoles again in your stylish hey dude shoes. If insoles are still not soft, use a hair dryer to remove their stiffness.

Can You Wash the Hey Dude Shoes by Using Alcohol?

Wondering how to clean hey dude shoes using alcohol?

  • Take an empty bottle and add the same amount of water and alcohol.
  • Shake the spray bottle to mix the alcohol solution completely
  • Untie the insole from your gorgeous hey dude shoes and spray the solution on the dirty parts of the insoles.
  • Ensure that the whole insole is washed equally and that no dirty marks are left on it.
  • After setting off the alcohol, place the insoles in a dry place for drying and leave them undisturbed for a few hours.

Why is It Necessary to Wash Hey Dude Insoles?

I am going to explain the five most common reasons for washing insole. Let’s start!

  • Bacteria and Fungi Growth
  • Dirt Build Up
  • Absorption of sweat
  • Bad Smell

Bacteria and Fungi Growth

If you are too lazy to wash your entire shoes once a week, then at least clean the insole from time to time. Uncleaned insoles give a suitable environment for bacteria and fungi growth. As a result, it leads to many foot problems.

Dirt Build Up

It is obvious when you will not clean hey dude shoe insole regularly; it will form dirt and grime on the insoles.

It will make your hey dude boots ugly which is also embarrassing when someone sees your dirty insoles. Avoid this awkward moment by cleaning hey dude insoles from time to time.

Absorption of Sweat

Insoles are effective in the absorption of sweat more than socks. That’s why; wash the insoles separately to protect your shoes from spoiling.

Bad Smell

It is frustrating to wear smelly shoes, so washing hey dude insole is important to increase their durability of them. Nobody likes to wear smelly hey dude footwear.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wash Hey Dudes in The Dishwasher?

Yes, you can wash hey dudes in the dishwasher, but it is a great option to clean them by hand. I recommend you clean with gentle detergent.

Can Hey Dude Insoles Be Washed in The Washing Machine?

You can wash hey dude insole in the washing machine by using cold water. Avoid adding harsh detergent to the machine.

How to Clean Grey Hey Dudes Insole?

  • Clean your grey hey dude insole by soaking them in the soapy solution
  • Wait for some hours and then wipe the soap away
  • Dry it for almost 7 hours

How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes by Hand?

  • Add liquid detergent to the warm water
  • Use a soft brush to scrub the grime away.
  • Rinse the extra soapy solution with water and dry them for 7 hours

Bottom Line

Insoles are the crucial part of the hey dude shoes that need to be washed once a week. Washing hey dude insole can make them last longer and make sure that no dirt is left on them.

By following my instructions and techniques, you can make your boots look new and fresh. I hope that all your confusion is cleared regarding hey dude insoles.

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