Can You Wash Hoka Shoes? – Step by Step Guide

Is it possible to wash my dirty Hoka shoes?

Hoka shoes are manufactured to be comfortable and durable. But it would be best if you understood that they also need special care. They are built with synthetic material that is easier to wash.

Remarkable cushioning and lightweight have made them popular and are a favorite choice of many people. The general way to clean Hoka shoes is by hand using a mild detergent.

In this post, I will discuss “can we wash Hoka shoes.” Without taking further time, let’s start!

can you wash hoka shoes

Can You Wash Hoka Shoes?

Hoka shoes come in various materials like synthetic material and mesh. The cleaning method depends on the material of the shoes. Whatever the method is, you must first remove the dust with a cloth or soft brush.

After that, you can start washing your shoes with the best-suited method. Using the hand wash method is suggested to remove the tough stains without damaging the high quality of Hoka shoes.

The machine wash method can invalidate the warranty of your charming shoes. Placing them in the dryer is not recommended because it will abruptly change the shape of footwear.

Steps to Wash Hoka Shoes

It is advised to do light cleaning before deep washing for a better experience. You will require the following items to perform this technique.

  • Towel
  • Water
  • Toothbrush
  • Mild soap

After gathering all these things, follow the given steps:

Step 1. Removing the Dust

The primary step of washing Hoka sneakers is clearing all the dirt and dust away from the surface. To avoid clinging, it is better to use a soft brush or cloth to wipe the dust away.

Mostly dust is accumulated on the soles of shoes, so pay more attention while cleaning that part. This step helps to clean the visible dirt from footwear.

Step 2. Use the Solution for Scrubbing

Once all the apparent dust was removed, I mixed mild soap in the water. You can also use synthetic shoe cleaner. Then I put them in the sink. I washed one shoe at a time and placed a towel in the middle of the sink to prevent scratching.

Next, I took my toothbrush and dipped it in the cleaner solution. Using a soft bristle brush is also acceptable if you don’t have a toothbrush.

Pay more attention to those spots which are very dirty. After scrubbing them properly, I rinsed the soap off with plain water. You might have to do this step again if there is still dirt on them.

Step 3. Wipe Off the Extra Residue

Next, I disposed of the additional residues by using a brush. Use the soft cloth gently on the upper area of the Hoka one shoe. You can use tiny brushes if there are stubborn stains on them. When you finish brushing, rinse your footwear with plain water.

Step 4. Drying

It is the last and most significant step because I have seen many people putting their stylish Hoka running shoes in direct sunlight, which is wrong. You can also use a hair dryer at a low speed for drying Hoka washable shoes.

So That were the simplest steps for washing Hoka men’s and women’s shoes.

Tips for Washing Hoka Shoes

Follow these tips while cleaning Hoka shoes to make them look fresh and new.

  • If you are applying shoe cleaner, read the instructions before cleaning. If your Hoka shoes have laces remove them before washing.
  • Scrubbing hard on the mesh fabric of Hoka shoes can result in fraying, so just put a minimum amount of pressure while rubbing.
  • Apply the waterproofing products on footwear to protect them from water entering
  • Hoka shoes in the dryer can be ruined, so avoid putting them in it
  • Use a mild solution of water and soap to wash the shoes’ inner sides and maintain their shiny look.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put My Hokas in The Washing Machine?

It is not a good idea to place hokas in the washing machine because the agitator can spoil their quality, and it does not even wash properly. The color of your gorgeous shoes might fade.

Can I Dry My Hokas in The Dryer?

Heat ruins the shape of shoes and materials. Natural air drying is the most suitable way, or you can also use a hair dryer for this purpose.

Can I Bleach My Hokas?

You can use a little amount of bleach by mixing it in the dish soap. Remember not to use too much if you want to keep your shoes longer.

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Hokas?

Dip a natural dye-free detergent into the cold water and brush the hokas gently with this solution. Keep scrubbing it until all the dirt is removed.

Final Thoughts

Hokas are excellent quality shoes, but proper care is still needed if you want to increase the life span of your shoe. Do not use harsh cleaners and gently scrub them.

Follow these steps and tips to restore your charming shoes to their original shape. Walk with confidence after cleaning hokas. I hope this guide assists you and feel free to ask any questions regarding it.

Thank you for reading!

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