Can You Wear Vans to the Gym?

Can I wear my modern-style vans to the gym?

Cushioning and bouncy feature of vans makes them comfortable for the gym. Flat soles and lightweight are other factors we look for in training shoes. This makes them perfect for deadlifts and squats.

But also remember that not all vans are suitable for the gym. To ensure this, I wore vans footwear for five weeks and started working out. Then I decided to compile this article on my experience.

In this post, I will explain everything about vans gym shoes. Without taking much time, let’s dive in!

can you wear vans to the gym

Can You Wear Vans to The Gym?

Vans are budget-friendly shoes that are great for lifting. If you only want to do casual exercises, then nothing is better than vans, but I will not recommend you to use them for tough exercises.

One plus point is that they cost less than many specially designed workout shoes. They work better than running boots and provide grip on the ground. Vans lifting shoes are easy to clean and assure protection to your feet.

Which Vans Shoes Are Good for The Gym?

Wondering what type of vans shoes are best for gym activities. I have shortlisted four top-notch quality vans for you.

  • Vans Authentic
  • Vans U Authentic
  • Vans men’s SK8-Hi shoes
  • Van’s men’s low-top sneakers

Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic is made of soft soles and high-quality synthetic material. Red color vans are suitable for the gym and look stylish and fancy when you wear them with red pants.

Adjust the strap of your laces according to your fit. To lift heavyweight, your footwear must be firm. That’s why adjusting laces is important for your feet. Another thing about them is that they are less expensive.

Vans U Authentic

These vans are built with foam material and are a great example of wearing in the gym. Vans Authentic sneakers are 100% synthetic and cushioned.

Besides this, laces help in adjusting your fit. Lacing footwear is a necessary feature for lifting. Their upper Canvas and Rubber sole makes them durable for the gym.

The insole of vans is also well cushioned, and the textile lining makes them comfortable and well-ventilated. One of my favorite thing about them is that both men and women can wear them.

Vans Men’s Sk8-Hi Shoes

Vans Sk8-Hi is constructed with Canvas upper and suede material. Not only this, but these vans are also ideal for lifting.

The good thing about them is that you can also use them for skating. The double stitching feature makes them durable. They also come with flat laces.

Van’s Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

Vans top trainer sneakers are manufactured with suede and rubber sole. They also come with a collar and padded tongue.

Moreover, these lifting-weight shoes are double stitched and have genuine waffle outsole. All these features make vans ideal for a gym. Thanks to the manufacturer for making its sole flat, this is helpful in lifting.

What Gym Activities Are Vans Good For?

As I said earlier, vans are not appropriate for all kinds of exercises. You have to be careful while workout. These shoes work wonderfully for beginners.

Here I have enlisted some exercises that are good for vans.

  • Lifting
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats


Lifting exercises can easily be done on a flat surface; that’s why vans have a flat surface. Vans shoes for the gym are affordable. You can wear them instead of lifting weights barefoot.

It is the perfect package for those who don’t have money to buy specially designed gym shoes. Some people prefer converse but keep in mind that vans are less expensive than that.


In this exercise, you have to lift the weight from the ground to the hip level. Flat vans surfaces are suitable for performing deadlifts. It is not advisable to perform deadlifts if you have slippery shoe soles.

Using that type of footwear that doesn’t provide enough grip on the ground is risky. Believe me; you will not go wrong with vans because they have no-slip soles. That’s why I recommend vans boots for deadlifting.


In this exercise, a person’s knees are bent, and the torso is erect, so he has to stand upright.

For this type of training, it is necessary to wear lightweight and flat boots. Vans are a good pick for squatting. You can perform many squats as fast as you can. Your feet should be firm on the ground.

Gym Activities You Should Avoid with Vans Shoes

Here are the gym activities that you should not do with vans sneakers.

  • Lunges
  • Calf Exercises
  • Agility Exercises


Bending of the toes is required for performing lunges, and the flat surface of the vans Is not suitable for this kind of exercise.

Your feet should be moved from one place to another. It is risky to take part in this sort of exercise while wearing vans shoes.

Calf Exercises

Avoid performing exercises like calf stretch, jump rope, seated calf raises, and standing wall with your stylish vans shoes. Otherwise, you will regret it. The tipped-toe space of vans is not good for doing such exercises.

Agility Exercises

Try not to engage in agility exercises like dot drills, jump box drills, and lateral ply metric jumps. It will be a terrible experience to choose vans for jumping.

Vans are not built for agility exercises and are good for squatting and deadlifting.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear Slip-On Vans to The Gym?

You can wear slip-on vans to the gym. Slip-on vans are easy to take on and off. Match your vans shoes with gym pants, which are great for yoga.

Can I Wear Vans to The Gym for A Treadmill?

You can use vans shoes for a treadmill because of their firm sole grip. Vans treadmill shoes provide adequate balance to your feet.

Is It Better to Work out In Vans or Converse?

No doubt vans work better than many other running footwear. But converse shoes are better for a workout in terms of features. On the other hand, vans are less costly than the converse.

What Type of Shoes Are Good for The Gym?

Authentic vans, authentic u vans, Vans low-top sneakers, and Vans SK8-Hi are good shoes for the gym if you are a beginner. Otherwise, cross-training shoes, lifting, and running shoes are also great.


Vans are not the best footwear for the gym, but they are appropriate for squatting and deadlifting. But they are the ideal choice to start workouts for beginners. However, I am highly against vans for using agility exercises.

You should invest in vans if you are looking for budget-friendly casual gym shoes. I would love to hear your opinion regarding vans footwear and give me your feedback in the comment section.

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