Do Converse Shoes Stretch?

Have you ever experienced blisters and pain after wearing your new Converse shoes for the first time? Do you want to loosen them without ruining them?

Converse company manufactures high-quality footwear with unique designs; this is the reason that they are getting popular and becoming a crucial piece in any closet.

Many stylish and casual options are available in their catalog and come in all foot sizes. People with wider feet also find their size easily.

For years, I’ve been wearing Converse shoes. Now, it has become my favorite brand; I have used many pairs in various designs. Therefore, I know so many helpful hacks to stretch this footwear because I have done it so many times for myself.

In this article, we will discuss whether converse shoes stretch to protect feet from blister formation.

do converse stretch

Do Converse Shoes Have the Ability to Stretch?

Most people believe Converse shoes stretch when broken in, but this is a misconception.

This footwear doesn’t stretch with time. In fact, the canvas material is manufactured tightly woven, so it is not easy for the fabric to stretch permanently. However, over time, their ingredients become softer; this is the reason that Converse shoes feel wider.

Suede material loosens up quickly compared to canvas or leather. You will notice the footwear stretching around your ankles and the upper of the shoes where the shoelaces are located.

When you purchase these shoes, and when they are brand new, they might be uncomfortable, but they become the perfect sneakers after stretching.

If you examine Converse shoes closely, you will notice two pieces of plastic in the tongue area of these shoes. The purpose of these items is to keep your foot in place.

Literally, when these shoes are new, they must feel tight because they secure your foot inside.

However, don’t worry about the tight fitting of Converse shoes because they stretch and soften over time; thus, wearing them often makes them more comfortable.

So, keep in mind that the idea of making these shoes stretch and bigger is not completely true. However, due to the materials loosening up, they feel wider.

How Can You Loosen Tight Converse Shoes?

To loosen up Converse shoes, up to 6 weeks of wear are required on average. I will tell you some effective tips which will help you cut this time to 1 or 2 weeks. This is how fast I break in my new pairs of Converse footwear.

1. Use Plastic Bags to Expand Shoes

This method is so easy and simple, and I like the most, which requires only a plastic bag to wear over the foot, then the foot is inserted into the shoes.

This technique seems strange, but its results are wonderful, and you will be surprised how your shoes stretch with so a simple hack.

When you wear plastic over your socks, a layer is made between your foot and the canvas material of the Converse shoes. By walking in them, due to the plastic bag, your feet will slip inside the shoes, which will cause them to loosen.

This is not an unsafe method; you will feel a sliding motion of your foot only, so don’t worry about it. The sliding movement will help wiggle the canvas while you walk. This will help in softening the material fastly than normal.

Instead of your foot heels skin, the plastic bag will do all the movement work. This bag also helps prevent blisters because the additional motion will lessen rubbing and friction.

Before wearing them to go out, I use this trick at home for a few days. You can use a plastic bag for going out too, but it is obvious that the plastic will be visible if you wear low-tops, and it will not look good.

However, if you want to use this trick for going out, you can wear high tops so the plastic will not be noticeable, but this way, your ankles will seem swollen. So, it is better to apply this trick at home.

2. Stuff with Old Clothes for Converse Shoes Stretching

If you are looking for low-cost strategies to loosen your footwear, apply these steps:

  • Take worn-out socks and rags and put them inside your converse footwear tightly.
  • Now, tie the shoelaces tightly as much as possible.
  • Next, leave the footwear in this position overnight and check it in the morning by removing all the stuffing. If they still feel uncomfortable, leave them for 24 hours.

The old rags and socks we have stuffed inside the shoes will make resistance on the canvas and stretch slightly. Make sure you have not stuffed the footwear too much so that the material of the shoes starts damaging.

Most people fill shoes with newspapers, but this is not a good practice because there is a risk of staining the shoe surface with the ink of the newspapers. So using clothes and old socks is a better approach.

3. Use Band-Aids and Swelling Proof Socks for Wide Converse Shoes

This is another budget-friendly method to loosen converse shoes. In this technique, a band-aid is put on the heel or toe area before wearing out your new footwear.

If a part of your foot is rubbing with the shoes, put breathable waterproof plaster on it. This will form a partition between your foot and the shoes; this way, rubbing will not occur.

Whenever I try this method, I use blister-proof socks with them whenever I want to stretch out my shoes. Buying a pair of good quality blister-proof socks is a good idea to protect your feet from skin problems whenever you wear new shoes.

In the beginning, I was not willing to spend money on buying these socks then I realized that it’s better to make strategies before the pain starts and you get a severe skin problem. Besides Converse, you can use them to soften any shoes.

4. Purchase a Heel Pad for Converse Sneakers Shoe Stretch

To break in your shoes and prevent hurting your foot, it’s a good idea to use heel pads. You can use them for loosening your converse footwear.

If you spend money buying these pads for your shoes, your foot will be protected from swelling, and you will stretch out your shoes easily. Their cost is so low, and you can easily find them.

5. Choose Wide Size Converse Shoes

While purchasing converse shoes, select the one that has wider width. This is the best solution if you feel pain in your toes because these shoes come with a wider toe box which gives maximum room, so the rubbing doesn’t happen.

Suppose you have a wider step, its best to buy shoes that properly fit your feet. It’s a much better approach than putting so much effort into loosening them for many days.

For this purpose, know your perfect size before buying by taking help from the Converse shoe sizing chart.

Do Converse Shoes Come in Wider Size or Narrow?

Compared to other sneakers, Converse shoes are narrower in size.

These shoes are quite narrow and are made from tightly woven material which doesn’t allow them to loosen too much, so it’s important to buy a size large footwear if your feet are wide.

Remember an important thing about converse shoes: they will be uncomfortable when you wear them first time; it’s normal. However, they will expand, soften, and loosen over time, and your foot will feel comfortable after a couple of days.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary that Converse Shoes Should Be Tight at First?

When you wear Converse shoes, they should feel comfortable with a snug feeling, and at first, they might feel tight.

However, when you use them for four weeks or so, they will loosen and be comfortable. But the hurting should not be enough that blisters occur on your toes.

Is It True that Converse Shoes Should Be Tight Enough for Lifting?

Generally, the cushioning in normal shoes doesn’t come in Converse shoes. However, this is a great advantage for the people who wear them for lifting because the low cushioning provides better stability on the ground.

This way, they stand strongly and tightly on their feet while lifting heavy weights.

What is the Procedure to Make My Converse Shoes Comfortable?

The fabric of the converse shoes is very firm and loosens when you wear them for a couple of days. Thus, wearing tight shoes for a few days causes blisters on the feet.

If you can’t bear your foot hurting and want to soften them quickly, you can put them in the washing machine.

Is the Toes Area of Converse Shoes Capable of Stretching?

The material of the Converse shoes is tightly woven, which doesn’t break in a lot. Furthermore, the rubber sole is stiff, and the band around these shoes is also very hard, making their loosening difficult.

How to Prevent Converse Shoes from Rubbing Your Foot?

If you wear them with thick socks and walk around for a few days, you can avoid rubbing your foot. You can reduce this rubbing further by wearing blister-proof socks, easily available at reasonable prices.

Final Thoughts

Converse shoes can stretch, and there are numerous ways to do this. However, you have to be patient because it takes time to make them according to your size.

I have given so many cost-effective ways to make them comfortable without experiencing skin problems. But it’s very important to choose the right footwear at the time of purchase; if you have wide feet, select a larger size because they come slightly narrower.

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