Do Crocs Run Big or Small? – Size Chart & Fit Guide

Are you thinking about purchasing your new crocs, and you don’t know if they fit your size? In this article, we will discuss do crocs run big or small and their sizes chart.

Generally, crocs are true to size. However, various models are available in crocs footwear, each made for a different purpose.

The model made for a casual walk is slightly smaller than normal, and the one made for workers is larger, but their sizes are the same.

They should be fit enough that when you move they are comfortable and you don’t slip. While you walk, your footwear should not go up and down, and your heel should be in place.

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Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

Generally, the size of your crocs is the same as that of the shoes you normally wear. For example, if you usually wear size nine shoes, the same size crocs will be fine.

However, this rule is not always true due to the wide variety of footwear models offered by crocs. All their models are made for different purposes depending on how you use them.

Consequently, one crocs size might be the same as you normally use, but the others may not. For example, the main focus of croc’s classic clog is on comfort and holding more fitting.

So if you purchase your usual size, it will be perfect on your foot. On the contrary, the crocs bistro clog was made by keeping the workers of restaurants in mind.

Their feet swell by standing for long hours; for swelling and movement, they need more space. As a result, crocs bistro clogs are made slightly larger than your usual size to provide this extra room.

How Do Crocs Fit?

Crocs are available in three fits that are different from each other. You can select a roomy, standard, or relaxed fit according to your foot size.

1. Standard Fit

The standard fit delivers the comfortable fit as possible. This fit completely holds your foot from all sides so that the footwear is not too tight and your foot relax.

Mostly crocs with standard fit come with a loafer design. The size of this fit runs true to your size.

2. Relaxed Fit

Unlike standard fit, they deliver slightly more space to your size. They are also restful and relaxed but don’t hold your feet as tightly as standard fit.

Furthermore, little room is left around your feet in this fit. Most of the time, your feet might touch the sides of your footwear. This feature will help keep you balanced while walking, delivering a safe and cozy fit.

Crocs shoes with a relaxed fit are also available with straps or laces, which are used for tightening your footwear.

Since relaxed fit crocs provide slightly larger sizes than you normally wear, you must use the one size lesser crocs if your feet are narrow.

3. Roomy Fit

The name of this fit shows that it provides the largest room for your feet. If your feet are wider or you suffer from Bunions or Hammertoes, you must use roomy fit crocs.

For people who like to wear socks with crocs footwear this type of fit is ideal. Roomy fit crocs have offered many popular models of clogs.

They have a strap that can surround your heel for extra support and firmness. The strap perfectly keeps you in balance and prevents you from unstable movements.

Due to the additional space they give, they run big than usual. As a result, buying one size lesser than your normal shoes would be better. People who have very thin feet should never buy crocs with this fit.

Crocs Shoe Size Chart

The table below shows the most well-known models of crocs and how they fit.

Crocs Model Crocs Fit
Classic Crush Clog Exact Size
Classic Clog Exact Size
Gent’s Santa Cruz Slip-on Exact Size
LiteRide Bigger Size
Classic Slide Exact Size
Crocband Clog Slightly Bigger
On-The-Clock Exact Size
Lady’s Tulum Toe Post Sandal Exact Size
Lady’s Jaunty Shorty Boot Bigger
Bistro Pro LiteRide Clog Bigger
Classic All-Terrain Realtree Edge Clog Bigger
Baya Lined Clog Bigger
Lady’s Neria Pro II Graphic Clog Bigger
Literide 360 Pacer Bigger
Crogband Flip Exact Size

Crocs Sizing Guide for Men, Women, and Children

A ruler and the size charts below will help you determine your footwear size. So, by finding the size of your shoe, you will find the appropriate size of crocs.

Women’s Shoe Size

Foot Length(inches) Shoe Size
8 3
8 1/8 3.5
8 3/8 4
8 ½ 4.5
8 5/8 5
8 7/8 5.5
9 6
9 1/8 6.5
9 3/8 7
9 ½ 7.5
9 5/8 8
9 7/8 8.5
10 9
10 1/8 9.5
10 3/8 10
10 ½ 10.5
10 5/8 11
10 7/8 11.5
11 12

Men’s Shoe Size

Foot Length(Inches) Shoe Size
8 5/8 4
8 7/8 4.5
9 5
9 1/4 5.5
9 3/8 6
9 ½ 6.5
9 5/8 7
9 7/8 7.5
10 8
10 ¼ 8.5
10 3/8 9
10 ½ 9.5
10 5/8 10
10 7/8 10.5
11 11
11 ¼ 11.5
11 3/8 12
11 ½ 12.5
11 5/8 13
11 7/8 13.5
12 14
12 ¼ 14.5
12 3/8 15

Children’s Shoe Size

Foot Length (Inches) Shoe Size
3 7/8 – 4 1/8 2 – 3
4 ½ – 4 7/8 4 – 5
5 1/8 – 5 ½ 6 – 7
5 7/8 – 6 1/8 8 – 9
6 ½ – 6 7/8 10 – 11
7 1/8 – 7 ½ 12 – 13

Crocs Boots and Shoes Fit

Boots and shoes crocs are made by roomy fit. This footwear has larger room compared to the other standard or relaxed fit. This is the reason that their size seems larger than the normal shoes.

Thus, it would help if you bought boots and shoe crocs one size smaller than your normal footwear.

Crocs Sandals Fit

Crocs sandals are designed with a relaxed fit. These crocs have a slightly larger room than the standard fit. So, if your feet are not wide, you can purchase crocs sandals lower than your normal size.

Lined Crocs Fit

Lined crocs come in a relaxed fit. As a result, these shoes are a little larger compared to crocs with a standard fit.

Platform Crocs Fit

Like crocs classic clogs, this footwear has a standard fit, so their size fits your foot.

Flip-Flops Crocs Fit

These shoes fit true to size because they have a standard fit.

Crocs Half Size

Mainly, crocs come in the sizes you wear normally; they don’t have half sizes. If your foot size is 8.5, it is recommended to go over the half-size and select 9. Choosing half a size lower can cause blisters on your feet.

Though, their size can change according to the type of shoes you want to buy. It is necessary to select an appropriate design because some crocs of this footwear are made for foot relaxation, and some are designed for work.

You will not find any problem with classic crocs because while designing them, they focus on comfort and properly holding your foot. By purchasing a regular size, you will find an outstanding fit.

If you have bought your crocs, but they seem too large, you can reduce their size by putting them in the dryer. The heat of the dryer will shrink crocs, and you will find the exact size of your foot.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions related to crocs run big or small.

Can I Size up Or Down on Crocs?

Generally, crocs size is the same as your normal shoes. You should choose below your normal shoe size if your feet are narrow.

On the other hand, if you have larger feet or have to work a lot, your feet may swell, so you should select slightly larger crocs than your normal footwear.

How to Find out The Size of The Croc?

You can find the length of your foot by using a ruler. Hence, when you determine the size of your normal footwear, choose a crocs size according to that size.

Are the Crocs and Shoe Sizes the Same?

As crocs are true to size, you can wear the crocs according to the size of your usual shoes.

When You Wear Crocs, Do They Fit Loose or Tight?

Compared to the relaxed or roomy fit, standard fit crocs provide the most comfortable footwear. They are neither too tight nor extra loose. They perfectly hold the foot in the shoes.

How Do Croc Sizes Run?

The sizes of the crocs are the same as the normal footwear size you wear. They are slightly larger or smaller than normal shoes depending on the type of activity you use them for.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right crocs is essential because their sizes vary according to the type of work you use them for. Though the size of the crocs is the same as your normal footwear size, consider how wide or narrow your feet are.

Slightly larger-sized crocs are recommended if you have to do a lot of work standing for several hours. If you have narrow feet, choose your crocs below your normal shoe size.

I hope this guide will be helpful & you know all the information about crocs run big or small.

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