Do Crocs Shrink in the Sun or Extreme Heat?

Crocs are famous shoes that can be paired with many sorts of clothes. But the most asked question about crocs is “Do crocs shrink in the sun or extreme heat?”

If the heat is not much intense, then crocks will shrink a little or not. But at very high temperatures, its manufacturing material will start shrinking.

Crocs will take two days to shrink in not very high heat. That’s why we should not leave the crocs near the sun and keep them in a cool area.

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Reasons Why Crocs Shrink If Left in the Sun

Crocs are made of plastic material, increasing their flexibility and stretch. That’s why they are comfy, and people prefer using them. Croslite material is used, which get shrinks in the sunlight.

This is why this footwear is most likely to shrink in the heat.

The crocs will contract due to intense heat. As a result, their size will also change. Generally, if a man stands in the hot sun for a while, his skin starts burning because of the unbearable heat.

Now just imagine if you put plastic at such a temperature.

Do you think it will not change? No! it will change. Extreme heat coming from the sun will shrink the polymers known as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

Affect on Size

Many users complained that their crocs shrank by 2 – 3 sizes when they were left in the sun. Hard to believe! But it is true. If you leave your crocs in heat even for 30 minutes, you will observe that it no longer fits you.

Both Your crocs don’t need to be affected. It’s a possibility that only one croc is affected. It is so uncomfortable to wear tight crocs and can harm your toes.

You should put your crocs in a cool temperature, and it can only withstand temperatures below that 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other Reason for Crocs Shrink

There are also other reasons for crocs to shrink. Here I will discuss three more ways that shrink crocs.

  • By putting them in a hot car
  • By washing them in the dishwasher
  • By wearing socks

Hot Car

Some people put their shoes in their cars. They change their shoes in the car and wear convenient footwear.  Your crocs will shrink if your car is in a very hot area. I suggest you take your crocs with you or place them safely in a cool area.

Sometimes, people forget to pick up their crocs from the car. They should be careful while leaving the car. That’s why we should not put crocs in the car, especially in very hot temperatures.


Some people like the idea of putting their crocs in the dishwasher to clean dirt on them. It might seem a very good thing to do. But I will not recommend you to do it. It causes the shrinking of your crocs.

I know you are thinking how this is even possible!

Let me tell you one thing: it produces little heat when we wash dishes in the dishwasher. The same thing happens to crocs when we clean them in the washer. It results in the shrinking of crocs. It will cause more damage than benefit.

Another reason why I advised you not to clean the dishwasher is that it also doesn’t clean properly. You should clean your crocs yourself for a better experience.

Wearing Socks

Wearing thick socks is a temporary solution to shrink crocs. Socks take the additional place of crocs. However, it is not a permanent solution but you can use this method if your shoe size is big.

Can You Unshrink?

If your crocs get shrink in summer, then it doesn’t mean that you can’t unshrink them. There are different methods to unshrink them. Every crocs material is not always the same, so there could be a little change in its formula.

You can unshrink them by putting your crocs in boiling water for a few seconds. Then cool them down, so you wear them. Make sure they are not hot anymore; otherwise, they will burn your feet. Remember that safety comes first.

Now wear your crocs and go for a walk.

You can also use a hair dryer to unshrink them. It sounds unreal, but it is true. Put your hair dryer a little away from your crocs so it will not damage them. It stretches and softens the crocs with hot air.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Crocs Shrink in Water?

No, crocs only shrink in the heat. Water does not shrink your crocs. You can wear them even in water. It will not affect your crocs.

Do Crocs Shrink in The Freezer?

Crocs don’t shrink in the freezer. They shrink when they are exposed to very high temperatures. So, if you want to shrink them, you should place them in heat.

How Long Does It Take for Crocs to Shrink in The Sun?

 It takes almost 30 minutes to shrink in extreme heat. At not-so-hot temperatures, it takes hours to shrink. You will notice the change in its size after putting it at high heat. As a result, their size reduces.

How Do You Unshrink Crocs Shoes?

To unshrink your crocs, you have to first dip them in hot water.

Then put them in a freezer to cool down so in this way they will not deform your toes. Lastly, stretch them with your feet. I recommend you wear socks so your feet won’t burn.

Can Crocs Shrink in A Hot Car

Putting your crocs in the car is not an advisable idea. Crocs shrink in the car during extreme heat. You should take your crocs with you while leaving the car. Precautions are better than damage.


In the end, I want to say that don’t ever put your crocs in high heat. It will shrink and ruin them. Most people do a big mistake by placing their crocs at high temperatures for drying purposes.

If you want to dry your crocs after washing them then put them in a not very extreme temperature. Otherwise, you will end up ruining your high-quality and cool shoes.

You must store your crocs in a cool place. I hope this article was helpful & you know all about crocs shrink in sun or heat. Comment down below if you are facing any other kind of problem.

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