Do Hoka Shoes Run Big or Small? (Hoka Sizing Chart)

Do you want to know whether Hoka shoes will fit true to your size? Are you confused about choosing the right size? In this article, we will discuss whether Hoka shoes run big or small and its sizing chart.

Hoka shoes are well-known due to more room in front of the toes and low heels. They provide comfort on each footstep with their great cushioning, making you feel like you are moving on air.

They are best for wearers who want the best performance without losing relaxation. As running shoes, Hoka footwear is outstanding and more consistent in size.

do hoka shoes run big

Do Hoka Shoes Run Big or Small?

In general, the Hoka shoes fit every size. But, in most cases, there are always a few exceptions. At this time, the most common Hoka shoes and their sizes are given below.

1. Hoka Clifton 7 Sizing

These shoes come true in size and fit perfectly on the feet. Moreover, they are not too tight at the front of the toes and midfoot. They are the best choice if you want to relax your feet because they are so easygoing.

A smooth ride can be enjoyed by wearing this comfy footwear. Your walking speed will be increased if you wear them, but they are not so adaptable on the market.

The sneakers of Hoka Clifton 7 provide smooth landing and will not hurt your legs even if you wear them all day and walk.


The upper of these shoes is not fully covered; thus, air circulates through them, keeping your feet fresh and cool, especially in summer. The heel collar of these shoes looks so gorgeous and luxurious.

Padding is not used in the upper so much, so they are lightweight. The area surrounding the heel is stable, and the inner side of the heel is very secure.

It holds the foot tightly, so it is unable to move. One side of the tongue is attached to the shoes, which helps keep the foot secure in the footwear.


The Hoka Clifton 6 and 7 models resemble a lot, so if you have used the Clifton 6 version, you will know its comfort and like its Clifton 7 model too.

This footwear has a delicate midsole and becomes too soft in summer when it is too hot. Thus, when the temperature rises, the midsole of these shoes also becomes soft and provides a smooth feeling.


Hoka Shoes Women’s size 8 have 7.9 oz or 198g weight while gent’s size 9 have 9.1 oz or 255g. The 7 model of Hoka Clifton footwear is 0.3 oz more lightweight than version 6.


The difference in tallness between the forefoot and heel is known as the drop of a shoe. If the drop is greater, the angle between the forefoot and heel will be steeper.

For example, when your foot is shoeless, the drop will be 0 because the forefoot and heel are touching the ground at the same level. Thus, the drop of the Hoka Clifton 7 shoes is 5mm.

Stack Tallness

In the heel area, the height is 37mm; in the forefoot, it is 32mm.

2. Hoka Bondi 7 Sizing

Their sneaker’s style runs true to size. There is a large padding in these shoes, which have sizes according to every foot, no matter how wide they are.

These sneakers are so comfortable that after wearing them, your feet will not feel the concrete or any surface; this way, they will not hurt.

They are ideal for normal days if you have to walk long distances and want to run for a long time. They should not be used for sports because they are too heavy.


The upper of these shoes is made of a new design that allows air to easily pass through them, thus keeping your feet fresh and not letting sweating occur. However, wear thick socks if you have to use them in cold weather.

The heel counter is the shoe part that provides stability to the rear of the foot. It is available with pull tabs at the back of these shoes, which give sturdiness to your foot.

This feature is very helpful in winter when your toes are too cold, like frozen, so you will insert your feet by pulling these tabs. It also helps in taking off the shoes.


CMEVA (compression molded-EVA) feature in these shoes will not hurt your feet and provides comfort.


Gent’s size 9 has 11.1 oz or 311 g weight while lady’s size 8 has 10 oz or 283 g. As we know that these shoes are heavy but even then, they provide comfort.


As a shoe’s drop is the difference in tallness between the forefoot and the heel, the drop of Hoka Bondi 7 is 4mm.

Stack Tallness

The height in the heel is 40mm, while in the forefoot, it is 36mm.

3. Hoka Mach 4 Sizing

The size Hoka Mach 4 runs true to size with no issues. This footwear doesn’t have extra room in front of the toes, so if your feet are wide or you want a slight space in front of your feet, you must select a wider one.

However, if you want perfectly fit shoes on your feet to walk faster, choose ones that fit with regular width. The Mach 4 model size is ideal on your feet like a glove.

You can wear them on easy and hectic days to run for long or normal distances. They should not be used while working because they don’t provide much easiness during workouts.


The design of these shoes is made in a way that it is so breathable, but its breathability is not extremely high. Its tongue is thin, and the lower part is attached to the shoes.

The heel counter of these shoes is also so stable that it provides 100% sturdiness to the feet. Many people like the areas around the heel, so now Hoka makes this design in all its models.

The collar of the ankle is not only good-looking but also comfortable.


The midsole of this footwear is made by CMEVA, which has a softer density. Through this technology, the landing is very soft by the heels.

The midsole of Mach 3 was hard and thick as compared to its model 4. So, that version provided so tough landing through their midsoles.


Lady’s size 8 has 198.4 g or 7.2 oz weight while men’s size has 226 g or 8 oz heaviness. The Mach 4 model of Hoka is 0.5 oz lighter as compared to Clifton 7 model.


The drop of Hoka Mach 4 is the same as that of Hoka Clifton 7, which is 5mm.

Stack Tallness

In the forefoot, it is 30mm, and in the heel, it is 35mm. The midsole stack height of Mach 4 is 5mm more compared to Mach 3.

4. Hoka Rincon

From heel to toe, the size of this footwear runs true to size. Since these shoes have a narrow front, they will not be suitable for you if your feet are wide from the front.

The upper of these shoes is not made of hard materials but soft. If you want perfectly tight shoes on your feet in the midsoles and toe-box, you must check them twice before buying.

But they should not be chosen for working in wet areas or skateboarding.

The Rincon model of Hoka provides versatile footwear. For walking with long distances, easy-day, or tempo runs, you can use them. If you want to run on doorways, they provide softness, and you will achieve a quicker result.


The weight of these Hoka shoes is really low due to the single layer of mesh. This layer is so lightweight and breathable. Hoka Rincon shoes keep your feet cool by passing air properly on hot days.


The midsole is made with CMEVA technology. There is high-quality cushioning, which makes it so comfortable. Due to its lightweight, you can increase your speed a lot. It is famous for its wide midsole, thus giving a very stable ride.


Lady’s Size 8 weight is 198 g or 7 oz, and gent’s size 9 have 198.4 or 7.5 oz.


The drop of Hoka Rinkon footwear is 5mm, like most Hoka shoes.

Stack Tallness

It is 27mm in the forefoot, and in the heel, it is 32 mm.

Size Chart of Hoka Shoe

Hoka Men’s Shoes Size Chart

Centimeter  Inches US UK EU
22.00 8.66 4 3 ½ 36
22.50 8.86 4 ½ 4 36 ⅔
23.00 9.06 5 4 ½ 37 ⅓
23.50 9.25 5 ½ 5 38
24.00 9.45 6 5 ½ 38 ⅔
24.50 9.65 6 ½ 6 39 ⅓
25.00 9.84 7 6 ½ 40
25.50 10.04 7 ½ 7 40 ⅔
26.00 10.24 8 7 ½ 41 ⅓
26.50 10.43 8 ½ 8 42
27.00 10.63 9 8 ½ 42 ⅔
27.50 10.83 9 ½ 9 43 ⅓
28.00 11.02 10 9 ½ 44
28.50 11.22 10 ½ 10 44 ⅔
29.00 11.42 11 10 ½ 45 ⅓
29.50 11.61 11 ½ 11 46
30.00 11.81 12 11 ½ 46 ⅔
30.50 12.01 12 ½ 12 47 ⅓
31.00 12.2 13 12 ½ 48
31.50 12.4 13 ½ 13 48 ⅔
32.00 12.6 14 13 ½ 49 ⅓
33.00 12.99 15 14 ½ 50⅔


Hoka Women’s Shoes Size Chart

Centimeter  Inches US UK EU
22.00 8.66 5 3 ½ 36
22.50 8.86 5 ½ 4 36 ⅔
23.00 9.06 6 4 ½ 37 ⅓
23.50 9.25 6 ½ 5 38
24.00 9.45 7 5 ½ 38 ⅔
24.50 9.657 7 ½ 6 39 ⅓
25.00 9.84 8 6 ½ 40
25.50 10.04 8 ½ 7 40 ⅔
26.00 10.24 9 7 ½ 41 ⅓
26.50 10.43 9 ½ 8 42
27.00 10.63 10 8 ½ 42 ⅔
27.50 10.83 10 ½ 9 43 ⅓
28.00 11.02 11 9 ½ 44
28.50 11.22 11 ½ 10 44 ⅔
29.00 11.42 12 10 ½ 45 ⅓
29.50 11.61 12 ½ 11 46
30.00 11.81 13 11 ½ 46 ⅔
30.50 12.01 13 ½ 12 47 ⅓
31.00 12.2 14 12 ½ 48
31.50 12.4 14 ½ 13 48 ⅔
32.00 12.6 15 13 ½ 49 ⅓
33.00 12.99 16 14 ½ 50⅔


Should You Wear Larger-Sized Shoes in Hoka?

When buying your Hoka shoes, you should check them thoroughly by walking or running in them for a while. Select a pair of shoes that accurately fit your feet, neither too tight nor too large.

In case you feel pain while wearing them or any inconvenience, you should choose a size up. Too tight shoes can cause blisters on your toes or any other skin problems.

After unpacking the shoes, Hoka footwear is normally ready to use, but if your foot hurts after wearing them, they are not your size.

When your shoes don’t hold your foot properly while working, the foot comes out repeatedly, and you can’t do any task appropriately; in such case, you should choose one size down.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hoka Shoes

To make them the best Hoka running shoes, they are always improving. This footwear is popular due to the introduction of new technologies to help runners.

They also utilize the feedback of the wearers to improve them more. For example, recently, many customers complained about the shoe’s inappropriate fitting, so they have changed their sizing system accordingly.

No other company provides such a quick improvement in their footwear due to customer complaints like the Hoka company. Hoka shoes have many pros, which are given below. However, they also have a few disadvantages.


1. Outstanding Padding

A thick padding is placed in the insoles of the shoes, providing softness and comfort due to its excellent cushioning; no other shoes can absorb impacts as Hoka can.

Moreover, the speedboat Hoka shoes are far more cushioned compared to any other footwear.

2. Durability

Hoka One running shoes are well-known for sports or hiking because they are the sturdiest. Their uppers and soles are very thick.

The appearance of this footwear is not so attractive, but it can last for hundreds of years, and you can run in these shoes thousands of kilometers.

3. Upgraded Stability

With the rock plate on the Hoka one shoes, you can prevent foot injuries from sharp and large rocks. It also helps in balancing your foot when you have to climb slopes or stairs.

These shoes are ideal for most people who can’t keep themselves in balance while walking.

4. Hold Feet Properly

If you are walking on soil trails, stones, or rough surfaces, these shoes will hold your feet accurately and prevent falling.

5. Inexpensive

This footwear is less costly than Salomon or New Balance running shoes. You will need only $130 to buy the new pair of Hoka shoes.

Additional Advantages

  • The quality of Hoka shoes is outstanding.
  • It comes in superb design and is very comfortable.
  • There are many options available for different types of activities.
  • It is very helpful in releasing stress on the body while running or walking.
  • Due to their original technologies, these shoes provide a better result than any other footwear on the market.
  • Hoka One One shoes are the best sports footwear compared to others.


  • These shoes have a larger sole, so they look so big when you wear them. Thus, people will keep staring at your feet. This is your choice if you want to wear them; however, they are so large-sized shoes that it’s difficult to match them with any outfit.
  • These shoes provide excellent grip, but their flexibility is not so well. For example, wearing them for Crossfit or weightlifting activities will hurt your foot due to their sturdiness. Its reason is that they don’t have much padding compared to other shoes.

What Size of Hoka Shoes Should I Purchase?

Hoka One One running shoes have a wide variety of sizing. They come with a large toe box, so you may have to choose half a size or full size down from your normal footwear.

However, if you have used Asics, Brooks, or New Balance and that size is fine on your foot, you should select the same size of Hoka shoes. In this case, they will come true to size.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lady’s Hoka Shoes Fit on Size?

Generally, these shoes run true to size. However, if you find them too large on your shoes, you can choose half a size down.

Do the Size of Hoka Bondi Run True?

Hoka shoes have a large toe-box, but they generally run true to size. The Hoka Bondi 8 model is available in both regular and wide designs. The regular fit also gives the best results and gives no tightness, squeezing, or no hot points.

How to Select the Right Size of Hoka Shoes?

If you find it difficult to buy the right size of shoes, follow these steps:

  • To determine the width, find the distance below the football to the outside, underneath the little toe base.
  • Do this on both feet. The greater measurement shows the breadth of the foot. Within 0.5mm, round them up or down to the nearest size.

Is the Size of Hokas Shoes Larger Compared to Brooks?

Brooks and Hoka shoes are different in terms of sizing and fitting. If you wear the exact size of Hoka shoes, they will run true to the size, while in the case of Brooks, you will have to choose half a size up.

Why Are Hoka Shoes Painful?

It has been researched that running in Hoka One One or other such shoes rise the hazard of injury because if you run in them, your legs will move by higher and faster forces, and your ankle and foot motion will be altered.

Final Thoughts

Hoka footwear is a great choice for everyone, whether beginners or expert runners; however, you have to select the suitable size and model. Generally, these shoes come true in size.

They have wide toe-box and small heels, which is why they are popular. As running shoes need slightly extra space for your toes, it might be crucial to select a larger size compared to your normal casual shoes.

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