Do Hoka Shoes Run True to Size?

Do you want to know the most important factor to consider while purchasing Hoka running shoes?

Any running shoes will perform excellently if they properly fit on your feet. Buying the exact size according to your feet will increase performance and decrease foot injuries, hurting toes, heels, and ankles.

So, while purchasing them, keep in your mind that you must buy ones that run true to size. Luckily, Hoka running shoes have the same size as your normal footwear, but there are differences between men’s and women’s.

In this article, we will discuss whether Hoka shoes run true to size.

do hoka shoes run true to size

Is Hoka Running Footwear True to Size?

Genuine running shoes hold the ground firmly by directly touching it. Furthermore, their weight is too low, and they have broader midsoles. However, the sizing details of men’s and women’s Hoka shoes are written below.

Hoka Running Shoes Men’s

They are lightweight and have wider midsoles, so they run true to size. As a result, you will not feel difficulty while wearing the shoes, and the broader midsoles will not create an uncomfortable feeling.

Definitely, no one wants to spend money on buying the wrong size; too large shoes that slip off or too tight ones that hurt your foot. Everyone wants to purchase running shoes that are perfect for activities like running, walking, and exercising.

The soles of Hoka shoes are too sturdy, and there is high-quality padding, so they will be comfortable no matter how wide your feet are.

Their wider midsole is an ideal thing for people with broader feet. The broader midsoles also push your feet into the shoes more.

Hoka Running Shoes Women’s

The sizes of men’s and women’s Hoka shoes are different; Lady’s shoes are usually smaller than the gent’s ones.

In reality, Hoka women’s shoes are not designed to run true to size. If you want to purchase a standard lady’s size, you must choose half a size lower than the given size.

Hoka Bondi

We know that Hoka running shoes run true to size; however, some of this footwear doesn’t fit properly. Hoka Bondi models fit correctly because they have extra room in front of the shoes and more padded soles to adjust the wider feet.

This is the reason that these shoes are best for easy days, normal distances, and extended runs. However, if you have wider feet, the midfoot and forefoot may not fit properly due to the narrow design of the Hoka Bondi shoes.

Therefore it is strongly suggested that you check them at least once when buying them. When the shoe size matches the length of your feet, and you are comfortable in it, choose that model.

Hoka Clifton

Like many Hoka running shoes, Hoka Clifton footwear has slightly more cushioning, providing a comfortable ride. It is also true to size; especially, model 7 doesn’t hurt the midfoot or toe-box by creating problems.

On the other hand, these shoes have so much space to hold the broader foot easily. Furthermore, the shoes are so comfortable for daily work or exercise due to the supportive upper and luxurious cushioning.

Clifton 8

The Clifton 8 model is a little narrow for your midfoot but delivers stability and support. Besides, these shoes have a large volume, so it is necessary to check them before buying because narrow feet possess low volume, and you will not be comfortable in them.

How Do You Tell If My Hoka Shoes Are Wide?

The midsoles of Hoka shoes are broader than all other brand footwear. If the shoes are wider, there will be more space for your foot to fit into. So this is a plus point for broader feet.

This type of footwear provides more space to ensure that the shoes won’t feel pressed when running long distances.

Hoka has made various models so you can choose any one according to your choice. On the other hand, if your feet are thin, this footwear is not the ideal choice. Because narrow feet will slide into the shoes or the toes will move to the front of the footwear.

Additionally, Hoka shoes will provide ideal support if your feet are flat. But if your feet have a high arch, you must use shoes that have more stability and padding. You must know about all types of the foot to understand the required support.

Comparison of Hoka Shoes Fitting with Nike or Other Popular Brands

The Hoka shoe sizing might be identical or different from other brands. We have compared the sizing of these shoes with other products, which are given below.

Here you will see which brands have the same size as Hoka footwear and which companies have different ones.

Sizing of Hoka Men’s Shoes vs Other Popular Brands

Foot length (mm) Hoka Asics  Brooks Adidas Nike
260 8 8 8 9 9
270 9 9 9 10 10
280 10 10 10 11 11


Sizing of Hoka Women’s Shoes vs Other Popular Brands

Foot length (mm) Hoka Asics  Brooks Adidas Nike
230 6 6 6 6.5 6.5
240 7 7 7 7.5 7.5
250 8 8 8 8.5 8.5


How to Determine Hoka Shoe Size?

It is necessary to grab the right footwear size, especially if you want running shoes. You should make sure that they fit properly on your feet. If they are too loose or excessively tight, your performance will be very bad, and you will experience so many injuries.

Consider the following things if you are going to choose the size of your Hoka shoes.

Appropriate Toe Fit

There should be a suitable gap between the toes and the end of the shoes. The distance must be about the width of a thumb.

Heel and Midfoot Fit

The shoes should hold the heel and midfoot properly but make sure they are not too tight. Observe the shape of your feet thoroughly to get the right shoe size.

Compared to other brands, Hoka is popular for its comfortable padded soles. The more excessive cushioning is made in the soles, the more room you have to adjust your foot, and you will not feel a painful walk.

This is the reason that Hoka shoes are best for wide or flat feet. However, they are not the ideal option for thin feet because your feet will move forward to the front of the shoes, and you will experience restless walking or running.

If you purchase running shoes for the first time, you should check them properly by wearing them in the shoe store. You know shoes are best if they fit properly on the midfoot and heel, but there must be extra space in front of the toes.

In some stores, there are treadmills that customers use to check the size of their shoes by running in them.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Size of Hoka Shoes the Same as Casual Footwear?

If you have New Balance, Brooks, or Asics that fit properly on your feet, choose the same size Hoka shoes. In this situation, the size of this footwear will run true to size.

How to Identify What Size of Hoka Shoes Must Be Purchased?

If you find it difficult to choose the right type of Hoka shoes, you must keep the following things in mind.

  • Find the distance underneath the football to the outside, under the little toe base, to determine the width.
  • Measure this distance on both feet. The greater dimension will be the foot width. You can round the given measurement to the nearest size within 0.05mm.

While Buying Hoka Running Shoes, Should You Look for One Size Greater Footwear?

When you buy your new running shoes, they will expand naturally if you use them daily. This shows that buying slightly larger footwear will be better.

How is the Sizing in Hoka Shoes?

Generally, Hoka running shoes should be half a size greater than your casual footwear. Thus, when you find the length and breadth of your foot, look for a running shoe that is half a size greater than the footwear you normally wear.

What is the Fitting of Hoka Shoes vs Nike?

It has been seen that Nike running shoes run small; however, Hoka footwear runs true to size. On the other hand, some models of different brands are slightly thinner compared to others.

Final Thoughts

With their outstanding performance, many different types of running shoes are available in the market. For example, Hoka running shoes are famous due to the comfort and support they provide to users.

On the other hand, other running shoes like Nike run narrow but deliver good performance due to the high-quality material. You should select the type of shoes that works well and does not hurt your foot.

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