Do Reeboks Run Big or Small?

Do you want to grab a pair of Reeboks shoes but want to know whether they fit true to size? Want to choose a comfortable fitting for your foot?

The shoe-manufacturing brand Reeboks started its business in 1983 but later became so popular that its products are sold worldwide.

At first, it was just a running shoe industry, but due to features like comfort and a clean look, they started manufacturing various products.

So if you are going to buy a pair of Reebok shoes, make sure their size is correct. For this purpose, you must understand its sizing.

I have created an ultimate Reebok sizing guide here, so it is recommended to read it thoroughly to know whether Reeboks run big or small.

do reeboks run big or small

Do Reebok Shoes Run Big or Small?

Generally, this footwear is true to size. But remember that this rule applies to Reebok classic shoes only.

However, Reebok leather-style footwear runs slightly narrow on people with wider feet, making them a bit suffocated. Besides that, if you normally wear 8-size shoes, the same size Reebok footwear will be accurate on your feet.

Furthermore, people whose foot size is between two figures must choose the upper size instead of going a size down. To get the perfect size of Reebok shoes, I recommend measuring your foot from the longest toe to the back of your heel.

Reebok Size Chart for Men and Women Shoes

You will be spending more on buying Reebok shoes because they are costly, so carefully check their size before making the purchase. I have given the Reebok size guide in the following table.

Reebok shoe sizing is measured in different ways all over the world. For example, the 7-size shoe in America will be 39 in Europe and 6 in the UK.

Furthermore, Reeboks can be 0.5 to 1.5 American sizes larger than average among 190+ brands of shoes, depending on the size. Therefore, before choosing a size, it’s strongly recommended to measure your foot precisely.

Sizing Men’s Shoes

Foot-length(cm) EU UK US
22.5 34 2.5 3.5
23 34.5 3 4
23.3 35 3 ½ 4.5
23.5 36 4 5
23.6 36.5 4 ½ 5.5
24 37.5 5 6
24.5 38.5 5 ½ 6.5
25 39 6 7
25.5 40 6 ½ 7.5
26 40.5 7 8
26.5 41 7 ½ 8.5
27 42 8 9
27.5 42.5  8 ½ 9.5
28 43 9 10
28.5 44 9 ½ 10.5
29 44.5 10 11
29.5 45 10 ½ 11.5
30 45.5 11 12
30.5 46 11 ½ 12.5
31 47 12 13
31.5 48 12 ½ 13.5
32 48.5 13 14

Sizing Women’s Shoes

Foot-length(cm)  EU UK US
22 35 2.5 5
22.5 35.5 3 5.5
23 36 3 ½ 6
23.5 37 4 6.5
24 37.5 4 ½ 7
24.5 38 5 7.5
25 38.5 5 ½ 8
25.5 39 6 8.5
26 40 6 ½ 9
26.5 40.5 7 9.5
27 41 7 ½ 10
27.5 42 8 10.5
28 42.5 8 ½ 11
29 44 9 ½ 12

Are Reebok Classic Shoes Broad or Thin?

In my opinion, the width of Reebok classic shoes is regular, the same as other types of old-fashioned athletic footwear. Don’t think that they would be too broad or too narrow.

You can expect them to be wider shoes, but they are not extremely wide. If your feet are too broad, then go for a size up. The good news for people with wider feet is that Reeboks provide a wide variety of broad shoes.

The company has manufactured this footwear in a way that slightly extra space is left to provide a comfortable feeling in all your activities like running, jumping, walking, etc.

So if you find it difficult to get the perfect size for your wider feet, don’t worry; Reebok has solved your issue. This brand offers footwear for all occasions, from classic and formal shoes to trendy and fancy ones.

Tips for Buying Accurate Size of Reebok Shoes

When you are going to find the exact size of Reebok shoes that perfectly fit your feet, follow these tips.

Measuring your foot from heel to toe is the best method to find the correct size. For this purpose, you will need a few things like a blank white sheet of paper, a pencil, a ruler, and socks.

Wear socks, stand, and put your foot on the paper. Now, outline your foot using a pencil. Ask someone to help you make the diagram to draw the shape more precisely.

It is important to wear socks before making the sketch because you have to ensure that there is additional room in the footwear to fit your sock-covered foot comfortably.

Now take the ruler and measure the sketch from the big toe to the back of the heel. To get a more precise measurement, you must take it during the night because, during the day, your foot is swollen for some reason.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Reebok Sneakers True to Size?

Generally, all the types of Reebok footwear are true to the usual size. You can choose one size up if you want to get a looser fit, while if you are looking for a tighter fitting, select one size down.

While Choosing Reebok, Should You Size up Or Down?

We know that the Reebok shoes are true to size generally. However, you can select a lower size if you want tight-fitted shoes. Moreover, for loose-fitting, go a size up.

Is Reebok Club C Sizing True?

The footwear of Reebok Club C is accurate according to the size you normally wear, and you feel comfortable. They are true to size, and you will not experience foot problems after wearing them.

Can People with Wider Feet Wear Reebok Club C?

Generally, Reebok Club C footwear runs true to size, but its Club C 85 model is slightly narrow and delivers a tight fitting. Eventually, people with extra wide feet may find the models with leather uppers extremely uncomfortable.

In this case, people who suffer from foot problems should go a size up.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide will help you understand whether Reeboks run big or small. Generally, they are true to size, and I recommend you don’t waste time checking the bigger or smaller sizes.

Due to the lightweight EVA midsole of Reebok classic shoes, you will achieve all-day comfort without fearing restlessness.

However, before buying, it is necessary to take help from their sizing chart and measure your foot precisely to get the perfect fit.

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