Do You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes?

Are you wondering if you should wear socks with hey dudes or not?

Socks are an important component of shoes that help in maintaining health and give warmth in winter. Hey dude shoes are built with canvas and cotton that are surprisingly comfortable.

Aside from their breathability and cushioning feature, wearing socks increase their functionality and prevents feet from dirt and fungus.

It’s up to you whether you like to wear socks with Hey dudes or not. Surprisingly, Hey Dudes look stylish in both ways. Indeed, socks give a more wonderful look to them.

Hang on with me to know more about wearing socks with hey dude shoes.

do you wear socks with hey dudes

Do You Wear Socks with Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey dude shoes are also appropriate for wearing barefoot. You can wear these comfortable shoes with or without socks. Their cushioning foam and canvas material are firm enough to keep your feet breathable.

If you want to protect your feet from fungal infection, bruises and blisters then you should try to put on socks with hey dudes.

Reasons Hey Dude Can Be Worn without Socks

What are the qualities and features that make hey dudes go without socks? What are the things that provide warmth and comfort to them without wearing socks?

Here I will explain the top five reasons that make hey dude shoes acceptable without socks.

  • Comfortable and flexible upper
  • Outstanding cushioning
  • Easy fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable

1. Comfortable and Flexible Upper

These shoes are highly admirable due to their flexible and stretching upper. Hey dude boots are constructed with classic textiles. The textile is either stretchy, Canvas or knit.

Such types of materials make these shoes amazingly flexible and protect your feet. Not only this but the upper of the footwear is also helpful in stretching and molding the shape of the footwear according to your feet.

Hey dudes upper does not give you tension about bruises or blisters. When you wear them the whole day, you can move your feet freely in these shoes,

2. Outstanding Cushioning

No doubt, comfort was the basic principle behind the making of the shoes. The insole of the footwear is constructed with foam that makes them comfortable. It also works as a shock absorber.

This ultralight sole provides maximum grip. Not only that, there is a lining inside of these shoes to make them comfortable.

It is perfect for those people who have wide feet because they enable your toes to bend. They don’t restrict the feet’ movement. Due to these cushions, we don’t need to wear them with socks.

3. Easy fitting

Hey dude shoes do not come as tight footwear. Normally they have a loose fitting. they are designed with laces that give minor modifications. They also have an elastic band that provides more grip around the side and heel.

The bands also give a secure hold on the floor. This feature holds your boots in one place during jogging or working. You will not feel tired by wearing this footwear the whole day and will not cause foot problems.

4. Lightweight

The boots are light in weight and feel like you are just wearing socks. Their weight is about 150 grams that are way too light than other shoes which weigh about 270 grams.

Another factor that makes these shoes perfect to wear without socks is their lightweight due to the textile upper, foam midsole, and EVA outsole.

5. Breathability

The textile upper provides a flow of air around your feet. Thanks to the manufacturer for making it Breathable. Hye dudes are not a good option to wear in a wet environment.

However, these are the favorite pair of shoes of many people.

Benefits of Hye Dudes Shoes with Socks

There are many advantages of wearing hey dude Slip-on shoes with socks. Here I will explain all the benefits of socks.

  • Breathability
  • Prevents Perspiration and bad odor
  • It’s Hygienic
  • Protect from blisters
  • Give protection to feet from rough surface
  • Support your feet
  • Prevent injuries
  • Coordinate with your outfit
  • Reduce rubbing

Without taking much time let’s dive in!

1. Breathability

One of the interesting things about these non-Slip hey dudes is that they are made up of textile material that allows the circulation of the air. Wearing Socks with shoes protects you from the cool air. So it is better to put socks on.

2. Prevents Perspiration and Bad Odor

Our feet are made up of almost 250000 sweat glands. Socks work as a double layer of protection and protect your body from sweating as the manufacturing material of shoes is breathable. This will help to eliminate the unpleasant smell from the feet.

3. It’s Hygienic

This is good for your health to wear socks because they provide warmth to your feet and prevent sweat that is more likely to give a growth environment to bacteria. This can be avoided by wearing socks with hey dudes.

4. Protect from blisters

People often face the problem of blister formation on their feet. They take it as a normal process of wearing Hey dudes but it is not. Socks decrease blister formation because they reduce friction.

5. Give Protection to The Feet from The Rough Surfaces

Another issue that people face by wearing the hey dude Slip-on is they feel like something is itching their feet.

It takes time to break in the shoes so socks make your boots comfy to walk on rough surfaces. If you step on some hard object then socks will not let it hurt your feet. They act as a perfect barrier between shoes and feet.

6. Supports Your Feet

Socks offer extra support to these comfortable shoes. If you have participated in some activity then wear socks to walk easily.

They will not hurt your feet and make your footwear durable and comfortable.

7. Prevents Injuries

Socks work as a shock absorber and cushion your steps. Hey dudes are lightweight shoes that enable you to move freely. In this way, socks protect your feet from severe injuries.

Furthermore, they also prevent scars and bruises formation.

8. Coordinate with The Outfit

Socks look superb with your matching outfit. Pair your favorite designed socks with your outfit. This will give you a trendy and stylish look. Style your outfit with different kinds of socks.

9. Reduce Rubbing

Socks maintain your feet in one place and decrease the rubbing between shoes and the feet. In that case, they prevent the itchiness of the feet.

Is It Necessary to Wear Socks while Wearing Hey Dudes?

Is it important to put on socks with Hey dudes? If it is yes, then why? No worries because I do have plenty of reasons to wear socks with my Hey dude shoes. I will talk about them one by one.

1. Chilly Season

If it’s snowing outside then will you not wear socks with your shoes? Undoubtedly, you will. Socks are an essential component to make your feet warm.

2. Wearing Socks with Pants is Normal

Socks look cool with pants. Mostly, it looks weird when people don’t wear socks with trousers. If you are wearing shorts and want to cover your ankles then socks are the perfect option.

3. Show Others that You Are a Decent Person

When someone admires your adorable shoes, make sure to tell them how difficult it was for you to find the perfect pair of socks with them.

Your look will ruin if your socks and Hey dudes do not match. The way you style your shoes also indicates your personality in fashion.

4. Protect Your Feet

Our first goal is to keep ourselves healthy. For this purpose, you have to select accurate socks that don’t let your feet suffocate and are not made with poor quality. Socks make your feet dry.

 5. Easy to Keep Clean

It’s easy to clean socks than your shoes. Wearing shoes without socks make them dirty over time. If you put on socks then they will not get dirty easily.

6. There is Nothing Wrong with Not Wearing Socks

Don’t be afraid of what people will think about you if you don’t wear socks. Just do whatever you like. If you are comfortable without wearing socks then you don’t have to put them on.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Supposed to Wear Socks in Hey Dudes?

The decision is yours because these shoes are comfortable and durable. But if you desire extra protection for your feet then you should put on socks with them.

What Kind of Socks Do People Wear with Hey Dudes?

Are Hey Dudes Made for Walking?

Their breathable light Canvas fabric, cushioned insole, ultralight EVA outsole, rounded toe box, and loose fitting make hey dudes perfect for running and walking. These stylish and affordable shoes can easily stand all day.

Why Are Hey Dudes so Popular?

Alessandro Rosano founded hey dudes in 2008. He released his first Slip single-style shoe called hey dudes wally Sox which become popular among the people due to its lightweight and supportive features. Their sustainable materials and stylish look made them famous.

Do You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes and Shorts?

I do wear socks with hey dudes and shorts. This gives a classic and trendy look to them. I prefer wearing socks with shorts. Long socks are better than shorts. Sometimes I wear socks and other times I don’t. Both looks are fine.


It is okay if you don’t like wearing socks with hey dudes. Make sure to keep your feet dry in that case. If you want to make your feet healthy then socks protect your feet from diseases.

Ankle-length socks are ideal if you want to make them visible and low-cut socks are perfect for an invisible look. Prepare your socks and shoes fully before going out.

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