Do You Wear Socks with Uggs?

Want to wear uggs with socks but heard from many people that it is not a good idea? Or maybe you think your feet will stink if you don’t wear them.

Uggs allow the air to pass and do not form sweat, so wearing socks is unimportant. On the other hand, wearing socks can provide a suitable environment for bacteria growth.

In this post, I will explain, “is it good to wear socks with uggs?”.

Let’s go!

do you wear socks with uggs

Can You Wear UGG Without Socks?

The main purpose of wearing socks is to provide comfort and warmth to your feet. Thankfully, uggs offer all these features, so you don’t need to put your socks on purpose.

Ugg shoes are good insulators, so if you prefer wearing socks to provide warmth, the leather of uggs does the job best.

The sheepskin of these shoes regulates the body temperature and is the best replacement for socks. Moreover, the shoe material is thick and acts as a natural thermostat.

Do You Wear Socks with UGG?

Uggs boots are built to be worn barefooted, so socks are not required. They are constructed with sheepskin which is very soft leather. It maintains the body temperature and absorbs all the moisture from your body.

The material of uggs comes with high quality that can be worn on bare feet. That’s why wearing uggs without socks is normal.

Also, if you like to wear socks with uggs, it is your choice, and you can do whatever you want. There is no problem with it.

What Socks to Wear with UGGs?

There are multiple socks options available in the market. The best materials for socks are wool, cotton, and bamboo.

To save you from this confusion, I have concluded the best stocks to buy:

1. UGG Classic Boot Socks

The classic boot socks are constructed with 2% polyester, 38% nylon, 58% Merino Wool, and 2% Elastane. These socks are breathable and enhance the wearing experience of the uggs.

Also, these socks protect the shoes from slipping, and the ribbed trim keeps them in one place.

2. Three Street Warm Thermal Socks

The interesting thing about this is that these socks are much warmer than wool and cotton. The high-quality fibers give your feet warmth in cold weather.

Furthermore, their weight is light and provides full comfort.

3. Gellwhu Cotton Knit Boot Socks

The unique lace trim design of the socks enhances your experience when you pair them with uggs. Gellwu socks will not go wrong in cold weather.

4. Carhartt Women’s Knee-High Socks

The lining of the wool makes these socks ideal to wear with uggs. I suggest buying such socks for ladies with smelly feet and looking for anti-bacterial items. You will not feel too tight by wearing these socks.

5. UGG Women’s Beatrice Boot Socks

These socks are constructed in such a way that they are not too thin or thick. This factor makes them acceptable to wear with uggs. You will feel warmth and comfort when wearing them in the cold season.

6. Hugh Ugoli’s Bamboo Socks

These socks are versatile enough to pair with uggs. The outstanding construction and bamboo fabric make them breathable and warm simultaneously. You will not go wrong in these socks, especially on not-very-cold days.

7. Anatolian Bamboo Socks

The thin build of Anatolian socks offers excellent ventilation and absorbs moisture. It will protect your foot from irritation. So you can put them on whenever you want.

Pros & Cons

Following are the pros and cons of wearing socks with uggs.


  • Socks protect your feet from fungal functions.
  • Moreover, they also increase the warmth in your shoes.


  • Socks ruin the looks of the uggs and cause blisters on the feet.
  • Also, they cause muscle strain due to improper blood flow.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to Wear Socks with UGGs?

Uggs are constructed with hollow and soft fibers that play an essential role in maintaining body temperature. That’s why you should prevent wearing socks with uggs.

Why Do People Wear Socks with UGGs?

The main point of wearing socks with uggs is for comfort and warmth. The material of uggs increases comfort and offers arch support. So socks with uggs are not necessary.

When Should You Not Wear UGGs?

You should not wear uggs in warm weather because sheepskin material traps the heat. Avoid wearing them in harsh weather like snow and rain.

Do UGGs Fit Tight at First?

In the beginning, uggs feel tighter fit. They will stretch when you wear them frequently for a few days. They are indeed snug at first.

Do UGGs Smell Without Socks?

The sheepskin material of the uggs causes a smell when you don’t wear them without socks. Socks prevent the foul smell in the shoes.


The concept of wearing socks with uggs is all your choice. I will not recommend putting socks with uggs because they are already made exceptionally warm and comfortable.

If you want to try socks, choose any of the given pairs and keep rotating them if your feet stink. However, follow my tips and don’t skip any points.

Do whatever you like!

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