Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Big or Small? – Ultimate Guide

There is an increase in demand for Hey Dude shoes because of their amazing features and qualities. Moreover, they offer better qualities and no overprices compared to other brands.

Because of its outstanding features, its online purchases increase during a pandemic and after. Above all, they provide flexible and up to mark shoes that everyone will surely love to purchase.

Furthermore, people are giving preference to the hey dude shoes, but when it comes to purchasing, you may think that Hey Dude shoes may run big or small. This might be a tricky question, but don’t worry; I am doing it to cover it.

But wait! I need your attention for a while. Let’s get started without further ado.

hey dude shoes run big or small

Do Hey Dudes Run Big or Small?

These come in full size, not in half sizes. So, if you are wearing half-sized shoes, you should purchase a pair of shoes greater than your number. This is because if you get one smaller number, you will not wear them.

Furthermore, it would help if you bought shoes with little space. So you can freely wriggle your fingers in it. If there is no space, it will also stop blood circulation in your feet.

But the question arises, how could you know your perfect size? Let’s explore this without further ado.

How Do Hey Dude Shoes Fit?

While purchasing shoes, you may think online purchasing may be problematic. Don’t worry; we will tell you each aspect of it, whether for men or women. Let’s explore the detail.

Do You Need to Buy Perfectly Fit Hey Dude Shoes?

No, you don’t need to buy the exact fit because these shoes do not come in the exact size. Moreover, if you are using half sizes shoes, you should buy one size greater than yours.

Hey Dude shoes are designed so you can dance after wearing them. So, you should never purchase a perfect size. After considering the length of the shoes, you might think about the width of the shoes. Keep reading, and you will get valuable information.

Do Hey Dude’s Shoes Come in Narrow or Wide?

No, hey dude wide shoes did not come too wide. Do you know that shoe width is much more concerned with length? There are many cases in which people come with more length but a small width size.

Moreover, you don’t need to purchase too narrow a width of shoes. It focuses on perfect-fit shoes that are not too narrow or wide. So the blood circulation in veins is not disturbed.

But wait! Do you need a custom width? Then you are at the right place.

Hey Dude provides customizable shoe soles according to your needs and requirements. So you can feel better and more comfortable during your walk.

Do All Hey Dude Shoes Comes Wide?

No, it comes in standard sizes, but if you have wider feet, you can also customize the size of the shoes. So, don’t worry about the shoe or its width; you will get a better solution for your problem.

Wait! Wait! Let me share the size chart of all models. So, keep reading without any problem.

Hey Dude Size Chart Explained (Women & Men)

Adult Size Chart

For Women

Heel-toe Measurements US Women  EU Women
8 (5/8) 5 36
9″ 6 37
9 (3/8) 7 38
9 (5/8) 8 39
10″ 9 40
10 (3/8) 10 41
10 (5/8) 11 42
11″ 12  43

For Men

Heel-toe Measurements US Men EU Men
9″ 4 37
9 (3/8) 5 38
9 (5/8) 6 39
10″ 7 40
10 (3/8) 8 41
10 (5/8) 9 42
11″ 10 43
11(3/8)” 11 44
11(5/8)” 12 45
12″ 13 46
12(3/8)” 14 47
12(5/8)” 15 48
13 16 49
13(3/8)” 17 50

Youth and Toddler Size Chart

For Toddlers

Heel-toe Measurements US Toddlers EU Toddlers
4 (7/8) 5 22
5(1/8)” 6 23
5(1/2)” 7 24-25
5(7/8)” 8 26
6(1/8)” 9 27
6(1/2)” 10 28
6(7/8)” 11 29

For Youth

Heel-toe Measurements US Youth EU Youth
6(7/8)” 11 29-30
7(1/8)” 12 31
7(1/2)” 13 32
7(7/8)” 1 33-34
8(1/8)” 2 35
8(1/2)” 3 36
8(7/8)” 4 37
9(1/8)” 5 38


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

There are some related questions about do hey dude shoes run big or small.

Do, Hey Dude Shoes Stretch Out?

Hey Dude provides stretchability and gives you much space for your feet. Moreover, you can wear socks, or you can go without socks. It provides you comfort and ease whenever you wear it.

Above all, the canvas is made of soft material, and the shoes give you a breathable space for your feet. These shoes are enough flexible and stretchable. So, don’t worry about the flexibility of shoes.

Can I Wear Hey Dudes if I Have Wide Feet?

Yes, you can wear Hey Dude shoes with wide feet, but all designs are not available in the wide feet section. To purchase wide feet, you must purchase exact wide-fit shoes from the store. Furthermore, you will find a flexible shoe toe in these shoes.

Do Hey Dudes Fit Differently?

Hey Dudes fit differently for different feet. If you are wearing or need half-sized shoes, you should purchase one size up for your feet. But most people prefer to purchase on size down.

Moreover, it comes in a wide range depending on your feet size. If you want a customized size, you can also place an order for that.

Should One Size up Or Down in Hey Dudes?

After much study and research, I found that the Hey Dude shoes fit your size. Sometimes, there is a chance that you are wearing half-sized shoes, but Hey Dudes comes in Full-size shoes.

So, you have to purchase one size-up number. So you can walk peacefully. Otherwise, you will not be at ease if you purchase a one-down size.

Can You Wear Socks with Hey Dude Shoes?

Yes, you can wear socks with shoes because shoes are quite comfortable and easy to wear. Moreover, these shoes provide comfort and an airy place for your feet.

So, it depends on whether you want to wear socks or not. If you want to wear socks, then you are good to go.


That’s all about Hey Dude. These shoes are famous among adults and children because of their durability and comfort. Do Hey dude shoes run big or small?

It depends on the modules and style used in the various shoes. So, it would help if you considered the factors while purchasing the shoes. If you have wider feet, you can place customizable orders according to your need and requirements.

That’s it, guys; if you have any problem with Hey Dude shoe sizing, you can visit their official site and ask us in the comment section. We will surely solve your query.

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