How Long Are Vans Laces? (Vans Shoelace Size Chart)

Do you want to know the right size of the vans shoe laces? Does each of these footwear models have different lengths of laces?

The most effective method to find the length of your vans shoelaces is to measure them. However, if you cannot get the exact length, you can determine it by finding the number of holes in your footwear.

For this purpose, you will cross-check the number of holes on the vans with the shoelace sizing chart given in this article. This way, you will get what you are looking for easily and quickly.

In this article, we will discuss how long are the vans laces and their size chart.

how long are vans laces

Shoe Lace Lengths of Sneakers Vans

Vans sneakers have three models, SK8-Hi, ERA, and OLD SCHOOL; they all look the same, but their shoelace sizes are different.

1. Vans ERA

This footwear has five pairs of holes for shoelaces. The space between these eyelets (holes) extends as you reach the last one adjacent to the ankle of the foot. A 100CM pair of shoelaces is recommended for the vans ERA model if you are looking for ways to tie your knot in a reasonable size.


This model of vans has 7 – 8 pairs of holes. Its features are similar to the ERA model because the space between the holes increases as you approach the last eyelet. Thus, to tie a knot of reasonable size, you will need a 120CM pair of laces for these seven pairs of eyelets.

However, if your vans have eight pairs of holes, 140CM laces are recommended.

3. Vans SK8-Hi

This model of sneakers vans has eight pairs of eyelets, but the spacing between the holes increases more than the OLD SCHOOL vans. The recommended size for this footwear is 140CM.

Vans Shoelaces Size Chart

Model      Shoelace Size(cm) Shoelace Size(Inches) Eyelets
ERA 90 – 120 45 – 54 5
OLD SKOOL 120 – 140 63 – 72 7 – 8
SK8-Hi 140 72 8

What is the Reason for So Long Laces?

Vans models have long shoelaces because their manufacturers have to cover all their bases. Numerous lacing methods require them to be long. For example, the criss-cross method requires so long shoelaces.

This is the reason that the companies make the size of shoelaces such that the footwear can be laced completely. Also, the size of the vans is looked at while manufacturing laces.

Making different lengths of shoelaces for every shoe number would be expensive for companies; for example, making a separate shoelace for size eight and size 15 vans is not possible. Still, the sizes are so long.

Instead of shortening them, there are different styles to tie. They also make the appearance of your shoes more beautiful.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Length of Vans Old Skool Laces?

Since the pair of eyelets are 7 – 8 in old skool vans, and the space between them is increasing, their shoelaces should be between 120 – 140 cm. If they are seven, 120cm is ideal, but if the pair of holes are 8, the recommended size is 140cm.

How Long Are the Laces of The Vans High Tops?

The shoelace length depends on the pair of eyelets the vans shoes have. Usually, high tops vans have more pairs of holes, so the lace size will also increase. For 8, 9, and 10 pairs of eyelets, the length of shoelaces are 140cm, 150cm, and 180cm, respectively.

Why Are the Shoelaces of Vans so Long?

It is recommended by shoe companies to lace up the shoes no matter which size you wear. The main purpose is that the shoelace should be so long that it can cover every shoe size.

What is the Way to Tie Vans Shoe Laces?

To lace vans shoes put one end of the shoelace in the right eyelet at the bottom of the shoes from the inner side. Now, insert this end into the left hole from the outer side.

Again, put it into the right hole externally until all the eyelets are full and your shoes are completely laced up.

How Long Are the Laces of Sk8-Hi Vans Shoes?

As the pair of eyelets of sk8-Hi vans are eight, the recommended size for their shoelace will be 140cm.

Final Thoughts

Different sneakers models are available in vans footwear, but all don’t have the same size of shoelaces. Although they look very similar, if you examine them closely, you will know that the number of eyelets is different.

Thus the length for each model will also be different. The space between these holes also increases as they reach the topmost eyelets. This is why the size of the lace increases when the pair of holes increases.

It is important to know how long the van’s laces are so that they can be properly tied to avoid the risk of falling.

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