How Long Do Skate Shoes Last?

Are you into skateboarding and trying to find perfect skate shoes that last a maximum of time?

Before examining perfect skateboard shoes, you should also know that, on average, what is the approximate period of a particular shoe?

Let me share the experience of one of my friends who decided to buy these shoes and learned what factors should be considered while making a purchase.

It is not wise to keep paying money on such things to entertain your hobby. Do thorough research, and keep scrolling till the end to brace yourself with some knowledgeable information. Are you ready?

how long do skate shoes last

Importance of Skate Shoes Durability

Whenever we buy a new product, we expect it to last as many years as possible, so we do not have to spend unnecessarily now and then. If the shoes are not made of high-quality material, they will turn into the trash after a few days of doing some kicks.

Moreover, low-quality shoes won’t assist you in the long run, and you will buy them repeatedly. If you go for the quality, you will apply tricky and heavy kicks without damaging your shoes.

In Skateboarding, one has to perform numerous tricks, including power flips, halfpipe flips, ollies, etc, and to succeed in all of them, be mindful of the shoes you wear.

Moreover, cheap skateboard shoes can also hurt your feet, so why take risks when you are already familiar with the cons of low-quality shoe material?

Factors Included to Examine the Shoe Durability

How quickly you learn skateboarding also depends on the type of shoes you are wearing. The feet’ shape varies from person to person, so you need to look for numerous factors before locking the final decision.

I made a detailed list of those attributes I examined when my friend bought his skateboard shoes. Let me share this with everyone, so you do not have to search the entire process.

1. Your Practice Duration

All things aside, the most crucial factor is to estimate how often you will use your shoes. For instance, if you plan to practice skateboarding every day for at least 2 or 3 hours, your shoes will not help you in the long term and will quickly be damaged.

On the other hand, if you have plans to practice only once or twice a week, you can expect it to last a bit longer. Hence, it is important to calculate the duration to get a clear idea.

2. Skateboard Material

There is a board grip tape used on the board body that helps you to get a full grip. This tape is already attached to a few boards that you get pre-assembled, but the boards you create yourself need this tape to be attached.

Different kinds of tapes are available in the market. If you want to check which one is best, you should be familiar with each one.

The most commonly used tape is Standard, which is also perfect for beginners. Other options you can count on are medium and non-abrasive. If you want complete protection of your board, the non-abrasive tape should be your priority.

3. Examine Your Skill

Are you a beginner about to start practicing skateboarding, or are you already a master? Examining your expertise before choosing any particular pair of shoes is crucial.

As a beginner, you will have to practice daily to learn this skill quickly, but if you are already a pro, you won’t have to step on the board every day, so it does make a difference.

4. Skate Shoe Material

Here comes the essential point that should never be missed because the better the shoe quality, likely it will last longer than expected.

The most common and widely used material that people often choose are suede and canvas, but in terms of durability, Seude tops the chart.

However, every material has its pros and cons. If you are only focusing on durability, Seude is a good choice, but it requires heavy cleaning, and you won’t get flexibility.

Moreover, this option is not valid for budget-friendly people. Hence, you must recall all these little points to get your hands on the right product.

5. Set Your Budget

Deciding your budget before choosing any new product is crucial so you do not have difficulty purchasing that required item. Firstly, decide how much you are willing to pay for these shoes, and once decided, go for the possibilities within your budget.

It will assist you in finding the best option as per your choice and requirement. Remember that the more money you put into these shoes, the high durability shoes you will obtain.

How to Make Skating Shoes Last Longer

It doesn’t matter how expensive or quality shoes you have picked up; if you do not take care of them, they will wear out. I will describe those valuable steps that I have seen my friend performing to enhance strength and durability.

Don’t you want to hear them? Let’s check them out. Get your hands on a super glue that we mentioned earlier as well. Apply this glue on the stitches and seams as it increases the strength, and you get a better balance on the board.

You can also apply this glue on the heels and nose. I have seen the effective results of this glue, so there is no doubt about that. The shoe laces should also be your companion in the long run, for which I would suggest you not tie them in the bottom holes.

You have to apply different tricks, so if the laces are not tied properly, it will cause a disturbance, and you might fall. Another valuable method to save your laces from wearing out is using duct tape.

You can apply this tape on every hole to save them from scratches. Moreover, if your shoe contains numerous holes, the best way to cover them is by using Shoe Goo.

It is an adhesive used for repairing things. It won’t look attractive, but our main concern should be to enhance its durability.

These are a few easy ways to save your shoes for a long time. Follow them if you want to enjoy skateboarding without spending on shoes repeatedly.

List of the Most Durable Skate Shoes

Now you have checked all the details about how to amplify the durability of your newly purchased shoes, I thought to share a few options so you can get all the details in a single guide.

I have made a list of highly durable skate shoes for interested ones. Here we go.

1. Adidas Busenitz Pro

My first pick is Busenitz Pro which is from Adidas. Dennis Busenitz, who was known for his amazing skating skills, got an opportunity to get featured here.

Talking about the material and construction, they are inevitably class apart. The suede material used on the shoes ensures to perform heavy tricks without any wear and tear.

2. Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro

Let’s talk about the second one you can add to this list. The suede material on the shoes forced me to discuss this option here.

While skating, cushioning plays a major role, and Vans Gilbert leaves no chance to provide you with comfortable cushioning. What else it has? It easily lasts approximately 5 months, so you can perform any activity within this duration.

3. Nike SB Dunk Low

Who doesn’t love Nike shoes as they are long-lasting and one feels comfortable walking? Isn’t it? The cupsole of this shoe is durable, while the outer sole won’t disappoint you.

The Seude material ensures not to harm your shoes with simple flips and tricks. Just go and grab them; you will not regret it. It is one of the longest-lasting skate shoes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still muddled over some point and want to know more about it? Don’t worry because the question-answer session is here to cover all your queries.

Which Skating Shoes Do Professionals Wear?

We have seen professionals wearing the highly recommended shoes of Seude material because it is the most durable and long-lasting option. Yes, they are a bit costly, yet the experience you get is also beyond your imagination.

Name the Highly Comfortable Shoes for Walking.

We can’t name 1 because there are many options you can check, including Allbirds Tree Runners, Rothy’s The Sneaker, Adidas skating shoes, Nike Waffle one, and a lot more. Go for the one in which you are the most convenient.

What is the Limit of Skate Shoe Insoles?

It depends on the quality. If you have purchased high-quality insoles, they will last a maximum of 4 or 5 months. You should also take care of them, so they do not wear out.

Are Skate Shoes Worth Purchasing?

Whether you want to adopt skating as a hobby or make it your profession, shoes are a must because they will let you better learn all the tricks and flips involved. Also, go for a better option because they save you from any major accident.

Final Thoughts

I am sure everything is clear now because I have tried to mention every possible information for your ease. Shoes are the most crucial part of skating, so never compromise them. Invest once so you can get benefits in the long run.

You can also check a few best options in this regard. If you are still doubtful, don’t worry because our comment section is here to check all your queries.

Read this guide and if you are stuck on some point, feel free to ask. I hope I am succeeded in providing you with detailed information about skateboarding shoes.

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