How Long Do Vans Last? – 5 Important Facts

Have you ever thought that how long your vans will last? Are they durable?

Vans shoes are popular due to the hard uppers and vulcanized rubber soles. Generally, they remain in good condition for a long time. My vans last for five years because I take care of them properly. I’ll share these tips in this guide to help make your footwear last longer.

When I use my shoes to ride my skateboards, they are used excessively, so wear and tear are normal; even then, they withstand so much.

Their durability depends on how much you use them. If you wear them for skating, you will use them for the short term. The harder tricks you perform, the shorter its lifespan will be.

In this article, we will discuss how long vans last and five important facts about their longevity.

how long do vans last

Are Vans Shoes Long-Lasting?

Soles made of vulcanized rubber and suede or canvas uppers have made the vans shoes durable. Thus, due to such a strong structure, the vans shoes have become hard to break.

When I wear my vans shoes too much, they wear out soon, so our usage shows how long they will last. If you wear your shoes casually, they will be in good condition for 2 – 4 years.

However, this lifespan reduces if you use them for skating because they will survive for 2 – 12 months. If you use them roughly and do a lot of tricks in your skateboarding, they will last for a short time.

The Life-Span of Vans Shoes

If we use them excessively daily, they will last for a short period. It is obvious that if you use them for skating compared to using them casually, they will wear out soon.

Usage as Vans Skateboard Shoes

When I do a lot of flips and tricks in my vans during skateboarding, they only survive for a few months. I notice holes in the front of my shoes in a short time.

For skateboarding, you can expect your footwear to survive between 2 – 12 months. It depends on the frequency of skating and how soon they will wear out.

Unluckily, no matter how high-quality material vans skate shoes you use, they will wear out soon compared to using them casually.

Whether you are doing basic ollies or performing extreme flips, nothing can stop them from damaging.

When I am doing extreme skating, I use suede vans because they are more durable than normal ones. Canvas vans can tear in 10 kickflips.

Previously, companies were trying to manufacture skateboarding shoes with thick material that doesn’t damage so early. But, they were looking so unstylish and minimizing the board feels.

In the modern era, they are trying to manufacture high-quality padding above the shoes to reduce damage during skateboarding.

Using for Mountain Biking or Cycling

Besides skateboarding, I use my van shoes for different outdoor activities. They survive for 6 – 10 months with proper care and attention when I use them for cycling or mountain biking.

Due to the rubber soles of this footwear, they will survive for 6 – 10 months. After this period, you will notice some damage to these soles.

Similarly, some pedals of bikes have pins that cause the footwear to wear out soon. Furthermore, their lifespan will be reduced if you use them in muddy areas and wet surfaces.

I will not suggest wearing them for cycling because they are skating shoes, and cycling shoes are different.

Using for Casual Purposes

When I use my vans shoes for casual purposes, they last for 2 – 4 years. They will not damage within their first two years of use. After this time, the soles and heels will start damaging.

I have used suede and canvas shoes and noticed that suede vans are more durable.

Almost 400 to 500 miles distance can be covered with vans, but they start tearing after that. However, when I tie their laces properly, the risk of their damage is minimized because less friction is applied inside the footwear.

Materials that Make Vans Last Longer

How much time vans last depends on how much and how often you use them. While purchasing vans shoes, I look for a few aspects that help me in finding long-lasting footwear; they are given below:

  • Choose suede vans because this material is stronger than canvas. It doesn’t mean that you look for footwear made entirely from suede, the shoes that have used a little suede material will also work fine. For example, the heels and the parts that have constant friction.
  • The vans footwear that is double stitched will make the shoe materials stronger by connecting them firmly. So they will withstand crashes and damages.
  • Rubber soles that have outstanding quality will last for a long time.
  • If there is padding at the heel or tongue, they will be more comfortable, and they will also protect shoes from early damage.
  • If the eyelets of the shoes have metal rings and the shoelaces are of good quality, they will not break soon due to applying pressure while tying them.

Ways to Make Vans Long-Lasting

When I purchase good-quality vans and spend so much money, I also take care of them so they can last longer.

I am sharing different ways to make this footwear last longer. I have used these techniques, which are 100% effective.

1. Use a Shoehorn

A shoe horn is a tool that helps in wearing shoes easily.

In some situations, wearing vans may be difficult because they are too tight. So, if you put a lot of effort into putting on them without using a shoehorn, they will tear away eventually.

How much you try to wear them and keep pressing them, they will be ruined and look unpleasant. If you wear tight footwear this way, they will not last as long as you think.

Thus, I will recommend using a shoehorn while wearing tight shoes. They will protect them from damage and will make this process easy.

2. Keep in Dry Places

Although vans are made from good quality material that can withstand water, it doesn’t mean that you keep them in wet areas.

They are made for skating, so they are durable enough to do tricks on them, but they are not made to bear water and moist spaces.

If you want to use them for a long time, you must keep them safely in dry space or a closet that is protected from getting wet.

I always put my vans in a dry place after using them. But make sure they are completely dry. If they are wet, let them air-dry first, then store them. They are not built enough stronger to bear moisture.

3. Purchase Good Quality Vans Shoes

If you want to use your vans shoes for a long time, you must spend money buying good-quality footwear. If you purchase low-quality ones, don’t expect them to last long.

I always choose good-quality footwear even if they are a little bit expensive. Because I know investing in buying good quality will return worthy.

4. Minimize its Use

You will like your charming shoes, so you want to wear them daily, but to make them long-lasting, you must not wear them too much.

I will advise that you wear them once every two days. After using, keep them outside to air-dry, but don’t expose them to sunlight because too much heat harms them. So, when you use it after one day, it will be dry.

5. Regular Cleaning

As we know, things slowly start damaging when we don’t clean. Thus, your vans will also not last for a long time. You must take care of them properly by keeping them clean.

While cleaning, make sure you use a damp cloth so that all the dirt and grime can be removed from each footwear corner. I recommend cleaning your shoes after each use so they can last a long time.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will Vans Last if You Use Them for Walking Only?

If you use your van’s shoes for walking or casual use, they will last for two years. And if you wear them very rarely, they will be in good condition for more than two years.

Is It Easy to Break Vans?

The sole of the vans are made from vulcanized rubber, which is so durable, and the footwear design is strong that doesn’t ruin with a lot of use. Breaking in this footwear will not damage them, which can be done easily.

Are Vans Long-Lasting?

The uppers and soles of vans are made from high-quality material because they are made especially for skateboarding so that they can last for a long time.

If You Use Vans for Skating, How Long Will They Last?

Most skateboarders state that if you use vans excessively while training, they can last for 8 – 10 weeks. However, their lifespan can be extended to 6 – 13 months if they are protected from scraping and constant friction.

Final Thoughts

Vans shoes were introduced as skateboarding shoes; this is why they are made so durable that they can last for a long time. However, you can prolong this lifespan by using them properly.

They can last for five years if you wear them 2 – 3 times a week. I have given many useful tips to protect your vans from early damage. I hope they will help make your shoes last for a long time.

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