How Many Holes Do Crocs Have & What are the Reason?

Do you want to know how to identify the original crocs and how many holes the genuine crocs have?

Most people choose crocs footwear because they provide comfort and support. Their trendy looks are getting popularity day by day. However, you can get comfort and style only if you wear genuine shoes.

Many companies are manufacturing fake ones, but by examining the number of holes and the material of the shoes, you can easily find the right crocs.

In this article, we will discuss how many holes crocs have and their reasons.

how many holes do crocs have

Why Do Crocs Have Holes?

Some reasons below explain why croc’s design is made with so many holes.

1. Decoration

The holes made on these footwear’s surface make them more beautiful. Many Jibbitz (shoe charms) are also available to decorate them, making Crocs look amazing.

These decorations are available in the form of characters, cartoons, or images that are increasingly getting popular among children.

2. Prevent Your Foot from Smelling

Many people experience the problem of sweating when they wear closed shoes. As a result, your foot creates so unpleasant smell that is unbearable.

You can easily overcome this problem by using crocs with holes. These holes keep our feet dry and don’t allow sweating because of air circulation.

3. Removal of Small Objects Becomes Easy

Sometimes a hard object or small stone comes into our shoes, making our walk uncomfortable and unrelaxed. Crocs fix this issue by providing holes, so removing these things becomes easy, and you can walk or run comfortably.

4. Removal of Water Becomes Easy

Sometimes water gets into your shoes when you do anything during the rain or while walking at the beach. Crocs are ideal footwear because water easily leaves your shoes through the holes.

5. Shows Originality

You can easily determine the original crocs by the holes; however, you also have to look at the material of the shoes.

It means they are genuine if it’s made of Croslite and has holes. Croslite is a resin that is different from plastic or rubber.

6. Ventilation of Feet

The holes of crocs make it possible to airflow properly. Air easily gets in and goes out of the shoes, relaxing your feet and keeping them fresh and moisture-free.

This way, mold and mildew growth do not occur on your skin.

Number of Holes in Crocs

The original crocs have 13 holes, so the total number of holes in a pair of crocs is 26. These holes are made on the top and the sides of these shoes.

Many manufacturers have made copies of them by creating 13 holes, but you must also check the material. Croslite is a substance that makes genuine crocs. Its softness makes it easy to identify compared to rubber or plastic.

Crocs Hole Size and Type

Holes are made into the crocs in a uniform pattern that looks beautiful and cool. The sizes of these shoe holes are the same and have an 8mm diameter.

If the hole’s sizes in the same croc were different, they would look irregular. However, many wearers use different tools to widen these holes for different purposes.

For example, most people want more airflow, more beautification of the footwear, or want to put bigger-sized Jibbitz.

The types of holes are different in different styles of crocs clogs. Their location is on the upper part or around the shoes in Classic Clog.

The Crocs Crocband clogs styles have holes just on the upper part. Crocs Literide Clogs have small holes compared to other styles, and their design is smoother.

All Crocs Come with The Same Holes

Holes give a unique look to crocs footwear which helps us to find the original ones. Many other things can also be used to determine genuine footwear.


Every model of crocs has a unique bar code. If you find the same bar code of two different models, then they are fake.


The company of crocs has selected only a few specific colors for them, and they come only in those shades. You can get all this information on its official website. So if you find a different one, it will be fake.


There are some prints available on the croc’s soles. The original footwear has a larger print compared to the fake one.


Genuine crocs are made from a material that is non-slippery, lightweight, and long-lasting, which is called Croslite.

Some fake crocs footwear is made from rubber which becomes hard by wearing a few times and slippery soon. So they are easily recognizable.

For more safety, purchase it from the official crocs stores and authorized retailers.


You can easily spot the Duke logo on the footbed of the original Crocs shoes. To ensure this is the real one, you can check its eyes are easily spot able and have six bumps on its back.

You will also see that the 4th bump is slightly bigger than the others. Both hands are visible in the logo, and he looks like he is holding a box from one side. Each of his hands has three fingers.

Small Circulation Bumps

The footbed of crocs has small bumps that provide a comfortable and convenient walk without hurting you. On the other hand, fake ones provide temporary comfort, which becomes hard soon.

Things to Consider Before Buying Crocs with Or without Holes

1. Strap Adjustability

Most of the crocs without holes come with a revolving heel strap, which is not adjustable. However, you can see that you can easily fit them to your feet size due to the flexibility of that strap.

So if you want to purchase clogs with adjustable heel straps, Crocs Bistro Pro Clogs and Crocs All Terrain Clogs are the best choices. They provide the ideal fit by adjusting the straps as you require.

2. Crocs Weight

The top ten best croc’s weights are given below.

Crocs Type Weight (pounds)
Crocs Specialist 0.60
Crocs Classic 0.43
Crocs On-the-Clock 0.84
Crocs Crocband 0.60
Crocs Baya 0.43
Crocs Bistro Pro 0.83
Crocs Yukon Vista II 0.56
Crocs Bistro 0.73
Crocs All Terrain 0.56
Crocs LiteRide 0.66

3. Cushioning Underfoot

As all crocs are made from croslite material, they all are comfortable. This resin is so soft that it doesn’t hurt by providing cushioning and comfort underfoot.

If you want to increase the coziness, the Crocs with Literide insoles are recommended to purchase.

These insoles are the additional foam padding that provides extra comfort and relaxation without hurting your foot. They come with different types of crocs clogs.

4. Best Crocs for Work

The right type of crocs for your work depends on your work type. Their clogs have different suitable types for work environments.

The footwear made specifically for work is made without holes to protect your foot from moisture and spills. However, shoes with holes are also available for workers.

Crocs specially made for the workplace provide a non-slippery outsole such as Crocs Bistro Clog. But, this feature is not available in Crocs Classic Clog.

Most workstations require shoes with a taller heel cup which is provided by some types of clogs. However, if you need closed-heel clogs, the ideal choice is Crocs on-the-clock Clogs.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Size of All the Crocs Holes the Same?

The size of holes is different for different types of crocs. Some footwear has small, while some have large ones. They are located on the top of the shoes and the sides.

Are the Ventilation Holes Present in All the Crocs?

Crocs come with or without holes in both styles. The shoes with no holes are made for workers who have to protect their feet from spills and other things.

In contrast, shoes with holes keep our feet dry and fresh by preventing sweating.

Why Are There Holes in Crocs?

Some crocs come with holes. The purpose of these holes is to pass air freely through your feet which keeps them dry. They also make your shoes beautiful, and you can add some Jibbitz to make them more lovely.

Why Do Some Crocs Have 14 Holes?

Crocs always come with 13 holes, so if you ever find them with fewer or more, they are fake. Their original footwear is always available with 13 holes made of Croslite material.

Do Crocs Hurt Your Feet?

If you wear crocs for a long time, they will cause serious skin problems. Wearing too-tight shoes is also unhealthy for your feet.

Final Thoughts

Crocs are modern and trendy footwear with many holes on its top and sides. The original shoes always have 13 holes made for different purposes.

They prevent sweating on your feet and protect them from unpleasant smells. Proper ventilation protects your foot from many serious skin diseases.

If you get a pair of crocs with a different number of holes, it will not be genuine and will not provide the comfort and coziness as the original ones.

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