How Much Do a Pair of Vans Weigh?

Have you ever thought about how much weight your vans will have? In this article, I will discuss the pair of vans weigh of all types.

Vans are well-known for their outstanding performance and comfort features and are best for skating or casual wear. However, it is good to know about their weight information.

I took the most famous styles of vans, tested their weights, and noticed that the gent’s size 12 vans shoe’s average weight is 0.96 pounds per shoe. Generally, this footwear is so easy-to-use and lightweight.

When I weighed it, the lightest was Vans UltraRange EXO because it weighed only 0.63 pounds per shoe for size 12 gent’s vans. Sk8-Hi was the heaviest one which was 1.15 pounds per shoe.

how much do a pair of vans weigh

How Much Do a Pair of Vans Weigh?

The weight of vans shoes lies in the range of 0.63 – 1.15 pounds. Their weight is different in different styles of footwear. I have collected all the weight information of different vans shoes in the table below. This information is based on the size 12 of men’s.

Shoe  Weight (lbs) 
Vans Slip-on 0.99
Vans SK8-Hi 1.15
Vans UltraRange EXO 0.63
Vans Old Skool Low 1.03
Vans EVDNT UltimateWaffle 0.87
Vans ERA 1.05
Vans Authentic Low 0.98
ComfyCush 1.52
Low-Top Sneaker (Men 1.90) (Women 1.76)
Skate Shoes 1.30
Hi-Tip Sneakers (Men 2.51) (Unisex 2.00)
Sandals (Men 1.06) (Women 2.40)

Now, we will look at each of these weights one by one.

1. Weight of Men’s Vans Slip-on

The most classic style of these shoes is vans slip-on. They have a simple design and look elegant to wear on weekends as casual shoes.

Their design is easy to use and comfortable because of its lightweight structure. When I weighed vans slip-on shoes of size 12 men’s, it was 0.99 per shoe.

2. Weight of Vans SK8-Hi

People like SK8-Hi vans a lot because they are great casual shoes. It is a good substitute for Converse Chucks due to its high-top design. Among the few shoes I have, these are the heaviest ones because they are high-top footwear, so it is not surprising.

However, they are lightweight if we compare them with many other styles. The shoes I have weights 1.15 pounds per shoe for size 12.

3. Weight of UltraRange EXO

The design of UltraRange EXO is new and looks like a running shoe once you wear them. I have tried so many shoes, but this is the lightest footwear. The weight of my size 12 shoes is 0.67 pounds per shoe.

4. Weight of Vans Old Skool Low

The style of this footwear is like classic vans. I have this footwear in a beautiful shade. They are heavier than many other vans options but still lightweight than many styles. Its weight is 1.03 pounds per shoe for men’s size 12.

5. Weight of EVDNT Ultimate Waffle

The latest style of vans shoes is EVDNT. They are a perfect choice for casual wear and are very lightweight. They provide great comfort and have an easy-to-wear design.

After using so many vans shoes, I noticed these shoes are the second lightest ones. The weight of EVDNT is 0.87 pounds per shoe for men’s size 12.

6. Weight of ERA

The design of this footwear and Authentic shoes are similar. The only difference is that ERA vans have padding at their collar, but Authentic shoes don’t have it.

The weight of my 12-size shoes is 1.05 pounds per shoe.

7. Vans Authentic Low

These shoes are classic vans. Their design is so simple and looks very attractive with jeans and shorts.

Their weight is very reasonable due to the straightforward design and low profile. The weight of these shoes is 0.98 pounds per shoe.

8. ComfyCush

The comfy cush model of vans is so soft and comfortable that you will feel like walking in the air. The uppers of these shoes are extremely lightweight and are made from suede or canvas.

My ComfyCush Slip-on vans weigh 1.52 pounds, and Gent’s ComfyCush Old Skool vans are 1.38 pounds.

9. Skate Shoes

The weight of Sk8-Hi MTE 2.0 is 2.38 pounds, while its unisex casual high-top shoes have 1.3 pounds.

10. Sandals

Their male option weighs 1.06 pounds, while their female shoe options weigh 2.4 pounds.

11. Hi-Top Sneaker

When I measured the weight of Hi-top trainers sneakers for males, it was 2.51 pounds, while the weight is two pounds for Uni-sex Hi-top sneakers.

12. Low-Top Sneaker

The gent’s Low-Top sneakers weigh 1.9 pounds, made of synthetic material. On the other hand, Lady’s Low-Top Trainers Sneakers have 1.76 pounds weight.

The lady’s shoes are manufactured with one percent canvas and 99% suede.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I have given the answers to many questions that people ask frequently.

What is the Weight of A Pair of Shoes in Kg?

Different footwear have different weights; for example, the weights of slippers, sandals, running shoes, and casual sneakers have 0.4, 0.45, 0.6, and 0.8 kg, respectively.

What is the Weight of The Vans High Tops?

The weight of vans high tops Men’s trainer’s sneakers is 2.51 pounds, and Unisex high top sneakers vans have 2 pounds weight.

Is the Weight of The Original Vans Heavy?

Generally, vans are heavyweight, and depending on their styles; their weights range from 0.75 to 2.87 pounds. They might be fake if you feel they are light because normal running shoes are lightweight.

What is the Reason for The Vans Strong Structure?

There is so heavy padding made of rubber on the insoles of these shoes and at the front of the footwear, making them heavier than normal.

Are Wearing Vans Harmful to Your Feet?

It depends on your foot condition and if you wear your vans shoes properly. Most people give positive feedback that they are too comfy and don’t provide any harm to the skin.

On the other hand, some people complain about the restlessness and discomfort in these shoes.

Final Thoughts

It is important to know how heavy or lightweight the different styles of vans are. Some versions are lightweight and easy to wear, while others have a slightly larger weight than normal.

I have given the weight of different vans models to help you understand how heavyweight or lightweight a specific version is. I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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