How Much Do Crocs Weigh? (Different Types in Grams)

One of the most attractive factors about crocs is its lightweight. People desperately want to know its exact weight.

Different crocs have different weights depending upon their size. Its size varies with its model. But still, its weight is lighter than other shoes wear.

I bought 10 pairs of crocs of different models.  Then I compared all of the crocs with each other. After comparing their weight, I was amazed to know that all the models of crocs weigh less than one pound for 12 sizes of men.

In this article, I will tell you a detailed answer to your question, “how much do crocs weigh?” Hang on with me a little more to know about croc’s weight.

how much do crocs weigh

How Much Do Crocs Weigh?

  • The average weight of crocs was about 0.63 pounds per shoe.
  • The lightest weight of crocs was 0.43 pounds per shoe.
  • Workwear shoes weigh the most because of their toe-closed design, and they are made up of thicker material.
  • Original crocs are lightweight, while fake ones are heavy you can easily tell whether your crocs are fake or original.
  • The weight of crocs is usually between 300 to 450 grams.
  • If you see two pairs of crocs, then it is obvious that smaller crocs would be light in weight than the larger ones. Each style has even different weight in a different size.

Types of Crocs with Their Weight

Here I will discuss the weight of size 12 men for the ten most popular styles of crocs. Without taking much time, let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Crocs Classic Weight

Crocs classic is the basic structure footwear of the company. When I put one crocs shoe on the weight machine, it weighed 196 grams.

They are made up of croslite material of closed resin foam. It is far from rubber or plastic material. This traditional design of crocs has holes on the toe to give your feet proper ventilation.

It fit perfectly in my friend’s wide feet because the toe side is large enough. These classic clogs were first time released in 2002. There are 13 holes on it and one strap at the back to fit according to your size.

You can buy these crocs from the official web of crocs.

  • Weight: 368 grams
  • Quality: High-quality croslite material of closed foam resin
  • Heel: Open
  • Fit: Roomy
  • Toe: 13 Holes for ventilation

2. Crocs Baya Weight

Crocs Baya is more lightweight than classic clogs. It comes with an exceptional weight of 195 grams. I was surprised because of its advanced features and weight.

They give more ventilation because of the many holes. Holes are not arranged randomly, but their pattern is in a straight line. They are on the upper side, not the left or right side.

New users should go with classic croc. If you are running at a certain time then you should try lightweight baya crocs for a more comfy experience.

The word “CROCS” is written on the toe side. Heel straps are also present. Contour support is also present on the sides of this footwear.

  • Weight: 195 grams
  • Quality: Innovative, high-quality croslite material
  • Holes: thirteen holes arranged regularly on the top of Croc
  • Heel: Open
  • Fit: Roomy enough

3. Crocs All Terrain Weight

The weight of All Terrain crocs is about 254 grams. These are bigger than Croc’s classic clog.

These crocs are built with croslite material that is resistant to bacteria and protect them from sweating. The outsole base gives the grip to the feet to not slip from the shoes.

Luckily, All-terrain clogs are waterproof, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable even after wearing these crocs for hours. The sole of these crocs is a little high, giving a chunky and taller look.

The holes are lesser on these crocs, but it doesn’t affect the airflow. The reason is that these lightweight All Terrain crocs have larger-sized holes that provide perfect ventilation.

Its strap is made up of leather that is durable and long-lasting. Plus, the company has provided 40 different colors in this style.

These designer crocs work great for adventure purposes due to their lightweight.

  • Weight: 254 grams
  • Quality: Cell foamed resin Croslite material
  • Fit: Roomy due to tread
  • Holes: large holes for airflow
  • Heel: Open

4. Crocs Specialist II Weight

The weight of Crocs Specialist II is 272 grams. Its design is quite similar to classic clogs. My pair of shoes are not ventilated, but they are also available in ventilated design. Mine is not.

Furthermore, its heel is open and taller than usual crocs. This style would look charming for many work wear areas because of its stylish open heel.

Remember that it doesn’t fit narrow feet because it is slightly wide in front. The company provides arc support and spill protection for a great job. It is a favorite choice of professional workers who have to go outside.

  • Weight: 272 grams
  • Fit: Roomy
  • Heel: Open
  • Quality: Croslite material
  • Holes: mine is not ventilated, but many options are available

5. Crocs Crocband Weight

The weight of Crocband crocs is 294 grams per shoe. Its shape is familiar to Classic clogs. They come with a partially vented design. Holes lack on the sides but are present on the top.

This lightweight Crocs band is not much ventilated due to fewer holes. If you are looking for more ventilated footwear, then you should go with Baya Crocs.

One thing that makes it unique is the strip lining in the middle of the side shoe sole. It gives it a charming look. They are available in many outstanding colors.

The Crocband is made up of high-quality foam cushioning called Croslite material. It doesn’t come with a LiteRide insole. Let me tell you that the liteRide sole is comfier and provides extra foam to the feet.

Moreover, it isn’t as wide as other crocs but still has more toe space than many other footwears.

  • Weight: 294 grams
  • Holes: less ventilated holes
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Heel: Open
  • Quality: Foamed Croslite Material

6. Crocs LiteRide Weight

The weight of Crocs LiteRide is 300 grams for a 12-size man. It is an average size as compared to other crocs styles.

It the worth mentioning feature about it is its unique appearance. Crocs has many holes, but its size is quite small.  Air can easily flow through them and protect your feet from sweating. One other advantage of it is that small rocks will not slip through small holes.

My favorite feature about it is the LiteRide sole because this extra foam gives a smooth feel to the feet. It is softer and lighter than other crocs. One drawback is that its outer material is not much durable as other crocs.

But no one can beat it in flexibility and attractive appearance.

  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Quality: Crosite material and LiteRide foam
  • Heel: Open
  • Holes: many small holes to allow air
  • Fit: Relaxed

7. Crocs Bistro Weight

The weight of Crocs Bistro is 331 grams. These toe-closed design crocs are suitable for work because they have no ventilation system. These thick crocs also protect from spills and have extra arch support.

Bistro clog crocs have a tread structure, making them resistant to slips. This feature doesn’t present in classic clogs.

Its appearance looks like a heel cup due to its high heel. Its heel strap is similar to men’s classic crocs. These lightweight Bistro crocs are also available in the LitRide version, making them more fantastic and comfy.

On the other hand, Croslite material is the same as others.  There are no holes, so it lacks breathability. When I wore them, my foot felt a little small. But that doesn’t mean that they were loose.

Then I tighten them with a strap. They were just bigger than classic model crocs.

  • Weight: 331 grams
  • Quality: Croslite material and also liteRide special version are also available
  • Toe: No holes to prevent sweating
  • Fit: Roomy
  • Heel: Open

8. Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide Weight

I have already discussed a little about the Bistro LiteRide version. The main difference between Bistro and Bistro pro crocs is its LiteRide feature. That’s why it is heavier than its simpler version. The weight of Bistro pro croc is 381 grams for men’s crocs size 12.

In addition to this, these footwears also have a heel strap. To keep my shoes secure and fit, I adjusted its strap according to my feet size.

High heels make these crocs design comfortable for the work environment. Its heel is higher than crocs classic clogs.

It is a great option if you are looking for a lightweight and extra comfy shoe.   Thanks to the manufacturer for its LitrRide insole that makes it more stunning. Its slip-resistant sole makes it suitable for extra grip.

It is a roomy fit because its toe side is a little wider than other shoes.

  • Weight: 381 grams
  • Quality: Durable Croslite material and comes with LiteRide sole
  • Heel: Open heel
  • Toe: Not ventilated due to lack of holes
  • Fit: Roomy

9. Crocs On-the-Clock Weight

It was the heaviest croc that I had tried among all these crocs. But still, it is a lightweight croc than other types of footwear. The weight of On-the-Clock crocs is 382 grams for croc men size 12.

Talking about its breathability, it is a closed-toe design croc. There is no system for airflow that makes them fit for work purposes.  Some companies demand a close fit for work. In that case, you should prefer these crocs.

These slip-resistant crocs come with tread pattern soles. They are also available in “Dual Comfort Sole.” Not just that, you can also buy its LiteRide version. I bought “dual comfort outsole on-the-clock crocs.” They are also amazingly comfortable.

There are just two holes present on the sides of these crocs. These holes are not enough for ventilation which Crocs are known for.

  • Weight: 382 grams for 12-size men
  • Quality: Croslite material and dual comfy sole
  • Toes: No holes
  • Heel: Closed
  • Fit: Relaxed

10. Crocs Yukon Vista II Weight

The weight of Yukon Vista II crocs is 254 grams for men’s size 12. Its weight is quite similar to All Terrian crocs.

These lightweight crocs have faux leather that gives a rugged look to these crocs. This leather is present on the top crocs Yukon vista clog. No holes exist on top, but they are present on the sides of this croc. They help in breathability.

Heel straps are used to tight crocs to make them secure. This type of strap is not present in classic crocs. Even though it is a roomy fit, my feet still fit very well.

  • Weight: 254 grams
  • Quality: Croslite material and leather faux
  • Heel: Open heel with adjustable strap
  • Toes: Ventilated on sides
  • Fit: Rommy

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Crocs Weigh in Pounds?

Crocs weigh between 0.43 pounds to 0.84 pounds. The lightest weight, Baya weighs 0.43 and the heaviest, On the Clock, weighs 0.84 pounds.

How Much Do Size 7 Crocs Weigh?

The size 7 crocs weigh almost 190 grams.  Its lightweight is due to the foam-like material called Croslite.

How Much Do Crocs Literide Weigh?

Croc lite ride weight for 12-size men is 300 grams. In pounds, it is 0.66. It is different for different sizing.

How Much Do Size 10 Crocs Weigh?

Size 10 crocs are lighter than 12 size crocs in weight. Its size is about 0.55 pounds. It is 250 grams.

How Much Do Big Crocs Weigh?

The biggest size crocs weigh about 6 pounds. Their weights also depend on croc style.


Out of my 10 pairs of crocs, Baya crocs are the lightest ones, and on the clock, Crocs are the heaviest ones. Crocs’ weight depends on their size and style. All my crocs were men’s size 12.

If we compare crocs with other footwear, then definitely crocs are the lightest. Their quality and features change with their look.

I hope that this post was helpful for you to understand the answer about crocs’ weight.

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