How Much Height Do Vans Add? – Explained in Detail

Are you wondering how much taller you will look after wearing vans? In this article, we will discuss how much height vans add.

When purchasing any footwear, height is an important factor for every person. If your height is short, you will choose a pair of shoes that make you taller. And you will look for a flat if you already have a good height. Thus, it is important to know how much height you will get after wearing specific shoes.

In the footwear brands, vans are very popular and come in 5th number. They add some height to make you taller. However, after wearing it a few times, the rubber insoles lose some height.

how much height do vans add

Do Vans Make Your Height Longer?

Like other footwear, vans also add some height to make you taller. However, all the shoes don’t make you taller significantly.

Numerous shoes give an illusion of long height. Formal dress shoes, boots, and lady’s heels are their best examples and look like standing on tiptoes.

The insoles of elevator shoes are made of thick plastic, timber, or rubber, making the user appear taller without creating an awkward look.

How Much Height Do Vans Increase?

Classic Slip-on and the Old Skool Platform are the two top models of vans. The information about them is described below, how much they increase your height.

Classic Slip-On Vans

In 1977, classic vans shoes were introduced for the first time with the BMX rider and skateboarder’s help. They are the most long-lasting and have a traditional design, so they get very famous.

These shoes increase by approximately 0.7 inches in height. In contrast, sneakers or other running shoes add 1 to 1.8 inches.

The rubber section of classic vans is 1.2 inches thick. However, this rubber section does not make the shoes taller; this is just an illusion. The outsoles of the sneaker are higher than the insoles.

Platform Vans

Platform vans add the same height as classic ones; 0.7 inches. However, they look slightly taller from the outside. The height of their insole is the same as the classic slip-on.

The platform vans look taller than the classic ones because their outsoles are thicker. However, by measuring, it becomes clear that they are the same.

SK8-Hi Vans

The outer soles of SK8-Hi vans are higher, but the height of the insoles is the same as the classic ones. It will add the same 0.7 inches of height.

This footwear was released in 1978 for the first time. They had canvas and suede upper outsoles with the classic rubber waffle ones. They have changed numerous versions, but the black and white colors are the most famous for sneakerheads and skateboards.

If you like vans footwear, you can choose any model that you like because all add the same height.

How to Give Taller Appearance with Vans Sneakers?

Everyone does not have an ideal height, so they try to make an appearance that makes them taller. Sneakers vans are elegant but add only 0.7 inches to your height.

So, if you want a taller appearance, you can follow these tips.

1. Wear Low Top Vans

Instead of high-top vans, low-tops are the best to wear. Most people choose SK8-Hi over classic ones because they are becoming more popular.

When taller people wear high-top footwear, it does not impact their appearance, but if people with short height wear it, they look shorter because these shoes reduce their leg’s length.

The shoes with higher necks hide more area of your legs, making you look shorter. But low tops make a taller illusion.

2. Insert Shoe Lifts (Insoles that Make You Taller)

If you like a taller look, you can insert shoe lifts in your footwear to help you look taller. They are insoles available in different thicknesses that you put into your shoes to increase your height.

Some shoe lifts come in four layers, adding four inches to your height. It also increases cushioning of the shoes, thus making them more comfortable.

You can wear them with high necks because there is a lot of space for inserting a shoe lift, so your foot will be very relaxed. The higher neck shoes you wear, the better their comfort will be.

Consequently, if you are planning to wear shoe lifts to achieve a taller appearance, don’t wear classic slip-on vans. Because when you walk, the insoles will slip from your footwear outside. Any high-neck shoes like SK8-Hi vans are best to wear.

3. Wear Vans of the Right Color

Your height will look taller if you wear the right color of Vans. Generally, people wear the lowest contrast with their clothing as much as possible.

This means if your dress is light colored, you must wear white or light color vans. Similarly, choose black or dark footwear if your outfit is a dark color.

Keeping low contrast in clothing color makes your legs appear longer; therefore, you will look taller. Keep the contrast of your tops and bottoms as low as possible; for example, wear dark tops with dark bottoms or light tops with light bottoms.

Wearing a white shirt with black pants or vice versa will give a shorter look, so avoid this if you want an illusion of a taller look.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do High-Top Vans Make You Taller?

Usually, the high-top vans have a height between 94 – 101 inches. They are a perfect choice if you like to look taller.

How Many Platform Vans Make You Taller?

The platform vans add 0.7 inches in height. The insoles of these shoes look slightly taller from the outer side. Thus, giving a taller appearance.

How Much Does Vans Slip-On Make You Taller?

Vans classic slip-on footwear increases 0.7 inches in height, the same as the platform vans. The rubber sections of the insoles are thick from the outside, so when someone wears them, they look taller.

What is the Height of The Vans Usually?

Vans are 2.4 meters long, 1.7 meters wide, and 1.4 meters in height.

Final Thoughts

Everyone likes long heights, so they look for more effective ways to look taller. If you like vans to wear, you can follow some tips to make a taller look. Classic slip-on and platform vans add the same height, so it’s better to choose the SK8-Hi vans, which have higher necks.

They have more space to put extra insoles in them that helps in increasing your height a lot. Keep low contrast in your outfit and footwear for a longer height illusion.

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