How to Break in Shoes? – 5 Simple Steps to Follow

Have you ever purchased new expensive shoes, but they turned out to be the wrong size, and now you are trying to perceive how to break in?

It happens when you do not keep important factors in mind before acquiring them, and as a result, you get the wrong item. If something similar happens to you, don’t panic; do not throw your shoes, thinking they won’t benefit you.

The only thing you need to learn is how to break in shoes. I will share my experience as I had to go through this process when I bought a lovely pair, but unfortunately, it didn’t fit on my feet.

Do not skip any point because this guide will be compelling as you can learn something new and effective. Be with me.

how to break in shoes

How Much Time Does It Take to Break in Shoes?

You can not randomly measure the time because it revolves around different points, including shoe style, fitting, sole, quality, and a few other things.

However, if you work rapidly, the duration can minimize. Normally, 3 to 4 weeks are enough to successfully break in your shoes, but the above factors play a key role in the end.

If you have purchased the shoes for a particular event where you have to walk a lot, ensure you have broken them accordingly; otherwise, they will cause trouble.

Now let this suspense end here. It doesn’t matter whether you have done this before; the steps below are the simplest to operate.

Easy Ways to Break in Shoes

When I was about to perform these methods, I was a bit nervous because I had no idea whether I would be able to perform.

However, I didn’t realize how straightforward the process was until I completed this task. Be attentive because every point is worth noticing.

1. Wear Shoes Everywhere

Before you wear them outside, it is better to lightly break in shoes at home. You can wear them while doing different house chore activities, running, and going up and down the stairs.

Once you are comfortable wearing them at home, slowly experience them outside. Go to the nearby stores, offices, and restaurants, and it is how you will make them comfortable on your feet.

It is the first stage of breaking in shoes, and it will rapidly show the results if manufactured with good material. You will initially feel hurt, so minimize the wearing time because it isn’t easy to walk with sore feet.

Wearing shoes for 10 minutes daily would be enough. With time, you can maximize the duration. I initially wore my shoes for 5 or 10 minutes, and after a few days, I started wearing them for half an hour. It did work in my case.

2. Freeze Your Shoes

It is quite an exciting method but only follow it once you conclude the first one. To conduct this technique, follow the steps.

Take 2 Bags Filled with Water

Now, expand your shoes by putting them into the freezer. This method might sound weird but trust me, it worked. I took 2 big plastic bags and withdrew all the air inside them.

I ensured the bags were big enough so the shoes could effortlessly modify. Remember to ensure that these shoes are waterproof to protect the material.

Once done, put the bag in both shoe pairs and tighten them fully. To shield your shoes from inside and outside moisture, take another plastic bag and put your shoes into it before setting it down in the freezer.

Let the Shoes Expand

You have done your work; now let the freezer do its job. At least give it 3 or 4 hours, so the water freezes and helps break in the shoes. After 4 hours, take your shoes out, and don’t be in a hurry because it will take some time to pull them out from the freezer.

Once you can bear the coldness, wear them and start running and jumping so that they easily adjust on your feet. It is the end of this technique.

3. Heating Your Shoes Is Helpful

You have observed the freezing method; you can also make this process successful with this heating method. How? Let me show you.

Prepare Your Shoes

Before heating them, it is vital to prepare your shoes by walking in them for at least 5 or 10 minutes. It would be great to wear them with socks. Now take them off and straighten them downwards and upwards.

Use a Hair Dryer

If your shoes have a leather material, it will be a blessing in disguise because it expands speedily with this technique. Do not put the dryer near the shoe, as there should be a proper distance. Please do it for 2 or 3 minutes.

However, the alternative to a hair dryer is a heater. In summer, you can keep your shoes in direct sunlight. Once they are heated well, wear them with socks and start walking. Do not burn your feet while doing so.

Repeat the Process

Sometimes, following the process once is not enough. The heating method should be done thrice or at least twice, so it effectively works. I repeated the operation twice, depending on my shoe situation.

I guarantee these above methods work because I have experienced them. In case, you are not convinced, I have a few other points to mention here.

Purchase a Shoe Stretcher

As the name already says, the shoe stretcher is a device that helps break in the shoes as per the required size and fitting. Many people stick to this device instead of going for other time-taking methods. If it is feasible for you, go ahead with this simplest way.

Use Moleskin Cotton

This cotton also shields your feet from forming blisters due to tight shoes. Whenever you are about to wear your new tight-fitted shoes, wrap this cotton on the heel side.

It won’t hurt your feet, and you will comfortably wear your shoes for some time. However, it is not a permanent solution. You need to permanently get out of this scenario by following the above methods.

Potato Also Helps

Have you ever used potatoes in such a situation? If not, then try it. Take a large potato and remove all the moisture. Put it on each pair and leave it overnight.

When removing the potato, do not let the shoe shape affect otherwise, it will be useless. Though I have never used it this way but one of my friends did.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I know I have already described the process comprehensively, but I have a few questions to cover. It might help someone.

How Do Fastly Break in A Shoe?

Sometimes you do not have enough time to process lengthy methods and want quick action. Remember that rapid action can’t be permanent. You can use a shoe stretcher or Moleskin Cotton for instant results. Heating shoes also do not take time.

How to Expand Shoes While Wearing Them?

You should prepare your shoes before applying any method. For instance, before the freezing and heating method, put them with socks for some time for the right adjustments. It will hurt you in the beginning, but it is how you will make the right shape.

Why Do New Shoes Hurt the Feet?

People often complain about hurting feet or blisters formation after wearing new shoes. If you do not properly test them before purchasing, it will cause problems. Moreover, every shoe differs in style, so to get the right product; you must know your feet style.

How to Break Shoes for Wide Feet?

A hairdryer or blow dryer is the most straightforward way to break in shoes for such feet. Pick a pair of heavy socks and wear them with your shoes.

Now get your hands on a blow dryer and start using it by maintaining the right distance. Please do it for at least 3 or 4 minutes, and you are done.

Can We Break Into Tight Shoes?

Many people assume it is hard to break into overly tight shoes, and they even throw them without wearing them once. You can expand any shoe; how quickly you do it depends on the shoe material. Leather is most likely to break in in less time.

Final Words

This is all about how to break in shoes. Imagine you spend thousands of rupees on expensive pairs of shoes; in the end, they won’t even fit on your feet.

Isn’t it hurting and frustrating at the same time? Instead of wasting them, try to find the solution because there is no problem that can’t be fixed.

I have tried to keep the process as simple as possible, so everyone acknowledges them. Adopting a permanent solution is better than a short and easy path. I have described both ways so you can go for the more convenient one.

I know selecting whether the heating method is feasible or you should choose the freezing one is confusing. I have used both, and they worked in my favor. If you are stuck somewhere while performing, ask away, and we will respond.

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