How to Clean Black Canvas Shoes?

There is always a pair of shoes that we repeatedly wear due to our preferences. The more frequently you wear it, the more it gets contaminated.

As a shoe lover, I can undoubtedly say you must have a huge black shoes canvas collection because it is a color that everyone admires. However, keeping black shoes clean is a wild task that you should conclude on time to dodge inconvenience.

One should be mindful of all the precautions one must observe while cleansing. Don’t worry; I have got you all. I will transmit all the points illustrating how to clean black canvas shoes. Stay connected.

how to clean black canvas shoes

Items Needed to Clean Black Canvas Shoes

Having all the demanded items is important so you can smoothly finalize your work without pausing. I was sure about all the procedures because I have also experienced it.

Hence, I assembled all the items according to that. The list includes:

  • Dry Brush
  • Dish Detergent
  • Bowl
  • Clean Magic Eraser
  • Clean Cloth
  • Masking Tape
  • Shoe Polish
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Paper Towels

You must bring these necessities when you initiate this cleaning process. Let’s quickly jump to the methods that you must obtain.

Methods to Clean Black Canvas Shoes

I know many black shoe lovers are reading my article. Keeping the black color spotless is problematic because dirt appears prominently on this color. No worries because every problem comes with an unembellished solution.

Washing canvas shoes in the washer is also the best, but you also have to ensure the shoe’s leather. Not every material is machine washable, so you better skip it. Attentively check the points and try to follow them as it is.

1. Remove Stains and Dirt

Roughly eliminate dirt from your shoes so you can pull out all the easy-to-clean dirt particles. Now observe the steps that I performed to clean my black canvas shoes.

Pull out Laces

You have to scrub the laces, so pull them out and keep them separately. Once the shoes are fully cleaned, you can insert the laces again. Keep your full focus on shoe cleaning.

Get Rid of Excess Dirt Particles

There are many dust chunks that you can vacate by shaking them outside. Persistent dust can’t be removed simply by shaking.

I picked a brush and rubbed all the stubborn mud particles for this. Now you have escaped all the large dust chunks, move on to the next point.

Prepare a Solution

As soon as I got rid of loose dust particles, I instantly prepared a solution to make my shoes dust-free. I took a small size bowl and added dish detergent and lukewarm water. I made sure the solution had suds.

Once the solution was prepared, I took my hands on a soft bristle brush and dipped it into the mixture. I gently started rubbing the entire surface, starting from the front.

Remember not to wet your shoes fully. If there is a white rubber sole on your black shoes, give extra effort because dirt in white color is more visible. A clean Magic eraser will be splendid in this regard.

Apply Wet Cloth

Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the black canvas shoe, wring a clean cloth to vacate the excess solution. There will be a few soap residues left that you should wipe off.

Never use overly wet cloth because it might eradicate the leather. It is the ideal way to Clean Black Canvas Shoes.

2. Restore Your Black Canvas Sneakers

You are done with all the dust and dirt; it’s time to bring back the shine of your precious shoes. For this, check the steps below.

Cover the Logo with Masking Tape

To bring back the brightness of your colorless shoes, you must shield the logo because that doesn’t need your attention here. Masking tape will be adequate for covering. The tag’s original color must be kept safe, so there is no need to polish them.

Use Liquid Black Polish

This type of polish is easily accessible in different stores. There will be a sponge applicator that you have to drive upside down. Directly squeeze the bottle and start spreading polish on the shoe.

Start from one end so you can smoothly cover the entire shoe. Only proceed to the next pair after completing the first one.

Be Concerned About the Direction

Quickly move your hands in the back-and-forth motion. Lay small chunks of polish on the shoe; you will see an instant color change.

If there is any scuffed mark on the shoe, do some additional effort to vacate them. Be sophisticated while applying polish, so it looks appealing.

Repeat the Steps if Needed

Once you are done, thoroughly inspect both pairs. If any spot is left untreated, reapply the polish and cover every zone with full attention. After that, pick a cloth and gently rub it over the surface.

If any part of the shoe has excessive polish, sand it gently with a brush and then use a neat cloth once dried. In the end, your shoes should be shiny without any grease. At last, remove the masking tape and let your shoes fully dry.

3. Remove Dirt from Laces

Once I finished shoe cleaning, I instantly moved towards the laces I had put separately. For laces cleaning:

Prepare a Solution

You will make a distinct solution for laces, so trash the old ones you used for shoes. In a bowl, add water and mild soap. Exhaustively mix the solution so it becomes perfect for application.

Soak Your Laces

You have formulated the mixture; the next step is to soak your laces for at least 30 minutes. Soaking will help to release all the flexible dust particles. For hard stains, take a toothbrush and gently rub. Keep rubbing until they are fully washed.

Dry the Laces

Once you have ended rubbing, let them dry to check whether they are fully cleansed. If they require more cleaning, you can repeat the process by making more solutions. My laces were mild, so I cleaned them on the first attempt.

Hence, these are the methods that I attempted to clean black canvas shoes. Tough, they are straightforward, yet invest your time. If you can’t manage timings, you can go for professional cleaning.

Hand your dirty shoes, and they will give you fully washed. I suggest self-cleaning because you can invest a few hours in your favorite item.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I have a few questions to discuss regarding the black shoes cleaning procedure. After reading the guide, I know a few questions circulate in your mind. Here we go.

How to Wash Black Converse at Home?

Many people prefer to do this cleaning job at home to save money. Take a bowl and prepare a mixture of soap and water.

Rub the shoes with a clean cloth and start scrubbing the entire surface with a brush having soft bristles. Keep patting until you are sure the converse is fully washed.

Is Toothpaste Helpful to Clean Black Canvas Shoes?

If you want to use toothpaste, ensure it is non-gel. It will assist in removing all the loose dirt particles. Once applied, leave it for 15 minutes and then use a clean cloth.

Is Magic Eraser Helpful in Cleaning Canvas Sneakers?

Magic Eraser surely shows its magic when used, especially on white canvas shoes. It wipes off all the dirt and hard stains, leaving the shoes tidy. It is worth recommending as described above.

How Can You Clean Black Shoes with Baking Soda and Vinegar?

Baking Soda and Vinegar are my two picks whenever we talk about cleaning. I have used them million times, and every time it never disappoints. Make a mixture of vinegar and soda by adding an equal amount of water and applying it to the shoes.

However, do not over-wet them because of leather damage concerns. Baking soda will eradicate vinegar’s smell, so don’t worry. You will inevitably get the required results after using this mixture.

Final Thoughts

That was my little effort to educate everyone on how to clean black canvas shoes. I know what it feels when your favorite pair gets dirty and you cannot bring them to their original color. With effort, you can overcome every problem.

When my favorite sneakers got dirty, I had to search for all the methods to keep them clean. Hence, I thought to bring all the solutions in a single place to give benefit all those who have been searching for this.

If the material of your shoe is machine washable, cleaning is simple for you but not every pair can be treated similarly. Follow the points and get the best results. If you have doubts, you can ask, and we will respond. Happy reading.

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