How to Clean Brooks Shoes?

Brooks is one of the oldest markets that manufacture quality shoes. I will share all the necessary information if you don’t know about this brand.

Brooks is an American Company that makes men’s and women’s sneakers. It provides ease and comfort while walking.

Above all, if you purchase sneakers and make them dirty, you must know how to clean Brook’s shoes at home. So, let’s buckle up together.

how to clean brooks shoes

Tool & Material Required

Running shoes don’t need high maintenance, but a little care is enough for them. If you are going to clean them properly, it will be enough for brooks shoes. So, we are going to explore the things required for Brook shoes.

  1. An old brush
  2. Mild soap
  3. Paste baking soda and water having one part of vinegar in it.
  4. Hose and Sink

Now, you must know what steps will assist you in cleaning brook shoes. Let’s check the steps below.

Steps to Clean Brooks Shoes

If you follow the below-mentioned steps, you will never complain about dirty brook shoes. All you need to follow the steps easily.

1. Clean Outsoles

When you run, a lot of dirt and mud is stuck inside your soles. However, you may need help cleaning them.

You must use a brush to clean the outsoles because that place is hard and contains dirt. If you plan to clean the outsole, you must use a brush.

2. Clean Insoles

The next step is to clean your insoles, which may be smelly when you run a lot. However, insoles absorb most of the sweat. So, you have to follow a few steps given below.

  1. You must place your insoles in a clean place with no dirt or dust.
  2. Now, you should make a solution of vinegar and water. You can use a mild soap solution.
  3. Now, you need to scrub them and clean them properly.

3. Clean the Shoelaces

When your shoes are quite dirty, then there is a surety that the laces are also dirty. But how will you clean those dirty laces? Let us explore this.

  • First, you need to remove the shoe laces.
  • However, you have to take cleaner and mix it well with water.
  • Now, you need to soak the laces in the solution.
  • Leave laces for a few hours until the entire dirt is removed from the water.

4. Clean the Shoes

After cleaning the other parts of the shoes, you need to clean the upper part of the shoes. You need to make the solution of cleaner and water.

  • You should have a brush that is not made up of hard bristles.
  • Move the bristle brush gently; please remember that you don’t need to move the brush hard because it will break down the aesthetic look of your shoes.
  • After moving the brush, you need to clean your shoe with water. In this way, the soap will be removed easily.
  • After washing your shoes, you need to clean them with the help of paper cloth.
  • Never put these shoes in any washing machine or dryer. It will affect the cleaning of shoes.


While washing your brooks shoes, there are certain things that you should consider.

  1. While cleaning your shoes, you should avoid putting them in the washing machine because it will change their shape and affect their performance.
  2. After washing shoes, you must avoid putting them in the dryer. You have to put them in a place where the temperature is normal and turn on the fan.
  3. For cleaning, there are many cleaning products, but you must take care. Because when you use hard and bleach-type products, the product’s actual color is dimmed.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can Brooks’s Shoes Be Washed?

Most people think they can machine wash their shoes, but we recommend not using a washing machine or dryer for washing your shoes. For cleaning, you have to use mild soap or detergent. If you use harsh soap, your shoes will not be in a good position.

How Do I Care for My Brooks?

When you wash your shoes in a washing machine or use toxic chemicals, you will lose their look. The use of toxic chemicals will shorten the lifespan of your shoes. So, you have to take care of all these things.

Can Brook’s Running Shoes Get Wet?

If you leave your shoes in water for a long period, then they will damage by water. It will shorten the lifespan of your shoes, and mishaps can occur.

How to Clean Brook’s White Sneakers?

To clean white sneakers, you need to use Mr. Clean. After using this, you will be able to clean any dirt or mud from white sneakers. All you need to do is put the solution in and rub it with a scrubber so that you can remove the dirt.

How Do Dry Brooks Running Shoes?

When you remove all dirt from shoes, you have to clean shoes with water. Moreover, you must place your shoes in the air to dry them well. For better drying, you can place the paper inside the sole, and it will absorb the water.


Cleaning brook shoes is relatively easy; you only need to take care of a few things. However, you can use mild soap to clean the hard stain from the shoes.

It is not difficult to clean the hard stain from brooks shoes. If you are facing some problems, you can ask in the comment section below. We will surely solve your queries.

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