How to Clean Crocs with Fur? – Quick Solution

Has your furry and warm footwear got a terrible look due to dirt, and you are looking for safe solutions to clean it?

When winter arrives, people rush to stores to buy trendy things that provide warmth; furry crocs are among the fashionable warm footwear.

They are gaining more popularity due to their coziness, comfort, and an updated design. However, cleaning fuzzy crocs requires more effort than the simple one.

It is vital to maintain them so that they can remain fresh and new and you can use them for a long time. Luckily, their cleaning doesn’t require expensive things; a few simple things will fix the issue.

In this article, we will discuss how to clean crocs with fur.

How to Clean Crocs with Fur

How to Clean Crocs Shoes with Fur?

  1. Remove the fur liner from the crocs and put the liner and shoes in a bucket of water.
  2. When all the streaks of dirt and soil have been removed, soak them in soapy water for some time.
  3. Next, use a brush to scrub them and rinse them with clean water.
  4. After drying, use a brush to comb its fur to prevent them from curling.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Toothbrush
  • Cloth

Clean Different Types of Crocs with Fur?

These types of crocs can be cleaned with little effort. Only patience and understanding are required to clean them. If fur is placed inside the shoes, you must handle them gently with mild soap and warm water.

1. Cleaning Crocs with Fur Inside

Follow these steps to clean your crocs with fur:

  • Using a sink or a bucket, wash your crocs thoroughly to remove as much dirt as possible. This step will remove most of the dirt from the shoes.
  • Now take a container or bucket and pour cold water into it. You can make a soap solution by mixing one tablespoon of soap.
  • Next, take your dirty crocs and put them into this solution. Leave them and soak them for some time.
  • Take a toothbrush and use it to scrub all the parts of the shoes with it. Carefully scrub its fur in a circular motion, and thoroughly brush all the hard-to-reach parts and holes.
  • Take them out from the bucket and clean them with normal water. Soak them in bleach solution for a few minutes if they are white and still looking yellow. This will make them fresh and white.
  • After rinsing your shoes, let them air dry.

2. Cleaning Crocs with Removable Lining of Fur

If your fuzzy crocs have a removable fur liner, you should separate them before cleaning.

Most crocs lining is removable, so cleaning becomes easy by removing the liner from the shoes. The furry liner can be detached without difficulty and washed and dried alone.

Thus, if only the liner of the shoes gets dirty and the rest of the crocs are clean, you will not put effort into washing the whole shoe; you will only wash the lining.

Gently take out the liner from the crocs; it is so delicate that it can be damaged with a little harshness. It is often wrapped around the shoe opening. First, pull them up. Now open the clips that are holding the liner.

After this, you can remove the liner from the shoes. You can wash them in both ways; handwashing or machine washing.

The handwashing procedure is the same as washing shoes with fur-lined inside the shoes. If your fuzzy crocs are too dirty, you can clean your crocs in a washing machine but with a gentle cycle. Hot water will damage them, so use cold water.

Remember to put your crocs in the laundry bag, then put this bag in the washing machine. Directly putting your shoes in the machine will wear them soon.

3. Cleaning White Crocs with Fur

Keeping white color crocs clean is not easy because they get dirt, dust, and grime immediately, thus giving a very unsightly look.

They require washing more frequently than other colored ones. If possible, separate the liner from the crocs, then wash them to clean each part properly.

  • Before starting, remove the dirt as much as possible by washing them in a container or washbasin. Rub all their parts thoroughly using your hands so that all the dirt and smudges can go.
  • Soak them in the solution of soapy water for 15 minutes. Scrub them well with a toothbrush so that all the stains and dirt can be removed completely.
  • Since white furry crocs don’t come out as fresh as new after washing, you must soak them in another, more powerful solution to bring back their original color.
  • Mix baking soda, vinegar, and warm water in a container and put shoes into it. Leave it for some time so that all these ingredients effectively remove the stains. Scrub all the places of your footwear thoroughly.
  • Now, wash them with clean water and allow them to air dry.

4. More Styles of Fur-lined Crocs

Leather Crocs

Washing leather crocs by soaking them in soapy water is not possible. You have to handle them with care. You will use a damp cloth or a sponge to wipe the shoes’ exterior.

After removing dust and dirt from its surface, polish its leather part with leather cream or protector spray. This layer will protect it from water.

A damp cloth is used to clean the surface of napa leather also. Once the dirt has gone, apply a waxy shoe cream with a cotton brush. This step should be done in a circular motion.

Patent leather crocs are fragile, so they will soon damage if you use harsh chemicals while cleaning. Use only a damp rag to eliminate the dirt from it. Many products are available in the market, specially designed for patent leather crocs.

Leather shoes should be maintained with extra care. Little carelessness can damage them, so be careful.

Heels and Wedges

These crocs are made of synthetic materials, so cleaning them every time will ruin them. Do not use solvents for their cleaning because the glue will be removed, and they will be ruined. Always spot-clean them by dampening the cloth.

Fleeced-lined Crocs

Clean the upper part of these crocs with a brush. To clean fleeced portion, use a damp cloth with soapy water. The washing machine will also clean them but they should be spun in a gentle cycle.

Canvas Crocs

They are very easy to clean. They require soaking in soapy water, scrubbing, and drying. This way, all the dirt will be removed from them.

Fur Crocs Cleaning Tips

  • Do not expose your furry crocs to sunlight; never dry them in the dryer because they wear down soon due to heat. Always dry them in the air.
  • If your crocs are white, their color is still yellowish after cleaning them. Soak them in bleach for some time, rinse, and dry. The surface of your shoes will be shiny and white. Baking soda is also helpful in removing the yellowish layer from them.
  • While cleaning your shoes, remove the fur liner if possible. Separately washing them will make them clean properly.
  • Before putting the liner into the crocs, the liner should be fully dry. If you place it without drying, mold and mildew will get a chance to grow.
  • Some materials, like leather, are not washable; they should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Soaking them in water will damage them.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to wash the crocs; only soap and warm water will clean them.
  • It should be on a gentle cycle if you want to wash them in a machine. The washing water should be cool.

How to Take out The Fuzz Liner from Crocs?

Removing liner from the crocs is easy. The liner is attached to the shoes with the help of a rivet. When you observe it, you will see that the fur is wrapped a little on the shoe’s exterior. A hole is made in the liner, clipped to the rivet.

Hold the liner close to the rivet and push it a little to open it. The hole of the liner will come out of the rivet from one side. Similarly, take out the liner from the other side and gently remove it from the shoes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Bring Back the Fluffiness of Crocs?

To make your crocs fluffy again, take a soft toothbrush and put one or two drops on the liner. Gently scrub them for a while, then wash them with cool water. Now, dry them in an area where the heat is very low.

If the fur is too dirty, they require deep cleaning. You can wash them in a machine with mild detergent and a gentle cycle.

Are Crocs Resistant to Odor?

The crocs shoes are made using Croslite, a technology that makes this footwear odor-resistant, easy to use, and lightweight.

Can You Clean My Crocs with Fur in The Washing Machine?

Crocs with fur are machine washable but require some care and attention. The washing water should be cool and use a mild detergent.

Turn it on a gentle cycle, and don’t put the crocs directly into the machine. First, put them in any cloth bag or pillowcase, then start washing.

How to Protect Furry Crocs from Smelling?

The best method to remove bad smells from fuzzy or leather crocs is to pour generous amounts of baking soda into the inner side of them and leave them overnight.

In the morning, remove the powder by shaking and brushing. You will notice the bad smell has gone.

Is Baking Soda Good for Cleaning Fuzzy Crocs?

You can clean the fuzzy crocs with baking soda effectively. Grab a container and put one cup of baking soda, two cups of water, and one cup of vinegar, and mix them well.

Apply this mixture to all the areas of the shoes. Make sure that all the corners and holes are filled with this paste.

Leave it for 15 minutes. Now scrub them with a soft brush thoroughly. If the paste has dried, you can sprinkle some vinegar and scrub. Rinse and dry.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to clean crocs with fur, but they require a little attention and care. If the liner is removable, it’s best to take it out because the shoes and liner can be cleaned effectively by washing them separately.

Some crocs with fur can be cleaned in a washing machine with a gentle cycle and low heat. If the footwear is made from leather or other delicate material, you should not soak them in water. They should be cleaned by wiping their surface with a damp cloth.

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