How to Clean Fuzzy Crocs? (3 Quick Ways)

Do you have a furry lining in your crocs, and are you thinking about how to clean them without damaging them?

Furry crocs are getting popular nowadays because they provide extraordinary coziness and have smooth and adorable designs. However, to use them for a long time and to keep them in good condition, it is vital to maintain them properly.

Although they get too dirty, washing them in a machine is not recommended. Crocs manufacturing companies recommend cold water and dish soap to clean them.

In this article, we will discuss how to clean fuzzy crocs in three quick ways.

How to clean fuzzy crocs

How to Clean Fuzzy Crocs?

  1. If the fuzzy crocs removable liners, remove them and pour any absorbent powder on them. Remove the powder after 3 hours.
  2. Make a soap and water solution and soak your shoes and liner into it.
  3. Gently rub them to remove dirt.
  4. Take out from the solution and rinse with water.
  5. Dry them in the air.

Can I Refresh My Fuzzy Crocs?

Most people commonly ask whether cleaning fuzzy crocs is possible or not. Cleaning them is not an impossible job.

Only patience and attention are required to clean them because the lining is not removable in fuzzy lined crocs or other types with fur.

This means you must handle these shoes gently, and only dish soap and warm water will work effectively.

3 Ways to Clean Fuzzy Crocs

1. Cleaning Fuzzy Crocs with Liner

Fur-lined ones are the most popular footwear crocs in winter because they keep our feet warm and comfortable. However, with time, they became dirty and smelly.

Unluckily, putting them in the washing machine is not the solution to this problem because machine washing will damage them.

Croc’s official website clearly states that the liner and the shoes should be cleaned with warm water and dishwashing soap. Furthermore, they can be cleaned separately because the liner can be removed.

Choose any absorbent powder according to the color of your crocs. These powders will help remove dirt and grime and also eliminate their bad odor.

You can use wheat germ, cornmeal, or dried oatmeal as absorbent powders because they are available in different colors. If your crocs lining is colored, baking soda and salt are the ideal absorbents.

Apply the powder on the crocs lining so it is fully covered. Salt and other absorbents do not stick properly, so you must sprinkle them in large quantities. It would be better to leave the powder overnight.

However, three hours are enough if you can’t wait too long. After 3 three hours, take them outside and shake them well so that all the powder can be removed from the crocs linings.

A handheld vacuum can also be used for this purpose. Use a wool brush to brush the lining of the crocs. The brush should be moved in one direction to protect the fur from curling.

If it is made of sheepskin, you can dry-clean it with a professional because it is not easy to maintain its natural texture. You can hand wash it at home if you don’t want to dry-clean. However, its fur will not be the same.

Fill a bucket with warm water and add dish soap to it. Wash your crocs lining by soaking into it and let it air dry. It will take 2 – 3 days to dry because they don’t dry soon.

2. Cleaning Fuzzy Lined Crocs

These types of crocs are not machine washable because these liners are attached to the crocs and cannot be removed to wash separately. To clean-lined crocs, it will require a little effort, but their cleaning is not so difficult.

Take a container and pour warm water into it. Pour a tablespoon of dishwashing soap and blend the solution. Submerge a microfiber cloth into this mixture and squeeze it excessively, making it slightly wet.

Apply this mixture on the crocs exterior, not the inner side. Keep in mind, don’t moist the shoes while cleaning. Grab a toothbrush to clean the hard-to-reach spaces of the crocs.

After cleaning the shoes, if the smell still exists, baking soda will fix the issue. Cover the whole inner part of the crocs with baking soda and keep it aside for the whole night.

In the morning, remove all the powder from the shoes and shake it properly outside. A handheld vacuum can also be used for this purpose.

3. Deep Cleaning Fuzzy Crocs

When your shoes are not too dirty, you can clean them by wiping their surface with any cleaner using a cloth. However, if they are extremely dirty, they require deep cleaning.

To clean your shoes deeply, keep your machine on a gentle cycle and pour any mild detergent. Don’t put your shoes directly into the machine; keep them in a bag and put the bag into the machine.

You can use a pillowcase if you don’t have a laundry bag. While putting the crocs, you must also put other extra clothes or towels into the machine. So, following these guidelines will protect your shoes from damage.

Turn the machine for 5 minutes, not for long. Now, take out the shoes and wash them with clean water. Hang them outside to air dry.

Try to use cold water, but if the crocs are too dirty, you can use warm water. However, water should not be extremely hot.

Protect your shoes from getting too dirty, and clean them regularly with a damp cloth. In this way, they will not require deep cleaning in a machine.

If your crocs have an exterior of leather, wipe them with a damp cloth and leather cream. The suede cleaner is best for cleaning shoes with napa leather.

Tips for Cleaning Fuzzy Crocs

  • Baking soda effectively removes the bad smell of your fuzzy crocs. Pour a generous amount of baking soda on the inside of your shoes. Leave this powerful ingredient over there overnight. In the morning, shake them well outside thoroughly or use a handheld vacuum to remove them.
  • If the lining of your crocs is taking a lot of time to dry, put a cedar shoe tree on the inner side of the crocs. It absorbs the dampness, and the shoe will be dry soon.
  • Before starting the cleaning process of your fuzzy crocs, check the cleaner on a small area of your shoes. You can use that cleaner if found safe.
  • Fuzzy crocs with a leather coat on their exterior should be cleaned with a damp soft cloth or sponge. Never wash them directly to protect them from damage.
  • If you have used your shoes a lot and they become loose, you can put them in a dryer with a few towels. Turn it on with its highest setting. Towels will make your shoes soft by dampening them.
  • Longer exposure to heat and sunlight will damage your crocs.
  • Avoid placing them in a hot car and try to clean them immediately when they are slightly dirty. Stubborn dirt will require machine washing which is not recommended for them.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make My Fuzzy Crocs Fluffy Again?

The fluffiness of fuzzy crocs can get back. If the lining of the crocs can be removed, you can handwash them separately with dish soap and warm water.

In some shoes, the lining is attached to crocs, so they should be cleaned with a dampened cloth with soapy water.

Is Baking Soda Effective in Cleaning Fuzzy Crocs?

If the fuzzy crocs are too dirty, you can clean them with baking soda, vinegar, and warm water. Take 1/2 a cup of baking soda, 1 and 1/2 cups warm water, and one and 1/2 cups vinegar.

Combine all these materials and apply this combination to the shoes with a soft cloth. Baking soda solution is also used to clean white crocs and make them shine by wiping them with a damp cloth. Furthermore, it is ideal for removing the bad smell from your shoes.

How Much Time Do Fuzzy Crocs Remain in Good Condition?

Lined crocs can survive for five years. They will not damage soon if not used for outdoor purposes. Maintenance and care also keep them in good condition for longer.

Is Putting Fuzzy Crocs in The Dryer Safe?

Drying your crocs with the help of any heat is not safe. Both sunlight and heat of the dryer are not recommended for them. Dry them only in the air; otherwise, they will wear soon.

How to Remove the Bad Smell of Your Crocs?

The best method to remove the smell from your fuzzy crocs is by putting baking soda into it. Cover the insides of your crocs with this ingredient and leave it the whole night. Shake them well to remove the powder, and you will notice the bad smell has gone.

Final Thoughts

Lined crocs are very popular footwear in winter because they keep our feet warm and comfortable. So, with time, they get dirt and bad smell, and it becomes necessary to learn how to clean fuzzy crocs.

When they get a slight dirt, try to clean them immediately with a moist cloth. This way, they will not need a machine wash or deep cleaning. Do not use a dryer or sunlight to dry them; instead, dry them in the air to last longer.

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