How to Clean Hoka Running Shoes?

Looking for ways to clean running Hoka shoes?

Hoka boots get dirty easily, so a good cleaner is necessary to keep the dirt and dust away from them. To remove stains and maintain the boots’ quality, you must clean them regularly.

In this way, it extends the life of your gorgeous running shoes. I have tried many cleaners and cleaning methods on my footwear. Some of them were effective, and others were not.

In this post, I will discuss the most appropriate method of cleaning Hoka shoes. Without taking much time, let’s start!

how to clean hoka running shoes

How to Clean Hoka Running Shoes?

  • Remove all the debris with a soft cloth and make a diluted vinegar solution.
  • Wash the laces and insoles separately in the washing machine
  • Apply the cleaner solution on the stained areas and scrub the boots gently
  • After rinsing them off, dry the Hoka shoes completely and apply polish for protection

Steps to Cleaning Hoka Running Shoes

It’s time to clean running shoes in just seven steps. First, gather all the required materials and place them in an appropriate place.

Required Things

  • Water
  • Hoka footwear
  • Soap
  • Hand gloves
  • Soft brush

Step 1. Basic Cleaning

I removed all the grime from my white Hoka shoes with a soft brush. There was a lot of dust on the shoe sole, so I rubbed the brush on it for a longer time. Keep in mind to clear all the pebbles and dirt from them.

Step 2. Selecting the Right Cleanser

If your shoes are light dirty, apply soap and water to them. On the other hand, if you notice tough stains, then use a stronger cleanser.

You can either make a vinegar solution or buy a shoe cleaner for them. Whatever looks easy to you.

Step 3. Cleaning of The Laces

This step is only necessary for those boots that have laces. So, I removed the laces and insole of my running Hoka shoes.

You can also clean them with a brush and soap. Cleaning laces in the washing machine is easy because it does not damage them.

Step 4. Stained Areas

Before I started cleaning, I tested my cleanser on the small shoe area to know whether it was effective. Luckily, my cleaner was good and also not harmful.

Step 5. Wash Them by Hand

After that, I filled the sink with hot water. Then I added a little amount of cleanser to it. To ensure that all the tough stains were gone, I scrubbed them gently with a soft brush for a little longer. When I realized that it is fully cleaned, I rinsed the soap away.

Step 6. Dry Them Completely

Wet shoes are more likely to form mold, so don’t forget to dry them completely. Try to dry leather boots in the air and use a towel for synthetic footwear.

Step 7. Polish Them

To make the shoes shiny, I applied the polish when they were fully dried. Try to rub it in a circular motion and use a shoe protector to increase its durability. The result was amazing, and my boots were fully clean and shiny.

Tips for Cleaning Hoka Shoes

Follow these tips and tricks while cleaning Hoka shoes for more effective results.

Use a Soft Brush

A soft brush is beneficial in protecting your charming Hoka shoes from scratches. Otherwise, a hard brush might ruin the quality of your boots. You can also use a soft fabric for scrubbing gently.

Avoid Using a Harsh Cleaner

Harmful chemical cleaners not just spoil the material of shoes but also are not good for your health. The best thing we can do is to use a less strong cleaning solution to avoid damage.

Rinse Thoroughly

When you finish cleaning, don’t forget to rinse your sneakers thoroughly. This will clear all the residues of the cleaning solution. Not just that, it will also protect them from dirt build-up.

Let Them Dry

Avoid putting your running shoes in the dryer. Give them natural air for drying. In this way, it will help in extending the life of Hoka boots.

Repeat if Needed

If your Hoka shoes are still not fully clean, then try repeating this whole procedure. Keep your Hoka shoes in good condition by cleaning them regularly.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Clean My Hoka Shoes?

The fastest and simplest way to clean Hoka shoes is by hand. Use soap and water and scrub it with a sponge. Place them in a ventilated area after cleaning, and ensure they are a little away from direct sunlight.

How Do You Clean Running Shoes Without Ruining Them?

First, dip the toothbrush in a cleaning solution and rub the upper side of the boots gently. Handle the fabric of running shoes with full care to avoid damage.

Wipe the extra Soapy water with a clean cloth and then put the shoes separately for drying. Also, Avoid scrubbing them with a harsh cleanser, as it can ruin the surface of the boots.

Can You Wash and Dry Hokas?

Yes, it is easy to clean and dry the hokas. Moreover, it is important to follow all the guidelines properly to prevent them from ruining. Stuff your shoes with balls of newspaper to maintain the genuine shape of Hoka footwear.

Can I Put My Running Shoes in The Washing Machine?

You can clean Hoka shoes in a washing machine, but it is not an appropriate method. You have to consider a few things while washing. Remove the insoles because they get dirtier, and wash them separately as they absorb moisture.


Shortly, cleaning Hoka running footwear in the washing machine results in increasing the aging procedure. Besides this, it also fades their beautiful color. But still, the choice is yours.

No doubt that Hoka good running shoes are built with durable materials but still proper care is needed regularly & hopefully now you know how to clean it. Let me know in a comment if you know other tips for cleaning Hoka shoes.

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