How to Clean Hoka Shoes? – 5 Steps to Follow

Are you a runner who wears Hoka shoes and don’t know how to clean them? Maybe you want to wash them, but you are afraid that you might ruin them.

No need to worry; you have to use less harmful cleaners to wash your Hoka shoes. Running Hoka shoes are in demand by many people who love stylish and high-quality things.

Washing your Hoka boots is easier than you think. Just keep reading this article to know everything about cleaning these boots.

In this article, I will explain how to clean Hoka shoes.

how to clean hoka shoes

How to Clean Hoka Shoes?

  • Clear all the debris from your shoes and remove the laces to clean them separately
  • Start scrubbing your boots by applying a cleaning solution to the toothbrush.
  • Clear the residue from them with a dry cloth
  • Put your footwear somewhere with a proper ventilation system for drying

Methods to Clean Different Hoka Shoes

In this section, I will explain the three easiest ways of cleaning your Hoka shoes. I have cleaned my white Hoka shoes many times. I used the following methods for washing my footwear.

  • How to clean Hoka shoes
  • How to clean suede Hoka shoes
  • How to clean Hoka boots with household items

1. How To Clean Hoka Shoes

Uncleaned shoes look dirty and do not go well on the ground. If you know the proper method, then it is not a difficult thing to wash Hoka boots.

It is time to share my experience with you. This method is applicable for those Hoka shoes that are made with either mesh fabric or leather.

Required Things

  • Detergent powder
  • Soap
  • water
  • Toothbrush
  • Dye-free liquid detergent
  • bowl
  • dry cloth
  • newspaper

Step 1. Washing Shoelaces and Insole

There was also plenty of dirt on the laces and insoles of the boots, so I preferred washing them separately.

First of all, I washed the laces of my Hoka white shoes by using powder detergent. If it is not available then you can also try cleaning the laces in the washing machine.

Secondly, I removed the insole from my boots, which were also dirty due to moisture absorption.

I added some drops of soap to the surface of the insole and began to scrub them gently by using a toothbrush. Both of the components were clean, and then I put them aside for drying.

Step 2. Removing Debris

Before I started scrubbing, it was essential to remove all the caked dirt and mud from my shoes. You can wipe the grime either with a washcloth or a towel.

Besides this, I used a dry brush to clear the excess dirt outside my boots. Keep in mind not to brush so hard because it can damage its material, especially if it is made of mesh.

Also, avoid brushing if the mud stains are fresh. Wait for them to dry first.

Step 3. Cleaning Them with Soapy Water

To make Soapy water, I added a few drops of dye-free detergent and water in a bowl. You can use a soft brush or toothbrush to scrub the stained areas. I used a toothbrush for it.

It is obvious that if you clean your shoes for a longer time, then the result will also be impressive.

Step 4. Wipe Off the Residue

Once I realized that all the tough stains were gone. I picked a dry cloth to clean the soap residue. This step is necessary because soap can cause the shoe fabric to dry.

Step 5. Drying the Hoka Shoes

This step is last but also very necessary. I put some paper balls in my white Hoka Clifton shoes to give them proper shape. You can also stuff your boots with newspaper. I placed them where the airflow was good.

Direct sunlight or high temperature can make your Hoka footwear brittle.

2. Clean Suede Hoka Shoes

Suede is very sensitive material, so you must take proper precautions while cleaning suede Hoka shoes. Its method of cleaning is a little different than mess fabric boots.

Required Things

  • Suede brush
  • Suede cleaner
  • Suede protector spray

Step 1. Clearing Debris

To clear the debris, I used a suede brush for it and moved it from the toe to the back side of the boots. You can find suede brushes from any shoe store.

Make sure that you have removed all the dust and mud from it.

Step 2. Applying Cleaner and Finisher

Apply suede cleaner to get the stain out of Hoka shoes. In the end, I sprayed suede protectors to give them a finishing look.

3. Clean Hoka Shoes Boots with Household Items

Using household items is an easy way to clean Hoka shoes.

Required Things

  • Baking soda
  • vinegar
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Toothbrush

Step 1. Brushing

Before brushing, I added two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water. After making a solution in the bowl, I used a dipped solution toothbrush to brush my white Hoka Clifton 8 shoes.

Step 2. Wiping Off and Drying

Then I wiped off the extra solution with a dry wash fabric. I placed my shoes in a ventilated area for drying.

How to Help Your Hoka Shoes Last Longer

Wondering how to maintain your Hoka shoes in good condition? Follow the following tips if you want to preserve your running shoes for longer.

  • Avoid cleaning Hoka shoes in the machine because it can spoil their quality and material. As a result, their lifespan reduces.
  • Develop a habit in yourself to brush your boots regularly after each use.
  • Make a proper storage shoe place that should be well-ventilated.
  • When you clean your Hoka shoes, put them separately for drying
  • Avoid placing your Hoka boots in direct sunlight or extreme temperature
  • If you want to increase the lifespan of Hoka footwear, use a waterproofing spray. In this way, your shoes will be protected from water damage.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Dry Hoka Shoes?

One of the easiest ways to dry Hoka shoes is by putting them outside for a few hours. There are chances of the material being twisted with a blow dryer. So just put them in a suitable place for drying.

Can Hoka Shoes Be Washed In A Washing Machine?

It is not advisable to wash Hoka shoes in the machine because it can spoil the quality of the boots. Soap solution is best for cleaning running shoes. These natural agents are very effective and beneficial.

How Do You Wash Hoka Running Shoes Without Ruining Them?

One of the most natural ways of cleaning Hoka shoes is by using vinegar and baking soda solution on it.

Mix vinegar and baking soda in water. Scrub that cleaner on your boots for a few minutes until all the stains are gone. Leave them in a less hot place for drying because the extreme temperature is not good for them.

How to Wash Hoka Shoes in The Washing Machine?

Even though it is not recommended to wash Hoka shoes in the washing machine but if you still want to do it, then here is the method:

  • Place your Hoka footwear in a laundry mesh
  • Water should be cold in it and add some detergent.
  • Then start the cycle of the machine.

How Do You Get Stains Out Of Hokas?

  • Separate the kicks of your Hoka boots and wash them separately
  • Remove the caked-on dirt from them and begin to scrub them gently
  • Use the towel to wipe off the soap solution
  • Leave Hoka shoes for a few hours to dry fully


If you keep my guidelines in your mind and perform the techniques as I said then you will not face any problems while cleaning.

Avoid putting high pressure on your footwear while scrubbing. It’s time to clean your dirty Hoka shoes in just a few minutes. Hopefully, you have learned all the steps and techniques to clean Hoka shoes.

Give me your feedback after performing these methods of cleaning.

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