How to Clean on Cloud Shoes? – Step by Step Guide

Are you wondering how to clean On cloud shoes because they are made from different kinds of material, and you are afraid of damaging them?

On Cloud running, shoes are perfect for every activity nowadays due to their comfort and charming designs. They are my favorite footwear because they keep my feet fresh, dry, and comfortable regardless of the weather condition.

I use them for running, so I understand how much it is a worry when they get dirty because they are continuously in contact with the dirt elements.

In this article, I will tell you how to clean On Cloud shoes by explaining different strategies and discussing the supplies required for cleaning.

how to clean on cloud shoes

How to Clean On Cloud Shoes?

  1. Separate all the removable parts from the shoes, like shoelaces and insoles.
  2. Clean the stubborn stains and brush the loose dirt and filth.
  3. If the shoes look slightly dirty, soak them in soapy water; otherwise, wash them in the machine with mild detergent, gentle run, and cold water.
  4. Rinse and stuff with old clothes or towels.
  5. Keep in an airy place to dry.

Are On Cloud Shoes Washable?

Like all the other running shoes of On company, they are also washable, but you have to keep in mind the manufacturer’s directions and do all the steps gently to protect them from damage.

I have given some important things that you must remember before washing On Cloud shoes:

  • It is crucial to remove the shoelaces from the footwear before washing and wash them separately so that all their corners can be cleaned.
  • Use any soft brush to scrub the stubborn stains and dirt buildup on the shoes. An old toothbrush can also be used, easily available at home. If you are worried about damaging your shoes by scrubbing, use the wiping method with a damp cloth.
  • You can clean them by hand washing or using a machine, but remember to use a mild detergent. If you choose a washer, it is necessary to run it on a gentle cycle and use a mesh bag.
  • When you have finished washing them, stuff them with newspapers, old, worn clothes, or socks to dry them quickly. This way, their original shape will not be ruined.
  • Never put them in the dryer, and don’t apply any means of heat to dry them quickly because it will damage them, and the adhesive’s effectiveness will also be reduced, which is used to hold the parts of the shoes.

Methods to Clean On Cloud Shoes?

A few things, such as shoe material, level of dirtiness, and dirt type, determine how shoes should be washed.

Whenever my On Cloud shoes get dirty, I always use the hand-washing method to clean them, and I recommend this to you, too, to prolong the life of your footwear.

However, when I feel that the shoes are extremely dirty, I choose machine washing method, but I rarely use this approach.

I have explained both techniques with step-by-step instructions, so follow them properly to get the best results.

1. Cleaning On Cloud Footwear By Hand-Wash

If your running shoe’s dirt is not hard and you just want to refresh them, you can wash them by hand using the following steps. Before going to the instructions, note down the things needed in this project.

Things Required

  • Large container or bucket
  • Towels
  • Mild detergent or soap
  • A toothbrush or any soft shoebrush
  • Warm water

Remove Shoelaces and Insoles

Taking out the laces and removing the insoles (if removable) is the first step of cleaning shoes. Thus, the cleaning project becomes stress-free and protects the laces from damage.

This way, we will easily access the tongue and other hard-to-reach places to make them dirt-free.

Removing Loose Dirt

After removing the laces, it’s time to apply any soft brush or toothbrush on the shoe surface and scrub them well to remove loose dirt and debris.

A boot cleaner is easily available in shoe stores with soft bristles that clean shoes without ruining them. If possible, buy it because it will be handy when cleaning your footwear.

To remove the buildup of dirt or scuff marks, use a little detergent on the brush and scrub the spot with it. After scrubbing, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Pre-treating the Stubborn Stains

If there are any tough stains on your shoes and you think that only soaking them will not remove them, it’s good to pre-treat them before the hand wash.

For this purpose, use detergent or make any home remedy like baking soda and vinegar paste. If you don’t want to use these things, grab any safe stain remover from a store and apply it with all the instructions.

After wiping the shoes and removing tough stains, sometimes this is enough to clean the On Cloud shoes. However, if you think they need more cleaning, go to the next step.

Soak in Soapy Water

Grab any large container or a bucket and fill it with warm water. Next, put a small quantity of soap into the water and use any object to mix.

Put the shoes, laces, and insoles in this blend and let them saturate for 10 – 15 minutes.


After soaking them, use a brush to scrub them well. Thoroughly scrub each part of the footwear. Don’t forget to apply the brush inside the shoes and the tongue areas.

Also, brush the insoles and shoelaces; if they look dirtier, apply a little toothpaste and scrub them well.


When all the steps are completed, it’s time to wash them with clean water so that all the residues of the cleaning materials can be removed.

Carry on this step until all the remaining soap removes from shoes, insoles, and shoelaces.


Now, stuff the shoes with newspapers or old clothes and put them in a well-ventilated area but don’t expose them to sunlight. Filling them with these things will not only dry them quickly they will also keep their original shape.

Hang the insoles and shoelaces also in an airy place to dry them completely. Please don’t put them back in the shoes until they are dry; otherwise, mold and mildew will grow, which causes skin problems.

2. On Cloud Shoes Cleaning in Washing Machine

On Cloud shoes require proper care and high upkeep. So, to wash them in a machine, ensure you are working according to the instructions carefully. First, gather the tools and materials required for this purpose.

Things Required

  • Soft brush
  • Washing machine
  • Soap or mild detergent
  • Laundry bags
  • Towels
  • Baking soda

Take Out Insoles and Laces

Before putting the shoes in the washing machine, it’s good to remove their shoelaces and insoles because the laces will become tangled while spinning in the washer, and the insoles will also ruin.

After taking out all the removable parts from the footwear, you can put baking soda inside the shoes to remove their unpleasant smell. Leave the powder for a while.

Remove Tough Stains and Loose Dirt

Now, shake them to remove the baking powder and examine the shoes carefully; if there are any stubborn stains, clean them before soaking because only machine washing will not be enough to remove them.

Use any safe stain remover and apply it with proper instructions. Now, apply a shoe brush or any old toothbrush to scrub the footwear to clean loose dirt particles.

Focus on the parts that are not easily accessible, like the inner side of the shoes, the footbed, and the area between the tongue.

Put them in Laundry Bags

To get the best results, put each shoe in a separate mesh bag, which helps wash them safely. Put the shoelaces and insoles in another bag; this way, the laces will not get tangled, and the insoles will be cleaned safely.

If you don’t have laundry bags, pillowcases are also useful.

Place them in the Washing Machine

When you have ready your bags, it’s time to put them in the machine with cold water and use detergent in the smallest quantity possible.

Ensure you are running the washer on a gentle cycle because On Cloud shoes can’t withstand high temperatures.


When you have washed the shoes with detergent, rinse them with clean, cold water.

To remove the detergent residues from the shoes properly, run them in the machine again with clean water; this way, the smallest possible particle of soap will be removed.

If they still look dirty, repeat all these steps until the dirt disappears.


Now, it’s time to dry them in an airy place. I always stuff my On Cloud shoes with old towels, speeding up the drying process. But it is strongly recommended not to use sunlight or a dryer for quick drying.

3. Cleaning On Cloud White Shoes

Cleaning white shoes require more attention because a little carelessness makes them look unsightly.

When I clean my white shoes, I apply the following steps:

  • After removing shoelaces and insoles, apply a brush to remove the loose dirt and grime from its surface.
  • Take one cup of water in a container and mix 1/5 cup of bleach into it. Now, dip an old toothbrush into this solution and scrub the stains and dirty areas. Carry on this step until the whole shoe surface is clean.
  • You can also purchase a shoe cleaner for white shoes from stores which are made especially for white color with harmless ingredients.
  • Now, soak them in soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Make sure all the bleach and soap residues are removed.
  • Wipe the surface of On cloud shoes with a clean white cloth or towel, and you will see the freshness and sparkle are restored.
  • Stuff them with white clothes or towels for quick drying. Avoid newspapers for stuffing because the black ink will leave stains on them.
  • To dry them, leave them in any outdoor area where air pass, but keep them away from sunlight.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wash on Cloud Shoes?

When you find loose dirt on your shoe surface, it’s recommended to brush them off first. After removing this, if you think they need washing, the best way is to wash them by hand and use warm water to soak them.

However, wash them rarely if you want to increase their lifespan.

Can You Dry on Cloud Shoes in The Dryer?

Avoid placing your On Cloud shoes into the dryer to fast the drying process because its heat ruins the upper material, padding, and glue used throughout the shoes.

How to Clean Smelly on Cloud Shoes?

Vinegar is best in removing bad smells from On Cloud shoes because it kills the bacteria that cause this odor. Combine the same quantities of vinegar and water into a bottle.

Use it on the inner side of the shoes; if the insoles are removable, take them out and apply the spray on the footbed, other inner parts, and the insoles thoroughly and leave for a while.

What Are the Steps to Dry on Cloud Shoes?

The best method to dry On Cloud shoes is to stuff them with clothes or towels and leave them in a well-ventilated area in a shady place.

Final Thoughts

Like all other shoes, On Cloud shoes provide comfort and support in running, jumping, walking, or working activities. So, they become dirty soon due to the mud, water splashes, and other grime.

But don’t worry; I have given step-by-step instructions to clean On Cloud shoes in this guide. I advise you to follow all the guidelines to protect your lovely shoes from damage. Remember to wash your shoes seldom and use only a damp cloth to clean your shoes most often.

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