How to Clean Shoes with Toothpaste?

Are you looking for an easily accessible product to clean your shoes without spending money on a new one?

When my shoes get dirty, I make them like new by cleaning them with toothpaste because it removes dirt and debris effectively. For this purpose, I scrub the footwear well using a toothbrush; you can use any cleaning pad for scrubbing.

However, remember that you can apply this method to clean only your canvas shoes or sneakers because this approach will ruin other footwear.

In this article, we will discuss how to clean shoes with toothpaste.

how to clean shoes with toothpaste

How to Clean Shoes with Toothpaste?

  • Remove the laces from the shoes and check a non-gel white toothpaste on a small region.
  • Apply a small amount of this paste on a toothbrush and scrub the surface of the shoes well.
  • Leave them for 10 minutes, then wipe them with a wet cloth.
  • Now, use soapy water spray on their surface and wipe with a clean cloth to remove toothpaste residues.
  • Dry with a cloth or air-dry.
  • To clean the shoelaces, apply toothpaste and scrub with a toothbrush. Then, wash with warm water.

Can you Use Toothpaste for Shoe Cleaning?

As toothpaste helps keep our teeth sparkling clean, it can also be used to clean different things at our home. However, you will use only white toothpaste to clean shoes, as colored ones can leave permanent stains.

You can also use this strategy to wash white shoes, and you will be amazed by the wonderful results. I always use this white shoe cleaner to clean my footwear because no other method makes them as lively as this approach can, and it also leaves a pleasant smell after cleaning.

Removing Scuff Marks

Sometimes dark scuff marks and grimy buildup occurs on the surface of the rubber part of sneakers. Deep massaging the footwear with toothpaste help vanish the stains wonderfully and leaves them like they were never used before.

Leather, silk, or suede materials are sensitive, so remember that applying toothpaste is harmful to them because instead of getting clean, they will absorb it.

Recover Canvas

Toothpaste removes stains and grime from canvas shoes by applying it on the spot and scrubbing for a few minutes so it foams. When you remove the toothpaste residues with a damp cloth, you will be amazed by the wonderful results.

Whole Wash

If your shoes require an overall wash when they are too dirty, you can use a mixture of water and toothpaste to scrub the shoe surface and wash them in the washing machine carefully.

Things You Need to Clean Shoes with Toothpaste

  • White Toothpaste
  • Old toothbrush
  • Spray bottle
  • Towel
  • Clothes
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Cleaning sponge
  • small cups for measuring

Steps to Clean Shoes with Toothpaste

I use the following steps to bring a new life to my shoes using toothpaste.

Step 1. Remove the Shoelaces

Before starting this project, take out the laces from the shoes. This way, you will do the cleaning project easily and accurately. We will clean them separately after cleaning the shoes.

Step 2. Get White non-gel Toothpaste to Clean Shoes

First, you must select the right toothpaste for cleaning your shoes. Always pick non-gel and white color paste because gel one will surely leave a stain on the surface.

Think about washing your new white shoes with gel toothpaste! No one wants to make their shoes unsightly by making stains.

If you have colored toothpaste at your home and you don’t want to buy a white one, you can use that colored one, but the results will not be as perfect as white toothpaste provide.

Choose an old toothbrush for scrubbing because buying a new one will make this task costly, and there is no need to purchase a new one if an old one can work effectively.

Step 3. Checking the Toothpaste on a Small Area

All kinds of toothpaste don’t have the same ingredients; some materials may harm your shoes. Most of them are fine to use, but it’s better to check them first before using them for cleaning.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste on an unnoticeable part and leave it for 20 minutes. Then, use a damp cloth to clean it; if you don’t see any stains, the toothpaste is safe.

Step 4. Putting Toothpaste on the Brush

Use a little toothpaste on the toothbrush. Avoid putting a lot of paste on the brush because the cleaning goal can be achieved using just a little. This way, it will not be wasted because some kinds of toothpaste are costly.

Use half the quantity of paste that you use for teeth cleaning. If you don’t want to use a brush for any reason, you can use a cleaning sponge or wire brush.

Step 5. Scrubbing the Shoes

It would be best to scrub the footwear by keeping their condition, color, and material in mind. If your shoes are too dirty and their shade is black or dark, you can move the brush with more pressure while cleaning.

White shoes don’t need a lot of force and must be scrubbed gently. Determine the spots that are too dirty and move the brush back and forth to remove the dirt while scrubbing.

Step 6. Leave the Toothpaste

Let the paste soak into the material by leaving them for ten minutes or so. This way, removing the dirt using a towel will be easier.

Step 7. Wiping the Shoe Surface

Once you have given them some time, wet a towel with water and use it to wipe the surface of the shoes. While doing so, you can apply much pressure on the footwear.

If the residues are left, you must repeat the wiping process.

Step 8. Make a Solution of Soap and Water

Grab a clean spray bottle for soapy water. If you have one already present at your home, make sure it is completely clean.

In case there are residues of other substances, wash it thoroughly by putting a little soap into it because other ingredients may harm your shoes.

Now combine one part of dish soap with five parts of water in this bottle. For this purpose, you can use any small cup to measure the quantities. Once you have poured them into the bottle, shake them well so they can mix properly.

Step 9. Removing Toothpaste by Wiping with Soapy Water

Apply the spray bottle on the shoe’s surface a few times and use a cloth to wipe it in a circular motion so that the toothpaste can be removed appropriately.

Focus on the regions that were too dirty. Wipe the surface thoroughly so that no residues of soap are left behind.

Step 10. Dry the Shoes

Once you have done wiping the shoes, now it’s time to dry them. Use a clean and dry cloth to wipe their surface by applying full pressure. If you don’t want to use a cloth to dry them, you can leave them in a well-ventilated area to air dry.

Step 11. Clean Shoe Laces with Toothpaste

Most people focus on keeping their shoes clean but don’t pay attention to cleaning their shoelaces. Your shoes will not look clean until you sparkle their laces.

The toothpaste ingredients will make them like new ones, especially if you are cleaning white shoe laces. Wet the laces with warm water and apply a little toothpaste on any old toothbrush.

Now use it to scrub the laces thoroughly. Make sure you have scrubbed all the places that are too dirty. Once the scrubbing is complete, rinse them with warm water.

You can also wash them in the washing machine to remove toothpaste residues. Now hang them outside to air dry.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Good to Clean Shoes with Toothpaste?

To clean white-soled sneakers, non-gel white toothpaste works surprisingly because colored ones can stain them instead of cleaning them. The method is simple: apply a small amount of toothpaste on an old toothbrush and scrub the shoe surface.

Is Toothpaste Harmful to Shoes?

If you use a lot of toothpaste, you risk damaging the shoes. Take only half of the amount of paste that you normally use for your teeth cleaning.

Can You Clean Black Shoes with Toothpaste?

You can clean black or any colored shoes with this powerful cleaner. No matter how much dirt is present on their surface, the dirt and debris will be removed with the help of toothpaste.

Will Toothpaste Clean Jordans?

Jordans are a brand of sneakers footwear. As the white sole of sneakers becomes too dirty because that part is used a lot, non-gel white toothpaste can make them like new by removing all the dirt and debris.

Final Thoughts

As toothpaste sparkles our teeth and makes us smile confidently, it is also used in many household cleaning projects, including shoe cleaning, due to its ability to remove all dirt effectively.

However, we should know how to clean shoes with toothpaste because applying it in the wrong way will ruin our favorite footwear. In this guide, I have given all the steps which will be helpful for you in this regard.

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